Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Guest Post with Timothy Carter + Extra Entry

Who’s This Tim Guy That Wrote EVIL?

A Guest Post by Timothy Carter

First of all, I’d like to thank Lauren for the opportunity to do this guest post. It’s fun to introduce myself to a whole new group of readers. And I’m all about fun.

It’s also a godsend, as far as marketing and promotion are concerned. Even though EVIL? will be my fifth published novel (yay!), I’m still a relatively new player on the YA scene. I need to reach as many potential readers as I can if I want to stay in the game, so to speak.

So, is this basically shameless self-promotion I’m doing here? Kinda, yeah. Don’t worry, though. I’m not going to spend the entire post saying GO BUY EVIL? NOW. I won’t even do it every other sentence. Three or four times should be enough. Well, maybe five.


So, what kind of an author am I, and what kind of stuff do I write? I’ll tell you what I’m not – I’m not some bandwagon-jumper looking to fleece younger readers with some current trend clone. You will not catch me writing some angsty vampire book with a title like Embrace the Chosen in Death, Darkness and Blood Under the New Moon of Twilight Before the Lost Ones get Eclipsed in Loneliness at Midnight. That’s not my thing.

I like to do my own thing.


I also choose not to write about the ‘popular’ people. If you’re the main character in my book, chances are you get beat up a lot. Or you have trouble fitting in. And dating isn’t your forte. I don’t care about the quarterback and the cheerleader. I think the guy or girl at the back of the class that nobody wants to talk to is much more interesting. I’m generalizing, of course; any character can be made fascinating or dull, even the jocks and hotties. I guess I’ve always been drawn to the underdogs. I cheer for the geeks, nerds and wimps, and I encourage readers to do the same.


I like fantasy, and I like comedy. I write funny stories set in our world with fantastic elements added. I’m drawn to spiritual or metaphysical concepts, and I love playing around with the accepted notions of good and evil.

Occasionally, I like to be a little naughty.

For example, EVIL? is about a teenage boy who becomes an outcast after he is caught masturbating in the shower. When I told my wife I was going to turn that premise into a young adult novel, she said: “Yeah, good luck with that.” When I showed it to my editors at FLUX, I was told it was the “least saleable premise” they’d ever heard. However, it struck me that there really aren’t that many young adult fantasy/comedies about masturbation out there. It’s a touchy subject (ha, ha), and well worth a look for that very reason. It got me thinking about fanatical religious groups, and how they get all up in arms about one specific issue or another (like gay marriage or abortion). What if, my brain asked me, some supernatural force compels them? What if there’s a supernatural being that really hates the ‘sin’ of self-pleasure? And what if that being invades a small town at the same time that a teenage boy is caught doing it in the shower? Once I had that in my head, I absolutely had to write it.

And that is how all of my novels get started. I’ll look at things in a strange way, and my weird little brain sticks things together into an irresistible idea. Then I start writing, and the real fun begins!


So that’s what I’m all about. If you’d like to know more about me or my work, my website is www.timothycarterworld.com and my blog is worldsoftim.blogspot.com. Thank you for reading; I hope you found it enjoyable. Take care, all the best, and GO BUY EVIL? NOW!

- Timothy Carter


Liz said...

Haha! I love Timothy Carter! I like that he likes to do his own thing!
-Liz :)

BrittLit said...

must buy evil NOW!

etirv said...

Enjoyed reading this interview with Timothy, fun!

Kate said...

Timothy Carther, you are so funny. Great post!

Liviania said...

Clearly, it isn't the least salable premise ever since you managed to sell it. Maybe it will help teens become more comfortable with the fact people masturbate. *shrug*

I think someone's been telling me to go buy EVIL?. I have no clue what's up with that.


Great post, he's one funny guy!

Jessica Kennedy said...

You had me at "EVIL? is about a teenage boy who becomes an outcast after he is caught masturbating in the shower."

Now, that is a great premise! Why? Because of the subject matter and because it's about a teenage boy. It's a perfect combination. It sounds enlightening and funny as hell.

Can't wait to read it! :)

Wrighty said...

Love, love, love that comedy is added to these stories! I can't wait to read them. And cheering on the underdog is always a good thing!

Sweeter the berry said...

He has some nice ideas. I'm interested in reading his book to find out more.


The_Book_Queen said...

Great interview-- I enjoyed reading Timothy's funny comments! :D I can't wait to read the books-- they sound really good!


Froggy said...

Great interview Timothy!! :)


Paradox said...

"I’m drawn to spiritual or metaphysical concepts, and I love playing around with the accepted notions of good and evil." - Me too!

Great post!

Alexa said...

I have a weird feeling that I should go buy Evil? now. Great interview!