Wednesday, June 17, 2009

GLBT Pride: We're All Angels Review

We’re All Angels Review
By: Lauren

We’re All Angels chronicles the journey of pop duo Jason and deMarco in a short frame of time. You get to hear from them, their families, their friends, and others about what it’s like to tour the world singing the music you love…as a couple.

Whether you like their music or not, I think this is a documentary worth watching. It’s kind of important in a way with everyone debating same-sex issues. After all, when California was allowing people of the same sex to get married, guess who did? Jason and deMarco. That isn’t included in this DVD of course, but it’s interesting to watch them talk about their relationship knowing what happens later. They mention that they basically do have a marriage without the legal documents. I’m not going to go into some crazy spiel about the rights for everyone to be allowed to get married (though I do think that…everyone should be allowed to get married) because I want this to be about the DVD and the people involved.

You get to see the many sides to these two guys and if you’ve read my interview with the director Robert Nunez you’ll see that they were even worried about certain parts…are they showing too much? Saying too much? I don’t think they are though because it’s just them. They are living their lives and we get to watch in on some of it through a camera lens. I think it’s great because hopefully it’ll be enjoyable and eye-opening for all its viewers.

Like I said, whether you know these guys or not, whether you like the music or not, watch this film. I’m sure it’s one that many would enjoy…if only they knew about it. But now you do, so what are you waiting for?

Note: June is GLBT pride month so in honor of that, I think you should all do the following:

-Check out this documentary. I'd love to know what others think!

-Read the interview with the director:

-Enter the contest for a copy of David Inside Out by Lee Bantle:


Kate said...

This sounds like a really interesting documentary. I will watch it in the future.

Julia Caban said...

Not only did I watch this documentary on TV but I also saw it at 3 of the Film Festivals where it premiered. I have been fortunate enough to meet Jason, deMarco, both sets of parents, Robert, Alan Lett and his family and many others involved with the film. It was well worth watching and the DVD has so many added features that it is more than worth the price for the special features and deleted scenes alone. The director's commentary on the DVD was taped over a year later than the film so you get a lot of updates and background.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Kate: You definitly should. It's very interesting and I just love these guys even more now.

Julia: that's amazing, thanks for your thoughts on the DVD and everybody. I still hope to do a mini review of the extras later on as Robert is quite proud of them. :)


avisannschild said...

Lauren, I had no idea that June is GLBT pride month! Thanks for the heads up. This sounds like an interesting doc.