Wednesday, August 12, 2009

(Blog Tour Review) Everything Sucks by Hannah Friedman

Everything Sucks by Hannah Friedman
Review by: Lauren


When everything sucks,
change everything . . .

And that's exactly what Hannah Friedman set out to do in an ambitious attempt to bust out of a life of obscurity and absurdity and into an alternate world of glamour, wealth, and popularity.
Being dubbed 'That Monkey Girl' by middle school bullies and being pulled out of sixth grade to live on a tour bus with her agoraphobic mother, her smelly little brother, and her father's hippie band mates convinces Hannah that she is destined for a life of freakdom.

But when she enters one of the country's most prestigious boarding schools on scholarship, Hannah transforms herself into everything she is not: cool. By senior year, she has a perfect millionaire boyfriend, a perfect GPA, a perfect designer wardrobe, and is part of the most popular clique in school, but somehow everything begins to suck far worse than when she first started. Her newfound costly drug habit, eating disorder, identity crisis, and Queen-Bee attitude lead to the unraveling of Hannah's very unusual life.

Putting her life back together will take more than a few clicks of her heels, or the perfect fit of a glass slipper, in this not-so-fairy tale of going from rock bottom to head of the class and back again.

My Review:

This book is definitely a fast read. I found myself pretty much hooked from the first page, laughing along with this true story of a girl raised in a house with a more popular monkey. That's just the beginning is quite a crazy ride for Hannah as she leaves the tour bus, changes schools, and begins high school. I know my own experiences in high school weren't always so great, but I was definitely lucky enough to have the few close friends that I did and I made it through. Hannah makes it through too, of course, as she's now written this interesting, amusing, heartbreaking, and lovely tale of a girl simply trying to find who she really is...but the road there isn't quite as kind to her.

She becomes popular, but that's not always the best way to raise your self-esteem and she finds herself worrying way too much about food, weight, and the perfect outfit. And when love shines down on her in the form of a boyfriend...well, that doesn't always turn out like a fairy tale either. After all, this is real life we're talking about.

Hannah might have a monkey in her house and a singing dad, but beyond that, she's still a regular girl and I think this book will be relatable and interesting for a lot of people out there...especially if you are a girl going through your teen years now or can vividly remember those days. After all, what's better than comparing yourself to others? Sharing your life, the good and bad, with others...because as cliche as it might sound, nobody is truly alone in their experiences.

I'm very glad I got a chance to read this book and I would recommend it.

Review for: TLC Blog Tour


Thao said...

I love how the book sounds and the title is very catchy too. Thanks for the review : )

bermudaonion said...

I love a good, funny memoir. I've seen the trailer for this book and it looks great!

trish said...

I love it when books hook you right away.

I wish my life had been so interesting that I could write a memoir. As it is, I'd have to make up interesting stuff. :)

Thanks for the thoughtful review!

Shelli said...

thanks for the rec. great review :)

Sliding on the Edge said...

Sounds like a good summer read. Thanks.

avisannschild said...

I think I saw this book mentioned in a Shelf Awareness newsletter and then went and watched a whole bunch of Hannah's videos (her songs are fabulous). Recently, for some reason, I decided my boyfriend should watch them too and he also thought they were great. Your review confirms that I definitely want to read her book!

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