Friday, June 12, 2009

Just a Couple Thoughts From Me

Cynthea Liu, author of Paris Pan Takes the Dare is holding a "party" of sorts. A bunch of authors helped out and you can bid on various items, with all money going to a deserving school near where Cynthea lives. So take the dare and take part in this event, or simply help spread the word!


Some of you might remember that I gave away this book on my blog awhile ago, but I have to admit that I haven't read it yet. I really want too though, as it looks like a good book. Eileen is super nice as well and deserves people to read her stuff no matter what.

But let's see...reasons I want to read this one:

-the cover is cute
-the title is catchy
-Eileen is awesome, like I said.
-I love the quote on the front, "if you want it that bad, it can't be good..." Interesting, huh?
-I don't live in a highly religious town, but I did grow up around religion with school and everything so I think I can relate to some of the novels themes.
-Oh, and SIX people gave this book FIVE stars on Amazon. That's everyone on there, by the way.

While juggling friendship issues (her best friend isn’t speaking to her), a love triangle-turned-square (okay, maybe she shouldn’t have kissed her best friend’s boyfriend…but it was totally an accident!…sort of), and escalating mayhem in her small religious town (uh-oh…what would Jesus do?), Emma realizes she has to stop trying to please everyone around her and figure out what she wants for herself. It’s time to start asking, “What would Emma do?”



Kate said...

Thanks for the great post and links! I just want to let you know that I am catching up on blogging but I have scheduled my YA Book Carnival (advertisement) post to appear on my blog on the 14th at 8:00 am (UK time).

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Kate: you're welcome. Sounds great, thanks!!!

Eileen said...

I think you're awesome