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(Party) Jen Calonita Interviews and Reviews Julie Kraut

Slept Away by Julie Kraut
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A synopsis by Sleepaway Girls author Jen Calonita:

Laney Parker is the epitome of cool. She has the New York City zipcode working in her favor, is in the “it” crowd at her school, and could run What Not to Wear if Stacey London ever decided to relinquish her fashion throne. With a summer of tanning, parties and much-needed sleep in her future, the future looks bright. Then the summer forecast turns downright stormy when her new age-y mom declares that she’s signed Laney up for sleepaway camp without even telling her.
Before Laney can even strap on her Manolos and begin stomping her feet in protest, she is thrust into an upside down world where girls with braces, acne and sweatpants that say things like “sexy” across the butt are cool and Laney is at the bottom of the food chain. To survive the summer she’s going to have to make an ally over the age of seven fast. She’ll also have to learn how to swim, make lanyards and figure out what to do about her camp crush. In bizarro world (aka camp), he is hotter than the sun, but back in Laney’s real life, can he even be on the radar?

Sleepaway Girls author Jen Calonita interviews Slept Away author Julie Kraut:

1. Camp crush details, stat! Name, what he smelled like, your first encounter. Go!

I went to camp for a long time, so I’ve got a lot of crushing to
disclose. But because I’m pretty sure that my eight-year-old mini-crush on
the riflery instructor and the time I made him a gimp keychain is of no
interest to anyone, I’ll skip to the juice. My fourteen-year-old summer I
had a major crush on this boy Ryan. He totally touched my thigh on the bus
up to camp and I thought it was the start of something. Unfortunately, the
second we stepped off the bus, he reunited with his girlfriend from the
summer before like Siamese twins connected at the tongue and I was left in
the bus parking lot alone. I don’t think I ever got close enough again that
summer to know what he smelled like.

2. Finish this sentence: "OMG! I had no idea that camp would be:" (And give details)

Something I would still be reminiscing about all these years
later. Guys, you’re going to remember that lip synch for YEARS to come and
probably even perform the dance for some friends when you get loopy a few
times, so make it good. And don’t forget to label your pictures with
people’s names. There are SO many old camp friends I wish I could Google,
but I just can’t remember their last names and searching for “guy who ate 67
pizza mini-bagels the summer of ‘94” doesn’t bring up any helpful hits.

3. What was your most embarrassing, cringe-inducing camp moment?

Oh, so many to choose from. Let’s see. I’d have to say that
one of my tops was when my bunk got disciplined for mooning other campers
while they were sleeping. I have no answers as to why otherwise normal
twelve-year-old girls would ban together and moon their sleeping peers, but
I do have an answer as to how humiliating it is to defend such behavior to
the camp director’s wife. Answer: Very.

4. If you could time travel back to camp right now, what moment would you want to relive?

I would totally have asked someone to dance to every single slow
song at the weekly dances. Kiss From A Rose is just too long a song to
stand alone swaying by yourself to on a weekly basis.

5. You hate to brag, but at camp you were known as: WHAT? (finish the sentence and explain).

The funny, hyper, unauthentic girl who got hit in the face with
a ball every time she stepped on a playing field. Some things never change.

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Summer said...

I love camp. Camps is the best thing

NotNessie said...

Aww... I miss summer camp! Fun interview.

Amber said...

This was a fun interview! I miss going to summer camp!

Thao said...

Such a cool interviews, I love the creative questions ^^

Thao said...
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Kate at Read This Book! said...

What a fun interview! I totally laughed out loud at "Siamese twins connected at the tongue"! =P

Shalonda said...

I regret not going to camp. Both Julie and Jen have made it sound like an awesome experience.

Steph Su said...

Haha that was great. Although that was an unfortunate camp crush. The silly guy.

Liviania said...

Haha, I often get hit by balls too.

Jenna said...

I never actually got to go to summer camp. It's great that I can live vicariously through camp books!

MssJos said...

Lol, the mooning thing is hilarious! I only got to go to cheerleading camp as a kid, this makes me wish I had went to real summer camp!!

Ashley said...

Haha this was funny!
"He totally touched my thigh on the bus up to camp...!"

Max Brown said...

That book looks like SUCH a fun read. I love books like that. I can totally relate. And your camp experiences sound so fun. That's, like, the point of camp for me. Great interview.


Paradox said...

I've never been to a summer camp (except for a failed night out with the girl scouts... it rained and we slept in the lodge.) But I wish I had gone at least once...

I want to read this book! It sounds so cute and fun!

Nora said...

I love summer camps! can't wait for this book.

Julie said...

Thanks for all of this positive feedback! And thanks for posting this. You guys are the best!

Little Willow said...

Nice title tie-ins, ladies! Best wishes with your new releases. (Hi Jen!) said...

never went to campe, boy i missed out on alot

Megan said...

I can't wait for this. Too bad I never went to camp I guessed I missed out on a lot.

Carlene said...

Please include me in your giveaway.

Holly said...

These would be great beach reads!

Andrew said...

Your book sounds so cute. If I had a nickel for every summer camp crush... I'd have about 50 cents. That totally buys you a coke at canteen.

Sarahbear9789 said...

I miss summer camp.

Kaylee said...

This sounds like a cute summer read I can't wait to read it.


towerofbooks said...

I've never went to camp...