Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Beauty Shop: CeraVe + Duri Nail Polish Reviews

Hello everyone. I have quite a few posts that I really need to start posting, but it's the holiday I hope you'll take the time to sit down and read through some of these because you might find something you are interested in! I have interviews and reviews and a ton of BABY/KID reviews/interviews/giveaways!!! You don't want to miss out. The Holidays are approaching...get some gift ideas why don't you? And I will be figuring out the winner's of the contests that have ended ASAP!

The Beauty Shop

By: Lauren

CeraVe- This packet is a mix of Hydrating Cleanser, Moistorizing Lotion, and Moisturizing Cream. I actually had my mom try this out for me as she's the one who uses the most lotion and products of this nature. She said that she didn't mind it, and it worked well, but she did have on complaint....the smell. Now you see, these are supposed to not have a smell but my mom detected a bad one. I'm not saying this will be the same outcome for everyone, as it might have been the product on her skin. This happens.

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Duri Nail Polish- The color that I recieved to review was Lily of the Valley. I wasn't a huge fan of the color for the time of year, as it's fairly light and pretty. It would be perfect, however, for the Spring and especially the Easter holidays. The actual nail polish was great though. We put two coats on and that was perfect for it to cover my nails and look thick enough. I've been wearing it for about a week or so now and it's only chipped a tiny bit, so it seems to hold up really well. I'd definitely recommend giving the brand a look and see if there is a color you would like.



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