Tuesday, September 22, 2009

(Review) Swami Baby...Not JUST for Babies!

Swami Baby Review
by: Lauren
Review- I love that this company, as a lot of other sites these days, is run by a mom who has kids of her own. It's great to see what these women (and sometimes men if they dad is involved) can come up with for their children and others. Swami Baby is all about allowing your child to teach you and being aware that they even can. After all, swami means "wise teacher."

This site isn't just for the littles ones though. They even have a section for the adults. I personally like the yoga pants and hoodies, but you can get some t-shirts and long-sleeve shirts as well. As for the kids though, they have a mix of toddler pants, onesies, t-shirts, and cute little infant caps.

I was sent the onesie with the little guy on the top. Above him read the saying "Constantly Changing." There are a few more options though such as "Just Breathe, Mom," and "So Far, So Good." Cute, right? And yet, so so true!

This whole section of baby items is in honor of my friend who was pregnant...but actually just had her baby last week, a little boy. We gave her the onesie I was sent and she thought it was really cute. I believe it was one of her favorites out of the other clothes options.

What I think you should know:

Onesie has long-sleeves so it's great for the fall and winter.

It's a soft, thick material...sure to keep your little one warm and comfy at the same time.

The design and message are both really sweet and it's sure to be unique compared to other options you see out and about.

I want to make a note that if you enter the giveaways, you might get an extra entry into ANOTHER giveaway and if you comment on these posts, it might allow you another entry into certain giveaways so keep following along and spread the word if you know someone who has a baby or is pregnant or simply has younger kids!


Pam said...

These are the cutest shirts, aren't they? I've seen them reviewed before and thought the sayings were adorable.

etirv said...

Just the name alone Swami Baby --- is irresistible! I like their products for adults, too!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Pam: Definitely!! I love that the sayings are different than most sites.

Etirv: I do agree, it's a good one. And I think the adult hoodies look super comfy. :)


elnice said...

Two of my friends are having babies. There are some great gift ideas here!