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Legally Blondes: Milly and Becky Rosso Interview

Interview with Becky and Milly Rosso, who star in the new film, Legally Blondes. I meant to put this up a long time ago when it premiered on ABC Family, but I'm a bit late...however, for some of you, it's on tonight on the Disney Channel and it will also be on tomorrow at Noon EST I believe so check it out. These girls have a very interesting story as read on!!! Oh, and I got a chance to ask them a lot of questions as we had time and very few participants so I hope you enjoy.

Moderator:Our first question comes from the line of Jamie Ruby with Media Boulevard. Please go ahead.

J. Ruby: Hello, thank you so much for talking to us today.

B. Rosso: Hello, how are you doing?

J. Ruby: Good. So I heard or I read that the two of you were just pulled out of the audience when you were watching Zack and Cody. What was that like and can you tell us about that?

B. Rosso: Yes, we went to a live taping of the show, which was open for the public and the executive producer saw that we were twins. So he asked if we would audition and after a few months of acting lessons we got on seven episodes.

J. Ruby: So were you interested in acting before that happened?

M. Rosso: Well, we love acting and singing and dancing, but we’d never pursued it because our mum always told us it was a hard business to get into and that there was a lot of competition. But when we were discovered, it felt like it was a dream come true because we only saw that happens in movies.

J. Ruby: Yes, it’s surprising. That would be a great thing to have happen.

Jamie: So now that you’ve this, if you could have a dream role of anything, what would that be?

B. Rosso: This is Becky. We would love to have our own show. Right now we have a script in development so we’re hoping everything goes well. It would be a dream come true to have our own series. We love doing comedy.

J. Ruby: So what was your favorite part about working on the movie?

M. Rosso: I remember on the first day filming, I was quite nervous. But when I got to my trailer, there were lots of flowers and producers and crew members and we even got a big box of cookies and a nice note from Reese Witherspoon. It was really encouraging and made us feel less nervous.

B. Rosso: A memorable moment on the set for me was when we filmed one scene where there was supposed to be a party and half way through the scene, it started to rain, so everyone had to hurry up and try to get through the scene. We had to hold umbrellas in between takes. We saw our hair getting flatter and flatter by the minute. By the time we finished the scene, our hair was just poking out, but that was a great day for me.

J. Ruby: Okay, thank you very much, both of you.

B. Rosso: Thank you.

M. Rosso: Thank you.

Moderator: The next question comes from the line of Sarah Fulghum with Please go ahead.

S. Fulghum: Hello, thanks for talking with me today.

B. Rosso: Hello, thank you.

S. Fulghum: How were you two chosen for the movie Legally Blondes? Did you audition?

M. Rosso: We actually had a meeting with MGM because they saw us in The Suite Life and they wanted to do a project with us. They brought the parts from Legally Blondes, so we ended up doing the third Legally Blonde movie because the first is one of our favorite films. So it was very exciting for us.

S. Fulghum: What was the most challenging thing about starring in Legally Blondes?

B. Rosso: Since this was our first movie, obviously, we were a bit nervous. One of the things that was challenging was that we had so many lines and we to memorize them and then sometimes they would change the lines right before we had to film it. I feel confident in my acting when I have time to prepare, so that was quite challenging. But at the same time, I grew and I learned something and I think I’ll be even better on the set in my next film.

S. Fulghum: The clothes were really cute in the movie. Did you two get to have any input in the wardrobe?

M. Rosso: We love clothes, we love things, so it was a fun film. But before we started filming, we met with Cathryn who we’ve actually worked with before in The Suite Life. We were surprised to see they had so many pink clothes and shoes and accessories, so they must have been working really hard. We were really lucky that we liked all the clothes that were in the movie.

S. Fulghum: How fun! One more question, how have your lives changed since becoming actors?

M. Rosso: Everywhere we go where there are lots of children, people come up to us and say they liked The Suite Life or they liked Legally Blondes. And they take photos of us, which didn’t happen before until we started acting. But it’s always really nice when they come up because they’re always really sweet and we find it fun to get recognized. When we’re walking around, people see that we’re twins and then realize we were in The Suite Life or Legally Blondes, so lots of people come up to us when we go to events and stuff.

