Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wish-List, Awesome Baby Gift, and Jon Stewart?!

This post is going to be a a mix of things. I haven't done a Wish-List Wednesday post in awhile so that's included, but I'm going to have some other things in here too. Please Please PLEASE read this as like I said, lots of things might find something you want to check out yourself or comment on. And I LOVE comments!

Wish-List Wednesday

See the photo above? Well, I hope you can...that is a charm bracelet and it's something you can get on the awesome site Charm Factory.

I've been seeing reviews for this company all over the web lately and have entered as many of the giveaways as I could find. Why you ask? Because you can make a charm bracelet with your OWN choice of charms and I think that's awesome. I'm not much of a jewelry person though, so I'm really entering on behalf of my mom (she doesn't know!) because they have some great charms that I think really fit her the green ribbon that represents kidney awareness and organ transplants. Anyway, I think it's a great site and hopefully I can get a bracelet for my mom at some point, but if you're looking for holiday gifts...GO HERE! They even have Twilight inspired charms if you want a bracelet for that Twilight lover you know too.

For the younger kids though (like the little girls in your life) I posted a review of another fun site PERFECT for them, so read that:

Good stuff. Good stuff. :-)

Authors are People Too!

Josh Lieb, author of I Am a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to Be Your Class President has made an AWESOME video for his book (it really is amusing) featuring The Daily Show's Jon Stewart (as Josh is a producer on the show). You definitely want to check this out and then get the book (out October 13th)

Taken from the video's youtube site, here are some comments on the books by some lovely people:

"If War and Peace had a baby with The Breakfast Club and then left the baby to be raised by wolves, this book would be the result. I loved it." - Jon Stewart

"Josh Lieb is on one of the great brave journeys in American literature. Or maybe he just signed my name to a blurb he wrote. Either way, you have to admit hes brave. And the book is hilarious."

- Judd Apatow

Cloud B's Lavender Dog Review


Cloud B is all about trying to help your little one sleep happily, and isn't that something all parents want for their little one? I would sure hope so...for your sleep as well! I was sent the Lavender Dog to review and I have to say it's as cute as it's picture. This little one is meant to be set on your child's pillow for the day and then taken away at night. The dog has "pressure" points where a soothing lavender smell will be released if you push on it. This is meant to allow your baby to have a nice scent to go too sleep too and hopefully help them sleep better. The smell is very nice. I don't see why this couldn't be used on an adult's bed either...or simply toddlers and young children. It's great for all ages if you're having trouble relaxing and going to sleep at night.

This smell will last up to 5 years!! How awesome is that?! You buy one and it can last you for quite awhile. I hate products that don't last long and you have to keep spending money to replace it or fix it. The dog itself is really soft to the touch if your little one wants to pet its fur...that might help them calm down too at night. It's also a cute accessory to most rooms for when you have to put it away during the night or if you want it on top of a dresser once the scent runs out. Tons of possibilites!! If you have a little one or know one, get them this gift for the holidays or a birthday or a baby shower. It's perfect!! I actually gave the one I was sent to review to a friend of mine as she just had a little boy. I believe it was a hit from our friends, as it really is a cute stuffed animal that serves as dual purpose. Once he gets a little older, we'll have to see if it helps soothe him more...he's a pretty good sleeper so far, thank goodness.

This website in general is great. Another product they sell is the Twilight Sea Turtle (no, he's not a vampire turtle!) that is really cute. It's a green, soft little turtle with a hard back. The back is able to turn on and it project's the night sky onto the room's ceiling. I'm a teenager and I would still love to have this in my room. I think it would be fun. It's definitely something I'll have to keep in mind when I have kids or I need a gift for someone else's kids.

Information from the Website about the Lavender Lab-

Nestled inside Lavender lab's plush head and back are packets filled with our exclusive blend of Lavender and aromatherpy scents which produces a gentle aroma that lasts up to five years. Made with the softest Velboa fabric, Lavender Lab is designed to help children sleep easier with its relaxing scent as the all natural sleep benefits for Lavender have been time tested and scientifically proven. Simply squeeze Lavender Lab then place on child's pillow or bed during the day to absorb its gentle scent. When it is time for sleep, move Lab to bedside and enjoy the wonderfully soft lavender aroma that helps them float away into a peaceful slumber. To release additional scent, gently squeeze Lavender Lab's head or back.

And those are my posts! What's on my wish-list, an author's hilarious promo video, AND a nice gift for babies and older children alike just depending on if they'll use it. I would! Please leave your thoughts on all points...unless you only have something to say about specific ones...just comment!


Amy said...

Hah! That vid was so funny:-) I'm really gong to read that book now!

elnice said...

The bracelets were charming.
I loved the lavender dogs. I am giving a double babyshower next month and these would be unique gifts for the new babies.

Tara said...

I bet my youngest son would love the Twilight Sea Turtle.