Sunday, May 3, 2009

(Review) Flip Video Camera

Flip Video CameraMy mom and dad messed around with this and they are definite fans. I asked my mom to let me know exactly what she has to say about the camera and I listed her opinions and some facts about the camera as well.

*It’s small, travels well with you…can put it in your purse or pocket.
*Very simple to use, even if you aren’t good with technology.
*Light and handy
*Fun gadget to have. You can hook it up to the TV and play what you film or upload it on the computer.
*60 minutes of film
*On a scale of 1-10, how much would you recommend it? 9!
*Clear video, sound is great
*Has a soft bag you can keep it in
*You can wear it on your wrist if you like
*Definitely better than carrying around a large video camcorder

From what I know, I recommend it as well. In the future, I'll try and film something and upload it so you can all see. I wanted to post this though and I couldn't figure out what to film, so here you are! What do you all think though? Would you buy something like this? I'd say you should if you are looking for something handy for a party or something!


robin_titan said...

I was thinking about buying this last year but I changed my mind. It is pretty neat but I'd rather save my money for a lens for my camera. :)

Genevieve said...

A friend of mine got the flip mino HD for christmas and he loves it! He's a film major and he said that it's got some of the best quality of video he's seen for a camera that size. He has his own camera that is huge & expensive (in the thousands of dollars) for shooting movies (amateur movies of course, he tends to do 10 to 20 min long movies for the local film festivals) but he loves his mino for everyday use. I really want to get a video camera because I have been using my BF's computer for almost all filming I do.

Bookgeek said...

I have a flip camera and use it both for home use and for work (author book talks, author q and a sessions etc). I love it. It is so small therefore easy to carry around, the quality is very good for its size, and the software is fantastic. Very easy to use. Easy to edit. Easy to add music if you want. Easy to upload or email. You can even buy a mini tripod for it. I'm a fan, as you can see.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Bookgeek: hah! that's awesome, and thanks for sharing your thoughts as well. I think it's adorable and I love it as well!

Genevieve: That is awesome he likes it so much! I do agree that it's great for everyday use if you just want to film something...a pet or author signings, like Bookgeek said.

Robin: Well, maybe sometime in the future! ;-) Thanks for your comment though!!!

Liviania said...

I'd buy it if it were cheaper. But I do love the design and idea.