Thursday, May 21, 2009

News & Things: American Idol + Miley Cyrus!


---Not just Hannah/Miley. You'll get some Taylor Swift and Rascall Flatts if you buy too!

Our next installment of News & Things involves Miley Cyrus and American Idol (Did you watch the finale? If not, don't ruin it by reading...unless you want too)

Here is the link to the Miley Cyrus – AOL Sessions :

I still need to watch some of this, but I saw a bit of "Full Circle" and I like it. I really want to see her perform "The Climb" as a new favorite of mine. :) What do you think though?!

"Full Circle"- Miley Cyrus

kris allen Pictures, Images and Photos
Finally...American Idol. So who watched it the finale last night? I must say, I was quite surprised by the winner....Kris Allen! I love him to death and he was very modest about everything, which was adorable...but still surprising. I really thought Adam had it. Now, I'm not really disappointed. Kris is great, like I said, and I LOVED his version of "Heartless" by Kanye West. He's a good singer. As for Adam, he'll be JUST FINE, which is why I'm not worried... and sometimes it's best to not win. Think of Daughtry. I think Adam will be the same.

Adam Lambert Pictures, Images and Photos

What do you all think though? Who, no matter who won, is YOUR "American Idol"? I have to say, Adam is mine. He sings the type of music that I love and it would be amazing to see him live at some point. However, Kris is great and if I find I like his music when it's released...I'd be happy to support him too. I wish them both the best of luck of course. They had a long road on the show and it was great to see them both at the end.

Kris Allen-"Heartless"

This is just amazing. I didn't mind Kanye's was catchy, but honestly, Kris made me LOVE this. He really did switch it up and make it great.

Adam Lambert-"Track of My Tears"

They say this is a studio version...I didn't know they recorded any songs? I don't know, but I guess this is right.

At any rate, Adam was pretty much always amazing and I loved his versions of this song and "Mad World" as well as so many others.


~The Book Pixie said...

I'm not real crazy about Miley but The Climb is a good song. I was hoping Kris would win when it got down to them two but I never really had a favorite. Daughtry so should have one his season, by the way. lol. I would actually compare Kris beating Adam more to David C. beating David A last season. Both were awesome but I was cheering for David Cook. Maybe because I felt Daughtry was robbed of his victory so I wanted the rocker, David C, to win. lol.

Bookworm said...

I really like Full Circle! But Miley bugs me so much. She takes herself really seriously! And what did she do to her hair???

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Bookworm: She did something to her hair? I guess I am missing something. LOL I guess in some way, you DO have to take yourself seriously or nobody else will and she's so young...but I don't know, I think more than anything, you like the music or not and I do for the most part. Miley's stuff at least, not really the Hannah stuff.

The Book Pixie: I do love The Climb too! And Daughtry is great, but he's doing just fine. I'm glad David Cook won too. They both are great! :-)

coffee fan said...

it was nice to *see* Megan Joy again, wasn't so nice to hear her again... reminded me of how glad i was to see some of those "top 13" get voted off

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Coffee Fan: She is a cute girl, and I didn't really mind her as far as I can remember...but to be honest, she didn't sound amazing last night so I know what you mean. It was cool to see a lot of people again though! I liked a lot of the contestants this year.

Erin said...

Yes, they record all of the songs they sing on the show--available on iTunes. :) In some cases, though, I actually prefer the live versions...!

And I think Miley rocks. Love her music, and she seems like a cool person.

Erin said...

(have you read Miley's autobiography? I really enjoyed that.)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Erin: Thanks for letting me know. I knew you could buy them, but I always figured it WAS the live version...I like both, but sometimes live can be better. :)

I do think she's doing really well for her age and I like her music as well, for the most part.

Nope, I haven't. I'm glad to hear it was good. I haven't talked to anyone who has read it.