Monday, July 20, 2009

We Need YOUR Writing Questions!

Hannah's Site:

I'm a part of the TLC Book Tour for Everything Sucks by Hannah Friedman. I have to say that I'm very grateful to be part of this because the book sounds great and Hannah was really nice when I wrote her to get in contact.

However, my apologies go out to Hannah for how late I'm posting this. I kept meaning to enlist the help a lot sooner, so I hope everything will work out. If it does, then we need YOUR HELP.

Please leave a comment here with any questions you about writing and if Hannah can, she'll be writing a post or making a video with her answers!


celi.a said...


Is this strictly autobiographical? (If so,) Why did you choose to write about yourself?
What will your next writing project be? What's your favorite genre to read? Can you ever see yourself writing something completely different from this (say, horror, for instance)?


Iryna said...

I enjoy writing short stories and have buckets of ideas (okay, maybe not buckets) but when I sit down at a computer I can never seem to actually write. Is this just me? Do you have any suggestions that can get me typing?