Saturday, July 4, 2009

About Me-Who We Are, What We Promote

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Name: Lauren (Keaton helps at times, new book reviewer Alicia)

Site: Shooting Stars Magazine. Think of us as a multi-purpose magazine online!

Open to interviews, guest posts, reviews, and contests. Get in touch: or

Demographic: Mostly girls (some guys) ages teens and up!

Who Will Write for the Site: I (Lauren) am 19 years old, but am open to most products to spread the word to my readers and can enlist the help of others of all ages to fully promote something.

We Promote:

-Books (I read YA, Adult, and MG. Children books can be reviewed, might even enlist help of young kids)

-Movies (In my family, one of us pretty much will watch any genre. Open to reviewing and promoting anything!)

-Music (I'm a fan of pop/rock/alternative...if you think I will like the music, get in touch, and I might!)

-Fashion/Makeup (All things girl)

-Baby/Toddler (Cousins' three and under, friend having a newborn soon)

-Food (Always depends, just write us!)

I think those are the basic categories. I'm definitely hoping to expand on the magazine and add a lot more variety for the different people who read it now and who might read it in the future. As I said above, I have many friends and people in my family who would be open to helping with reviews if a product doesn't fit please get in touch and we'll try and work something out.


ella said...
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ella said...

What are your monthly impressions? Thanks!