Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dreaming Anastasia Winner + Quiz Answers

Alright everyone...you took the quiz, learning about Anastasia Romanov, but now it's time to show you the REAL answers as well as who won a signed copy of Dreaming Anastasia. Remember, if you didn't win, you should definitely get a copy anyway because it was a great book full of interesting history and great characters! Here We Go:

What was Anastasia’s actual royal title?

Grand Duchess (Anastasia Nicholaievna)

On her mother’s side, to what other royal families was Anastasia related?

British – Great granddaughter of Queen Victoria; and Germany ( Her mother was Princess of Hesse – one of the then German states- on her father’s side)

What were the names of Anastasia’s sisters and her brother?

Olga, Tatiana, Marie, Alexei

Anastasia’s father, Nicholas, held the title, ‘tsar.’ What is the etymology of that title?

Comes from same word at Caesar and Kaiser (ultimately back to Latin)

When was Anastasia born?

June 5th (or June 18th, depending on which calendar you use), 1901.

The Romanov family was often gifted with amazingly beautiful decorative eggs at Easter. Which famous jewelry making family created these eggs?


From what very serious blood disorder did Anastasia’s brother suffer?


Anastasia’s mother trusted a particular holy man who some believed was evil. What was his name?

Rasputin (Father Grigory Efimovitch)

What was the name of the revolutionaries that overthrew the Romanov family?


Anastasia had a pet spaniel. What was his name?


Very interesting, huh? I learned a lot so I hope you all did too...whether you entered the contest or not. Now for the winner...

...Jessica is the winner! I emailed her and she now has 48 hours to get back to me. Thanks to everyone who entered, especially those of you who took the time to look up all these answers. I'm sorry you didn't win, but I hope you learned a bit and had a good time. Read the book!


Tara said...

Some of these facts were interesting to discover. Thanks.

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Fun post!


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Congratulations Jessica!

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Congrats to Jessica!