Saturday, September 12, 2009

Review: Totally Texty is Totally...What?!

Totally Texty Review

Written by: Lauren

Totally Texty is a new shampoo and conditioner for tweens and teens, though that's not to say that an adult wouldn't enjoy the product either! The girl's shampoo and conditioner is titled DDG, which is the text speak for "Drop Dead Gorgeous" and the boy's is just the shampoo named YTMN or "You're the Man Now."

I tested out the girl's shampoo (and my mom did as well) while I sent the boy's off to my brother. I'm a teen, so I hit the target age range but my mom, of course, doesn't and my brother is in his mid-twenties. However, we all liked it for the most part.
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Me (Lauren) and Mom: My mom and I both had the same thoughts for the most part. The smell is really nice and we didn't have any problems with greasy hair or it not cleaning well enough. It all worked great. However, it's a bit thick when it comes out so it's best to note that you'll probably have to mix it up with some water in your hands before you lather your hair so it will spread further. If you do that, you shouldn't have a problem. I think the shape and design of the bottles are super cute and it seems to hold enough so you won't run out too quick.

Brother: When I opened the bottle, I loved the smell of the guy's shampoo, and my brother had to agree after he used it. He did mention, like I said above, that it was a bit thick and he was worried it might not come out easily when he washed his hair, but it did, and no problems!

Overall, I'd say it was a hit in the family. Shampoo is mostly just shampoo to me, but I think this new product is fun and would be worth a shot if you are looking for something new or want to check out a new scent. Also, I know that a lot of tweens and teens hate washing their hair or taking showers...I think it's just a phase a lot of them go through, though I'm not sure why...but this is something that they hope will make kids more eager to actually get clean every day since it's marketed just for them!!!


Boy's and Girl's Shampoo (a bottle alone): $15
All three (boy's shampoo & girl's shampoo and conditioner): $39.00
Girl's Conditioner alone: $15
Girl's Conditioner and Shampoo set: $27.00

Perfect For...

I'm on a Christmas kick at the moment...meaning I'm already figuring out gifts for everyone and collecting what I can now so I'm not rushed once the holidays get too close...after all, they are already pretty close. I think this product would be great to test out either for yourself or a tween/teen you know this holiday season, since we know not all christmas gifts are games; some are quite practical. So check it out, stick it in a stocking, voila! It would be perfect!


Ladytink_534 said...

I've heard of these but I haven't seen them in stores yet. Pretty happy with my current shampoo/ conditioner though.

Clueless_Mama said...

Those sound like a pretty cool product! Thanks