S. Fulghum: Thank you for answering my questions. I really enjoyed the movie.

M. Rosso: Thank you very much. I’m glad you liked it.

Moderator: Your next question is going to come from the line of Lauren Becker with Shooting Stars Magazine. Please go ahead.

L. Becker: Hello, girls, thanks for talking to us.

M. Rosso: Hello, how are you doing?

L. Becker: Good. My first question is when you first said that you had gotten a note from Reese Witherspoon, I was wondering if she gave you any advice throughout the movie or if you even got to meet her in person and what that was like.

B. Rosso: Yes, before we started filming, we had lunch with her and we were not disappointed when we met her because she’s so friendly and happy, and a really kind and caring person. We think she’s an amazing actress, so to get to work with her is such an honor. She sent us cookies and a note to our trailer on the first day of filming. She wrote about taking on projects that we believe in and to be prepared and professional on the set and really enjoy the whole experience.

L. Becker: Awesome. Dylan and Cole were obviously twins on The Suite Life and they’ve been acting ever since they were little. So I was wondering if they helped you along or gave you any advice for acting or what it was like working with two brothers, since you’re two sisters.

M. Rosso: Yes, they’ve been acting for a while. They were really encouraging and welcoming to us when we did The Suite Life because it was our first professional acting. They were really funny and then we used to hang out with them in the dressing rooms at lunch, but at the same time, they’re always being professional and good on set. So it was a lot of fun working with them and it was cool that we got to work with twins.

L. Becker: That’s awesome. My last question for you is, obviously you’ve been working together ever since you started acting. But in the future, would you want to work separately or are you into the same kind of movies and TV shows, or do you have different aspirations?

B. Rosso: Right now, it’s so much fun to work together. But in the future, we might want to work on different projects, but we’d love to mix it up. We like most of the same things and we have similar personalities, so we do compete for the same roles, so that will be interesting.

L. Becker: Awesome, thanks for talking.

M. Rosso: Thank you.

B. Rosso: Thank you.

Moderator: Our next question is a follow-up question from the line of Jamie Ruby with Media Boulevard. Please go ahead.

J. Ruby: Hello, again. So where do you draw your inspiration from in the movie?

M. Rosso: We definitely know we’re excited to have the mean girls in the movie, because we’ve been in several schools and we did have mean girls. We won’t name any names, but we did come home in tears for a while. But luckily everything turned out okay, so we were able to draw from that, too. We were very lucky to have each other.

J. Ruby: Did you use any materials from the other movies when you worked on your parts or did you try to make it different?

B. Rosso: The Legally Blonde movies are some of our favorite films, so we had watched them loads of times before. Before we started the filming, we watched them and we tried look at some of Elle’s mannerisms.

J. Ruby: Okay, now you’ve done a movie and you’ve done television. What do you like most about each of them? Do you prefer one over the other?

M. Rosso :We really like both because with The Suite Life, we love filming in front of a live audience, because the energy is always really great. But then at the same time, when we’re working on a movie, you get to film in different locations…..Malibu and on the Queen Mary, so that was also really fun. So I don’t know. I think we both want to see more of each in the future.

J. Ruby: Would you ever be interested in directing or writing in the future as well?

B. Rosso: We haven’t really thought about that. That would way into the future, but right now, we’re enjoying acting and being actors in the film. We’ll leave the writing to the professionals.

J. Ruby: Okay, thank you very much.

Moderator: Our next question is a follow-up from the line of Lauren Becker with Shooting Stars Magazine. Please go ahead.

L. Becker: Hello, again. You mentioned you always like to sing and dance as well as act. I was wondering if that you’ve decided to do that for fun, or if you would actually like to use that in the future for a play or a movie or anything like that.

B. Rosso: We grew up singing and dancing with our sisters. There are three other sisters, five girls in total. We used to pretend to be the Spice Girls and put on performances and stuff like that. So we’d definitely love to do something with singing and dancing in the future. We actually recorded a song for Legally Blondes and it comes on at the end of the movie called “Lucky Girl.” Right now we’re just taking lots of lessons, so we’d love to do something with singing in the future.

