Monday, May 4, 2009

(Party) Faryl Smith Review + Contest


Faryl Smith's Debut Album "Faryl" Review

Out: Tomorrow!

Review by: Lauren

Though I'm a fan of music, I must admit that I'd never really listened to classical music. My main idea of this genre probably comes from church songs I heard growing up. However, I must say that Faryl has an extraordinary voice and I really would recommend the album to those that think they might enjoy it.

Everyone keeps talking about Susan Boyle, right? Well, Faryl is from the same show: Britian's Got Talent. And as a cute 12-year-old, she wowed the judges with her big voice too. Now she's 13 and has released her debut in the UK already to huge fan fare and the U.S. can get their shot to hear more from her tomorrow, May 5th, as it drops here!

The main song that people might recognize is "River of Light" which is amazing and a favorite of mine. Her voice reminds me a lot of Christine from the movie version of The Phantom of the Opera.

Two songs that people should recognize right away are "Ave Maria" and "Amazing Grace" which she does a great job redoing.

After "River of Light" my next favorite song is definitely "Annie's Song." It makes me think of Spring time and is very relaxing. I think anyone would enjoy this one whether you are into classical music or not. It's worth a listen for sure!

"Shenandoah" makes me think of The Wizard of Oz for some reason. It just gives off the vibe of new adventures and the seeking of something. It's a bit light and fun, something you'd hear in the background of a film.

With Mother's Day coming up, this album includes a song perfect for any mother with a baby, "Brahm's Lullaby" which is definitely sweet and relaxing. If I had a baby, I would definitely play this for them. Even if you don't have kids, it's great for anyone who listens to music to relax or even fall asleep (and that is not an insult!)

One of the very last songs is "How Can I Keep From Singing" which sounds exactly like Faryl's anthem. The end has extra vocals and it really made me imagine a choir of angels. It's a beautiful song.

Honestly, the whole album is relaxing and beautiful. It amazes me still that she is only 13-years-old. I hope she has immense success and hopefully some of you will give her a try and maybe you'll find yourself becoming a fan as well.


Prize: A copy of Faryl's album

To Enter: Comment on this Review

Open To: International (yes yes, finally!)

Ends: May 15, so get commenting!

Faryl Smith's Video for "River of Light". Watch it and leave your thoughts in the comments!


Diana Dang said...

She is most impressive! When I saw her on the CD cover, I thought she was around 18 years old. When I saw her age, I was like whoa! And when I heard her sing, double whoa! I am quite envious. I would love to get a chance to win her CD, it would be nice to listen to her songs for relaxation!

Mari said...

That was great. I love when artists can make classical music cool. Thanks for sharing this. :)

Bookworm said...

Wow! She is totally amazing. What a voice!

Liyana said...

Whoa. She does not look 13 at all. I love listening to classical music. Count me in. :D

Llehn said...

Man, I got goosebumps! She is awesome!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Llehn: I know, right? I had the same reaction when I first heard her!

Liyana: That's cool you like classical music, and I know!!! She really does seem much older.

Bookworm: Indeed. :)

Mari: you're welcome, and I like that she opened me up to some new music as well.

Diana: haha I know! she seems way too young to have that voice, and I do think she looks older then she is too, but just amazing. Best of luck in the contest.


Liviania said...

She does not look 13! "Shenandoah" is one of my favorite traditional songs.

Polo.Pony said...

Thanks for the contest!

I first heard of her on your blog! I'm so glad that you featured her. She is amazingly talented!

Carol(ina) said...

She does not look thirteen! Anyway, she has an amazing voice. I'm now a fan of classical music :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Liviania: I know, right? I don't know if I knew the song before or sounds familiar, so maybe.

Polo.Pony: Aw, thank you. I'm glad I could bring you someone new. She definitely is.

Carol: Yay, and me too, right? I love her voice and sound. She makes it more modern, I think.


CatCrazy7 said...

She has such an angelic voice and doesn't sound 13. Just amazing. I love your review. This CD would be a wonderful addition to anyone music library.

espressogurl at hotmail dot com

Paradox said...

She's only 13?! 0.0


paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com

Kitten22 said...

This looks great! Please enter me!

Wow! Only 13?? Just like Charlotte Church!


jennabear11 said...

ou guys are all so right in loving Faryl Smith. Her voice is sooooo amazing. I’ve been listening to her new album that I got from Faryl Smith - Faryl - River of Light (The Blue Danube) and can seriously not stop listening. Every track gives me goose bumps.

Anonymous said...

Hallo, everybody, I'm a bit older man, and I've heard and seen a lot of great diva's like Monserrat Cabellé, Angela Georgui, and many others. But the first time, purely by coincidence discovered on You Tube, listening to Ave Maria, I was floored by her voice. OMG, she's absolutely stunning. I know, making a comperation between her and an operastar is out of the question, because an operadiva is older, and has also more experience. Nevertheless that, due Faryl's age of 14; she's no doubt, extraordinairy, I've heard many older woman singing, but some of them can't compare with her. She's pure, and on the contrary with some others not aggregated. I. love her vioce, and I'm very happy with her album "Faryl" and now I'm looking forward for her new album "Wonderland" I really hope shes's gonna make a DVD in the future, so that people who are disabled, or dont't have the possibility to visit her concert(s) can listen and watch her at home.
Faryl, from the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best, and I thank you for sharing your beautiful voice with us.

mike england said...

Greetings from a chilly but sunny England. If you liked Faryl's debut album then her second "Wonderland" is a must have. It was released in the UK in time for the Christmas market, but don't be put off because it has a couple of Christmas songs on it, "O Holy Night" and "In Dulce Jubilo". This album is great. It takes Faryl's voice on a journey into totally new areas. The full range of her voice is stunning. The lovely dark velvety texture of her low notes, through the bright, delicate clear sounds and on to that glorious sound of Faryl giving it " some welly", as we say in England, that so impressed the judges on Britain's Got Talent. If you haven't heard Faryl's first album, never mind. Just give yourself an even bigger treat by laying your hands on this one. Happy New Year!