Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Simply-Bags is More Than Simple - Recommended!!!

Simply-Bags Review
By: Lauren

I was sent the Patent Leather Handbag in Black to review. You can also get this in Red or Spice (which is a type of brown) if you so choose. The reason I went with black is because I figured it would go with pretty much any outfit and that's true. The initials I chose (first, last, and then middle) are my mom's because she needed a new purse and I'm more of the "over-the-body" kind of purse wearer so that I don't have to worry about carrying it around.

However, this purse is great for my mom and she loves it! It's a shiny outside that looks nice but makes it really easy to clean off if something happens to get on it. My mom said that it has plenty of room for all of her items and I must add that I felt it was pretty light with everything in the end which is great...who wants to lug around a sack of bricks?

The black outside is really pretty, and I love that when you get up closer, it's more of a deep red. The light even gives off some of the red color if it hits it. Some people might not like this idea, so it's worth mentioning, but I see it as a plus. It makes the bag more of a unique find and it still works with any outfit like I thought black would. My mom has switched all her items into this purse and uses it all the time.

Being able to personalize this bag with the initials is great! I love personalized items, and Simply Bags is full of them. You can find some items for the older women (like the handbag) but also some fun items for the whole family and younger girls looking for something cute and fun. You definitely get a lot of options when it comes to the type, the color, and what you want to put on it (some are initials only, some allow a name).

Overall, we are really happy with the purse. I think it's great and my mom loves using it. She's even gotten a few comments from friends and even on stranger when we went out to eat. They all thought it was super cute!

Finally, I want to mention the price. I think for what you get (a great purse and even personalization if you want it), it's well worth it. You can get bags or purses for the same amount in stores and you aren't able to fix it to your liking, so why not try an online shop this holiday season? Prices range mostly from the 20's and up!


Missy said...

Love that bag. Going to go check it out.

That 100 followers blog giveaway started this morning, thought you might like to know.

Sunkissed said...

WOW! i love how you can personalize them! So cute! Thanks!

elnice said...

I think the personalization is cute and it looks easy to clean. I am not into the patent leather, but I have a few friends who would use this.

Katy Belle said...

I'm not really that into purses but my sister sure is a "purse girl" with one to match every outfit. She would like these.

Tom said...

looks sturdy and easy to clean. yeah, i'm a bit practical.

annalene said...

Although this bag is not really my style (patent is not an ideal pairing with me), it does sound like a good, functional bag. I LOVE bags that are lightweight and these days that feature is really difficult to find! I'd love to see more nylon bags at simply bags! :)

Deb K said...

That purse is too Cute~Thanks for the review :)