L. Becker: Sounds good. Since you have so many sisters, what do they think about your acting? Do they enjoy it themselves and want to do it, or are they just happy for you and what you’re doing?

M. Rosso: They all love it. Our 18 year old sister also really likes acting. She wants to be an actor as well. When we found out that we were going to be doing Legally Blonde, we were all jumping up and down, screaming. My sister was so happy and luckily there was no one underneath our apartment because we really made a lot of noise. But, yes, they’re very supportive and they’re always very excited for us when they see us on the television.

L. Becker: I’m really happy to hear that. My last question was you mentioned how it’s kind of in the works for a new series. I was wondering if there was any actual storyline that they have and if you could share anything that show.

B. Rosso: It’s still in development. Right now they’re working on a script, but we know it’s about twins. We can’t really say any more than that and we don’t know ourselves much more than that.

L. Becker: Well, we’ll just have to keep a look out. I hope everything works out.

Moderator: Our question is a follow-up from the line of Jamie Ruby with Media Boulevard. Please go ahead.

J. Ruby: Is there any part, like a scene, that you filmed for the movie that they took out that you would like to see in it or you would have like to have seen in it?

B. Rosso: We filmed a scene on the Queen Mary, and they did keep some of it in the film when we get humiliated; but there was an extended version of the scene where I’m trying to get out of a situation and make a long speech. They cut out the time, but we did make a DVD and it will be at the end of the movie when the credits are rolling.

J. Ruby: So if this hadn’t happened and you weren’t acting, what do you think you would be doing now?

M. Rosso: I think if I wasn’t acting, I’d to lik to be a tennis player or a dog trainer.

J. Ruby: Last question, when you were done with he movie, did you watch it back? I know some actors don’t like to watch themselves act. Others do. Do you watch yourself?

B. Rosso: Yes, we watched the whole time. Our thing is ….we cringe when we watch ourselves on the television. Even though our sisters and our mom and dad are really proud, we get rather embarrassed when we see ourselves on the television.

J. Ruby: Thank you so much. You have great accents, by the way, too.

B. Rosso: Oh, we like the American accent.

Moderator: Our next question comes from the line of Jamie Ruby with Media Boulevard. Please go ahead.

J. Ruby: I figured I could do a couple more. So can you run us through a typical day on the set of the movie?

M. Rosso: Most days, we get up really early, which we’re not really big fans of because we’re not morning people. We get up really early and then go to hair and makeup and then we run our lines and we would do three hours of school, as much as we could at school. And then we’d start rehearsing for a scene and basically start forming it. And that took a while and then we have lunch and that was always really fun. We hang out with our costars. Then we’d probably do a bit more school and then more filming scenes and then we go to sleep.

J. Ruby: Is it hard doing the school in between? I know you have to do it, but.

B. Rosso: We had a really nice set teacher. Education is really important, so we didn’t mind. We just focus on our school when we have to and then we do our acting. But it was funny because we realized that some of the things our characters are learning in the movie, we were learning in school.

J. Ruby: When you played the roles, did you ever just offer any advice or input? Is there anything, like you say, hey, I think the character should do this?

M. Rosso: If we had any questions, we would ask the director and he was so nice and made us feel comfortable. If we didn’t think some of the words that were in the script would be something we’d actually say in England, then we’d tell him, so we felt very comfortable.

J. Ruby: Thank you very much.

Moderator: Our next question comes from the line of Lauren Becker with Shooting Star Magazine. Please go ahead.

L. Becker: I was wondering if now that you guys are acting, if you live full time in America or you and your family still live in England and you just travel for your work.

B. Rosso: We live in California now. We live in Los Angeles. We’ve been living here for about four years and we love it here. Everyone seems so friendly here and the weather is amazing, so much better than England. But we do miss our family and friends in England sometimes and we go back every time that we can.

L. Becker: My final question was just your typical question of what you guys are interested in nowadays from music to books to movies from a personal standpoint.

Milly: We love Taylor Swift and also Gwen Stefani and we love watching Project Runway and American Idol and the new episodes on ABC Family. We recently just started watching “10 Things I Hate About You” and “Make It or Break It,” and we love those.

L. Becker: Thank you very much.


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