Monday, May 18, 2009

(Party) "Zombies Everywhere"- Authors Talk!

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The band Karate High School is releasing their debut album Invaders tomorrow, May 19th, and one of their songs is titled "Zombies Everywhere." One of my first thoughts when I heard this song was: "Wow! I wonder what all those authors of zombie books would think of this one!" so I passed along the link and a few of them were kind enough to send me their thoughts.

"Zombies Everywhere" by Karate High School is definitely a song that Phoebe would have on her iPod, most likely in the Top 25 Most Played playlist. I'll be adding it to my own iPod when the album comes out May 19th."

Daniel Waters is the author of Generation Dead, now in paperback. The sequel to Generation Dead, Kiss of Life, will be out on May 12.

Zombies Everywhere is a fun, up-tempo song with rockin' guitars and the catchy refrain, "they're coming for your brains and it's too late to change." With zombiemania replacing the current vampire craze, this is a song kids can rock-out to all summer long.
-E. Van Lowe, author of Never Slow Dance with a Zombie out on September 1, 2009

“Zombies Everywhere” by Karate High School makes the zombie apocalypse sound like an amusement park thrill ride. The song is a roller coaster of tempo changes accompanied by dark, playful lyrics that hint at an underlying social commentary about conformity:

They’re coming for your brains
And it’s too late to change

Or maybe it’s just a fun, upbeat song about zombies. Either way it’s a good time. The groans at the end add a nice touch. Definitely belongs in your zombie music collection.

- S.G. Browne (author of Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament) Debut novel, Breathers, is a dark comedy about undeath through the eyes of an ordinary zombie. Like Fight Club meets Shaun of the Dead, only with the zombies as the good guys.

Okay, so in case you are thinking that authors spend their whole day writing, I feel it’s my civic duty to set this illusion straight. You see, as a rule authors are not just excellent at writing, but at also avoiding writing and one of our favourite distractions is making playlists.

Oh yes, the minute we get a good idea, before the research even starts, it is essential to spend hours on the Internet trying to discover the perfect songs to help lure the muse out of its lazy summer vacation in Hawaii (what? You didn’t know that muses went to Hawaii on vacation? Well, there you go – that’s two author secrets I’ve told you!).

So naturally, before I started writing Zombie Queen of Newbury High, I went searching for all the good zombie songs I could find. And there are actually quite a few. Obviously Thriller by Michael Jackson made the cut, as did Zombie by The Cranberries, She’s Not There by The Zombies and also How to be Dead by Snow Patrol (just because). There were more as well but I’m not going to list them here.

However, when Lauren sent me the link to Karate High School’s Zombies Everywhere I was immediately annoyed that I had already written my book because this song so would’ve been at the top of my playlist.

It’s cool, it’s catchy and the band has the best name ever. And of course, like the living dead, it has a bad habit of coming back at you when you least expect it!!!!

Zombie Queen of Newbury High (March 2009) 5 stars teensreadtooYou Had Me at Halo (out now) 4 1/2 star Romantic Times TOP PICK

Now, it's time for you to hear the song for yourself! I love it and hope to get the album sometime really soon because it's so amazing, as well as the other music I've heard from them. I'd think about picking up the c.d. as well if you can! It's not that expensive, and they're a ton of fun (especially for your zombie-filled summer).


Lenore said...

Yeah, I can totally see Pheobe having that song on her iPod!

Kate said...

This song is really catchy. I'm going to get some weird looks if I start singing these looks. Would you not be worried if someone randomly started singing the words "Zombies Everywhere"? And I agree about Phoebe having this song on her ipod. I have yet to read Kiss of Life. said...

so my kids tell me, zombies are the IN thing in books :) said...

so my kids tell me, zombies are the IN thing in books :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Lenore: Yay!

Kate: haha it might get some odd looks if you sing it out loud, but I love it. Really catchy and a lot of meanings inside it.

Bloackroze: they really are. it's the new paranormal creature these days.