Monday, December 14, 2009

Book Review/Video: Crash Into Me

Crash Into Me by Albert Borris
By: Lauren
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Owen blames himself for something he can't change. After a few suicide attempts, he meets Jin-Ae, Frank, and Audrey online and they form a bond, a friendship, a pact. The four of them set out on a road trip to visit the graves of several suicide victims such as Kurt Cobain in Seattle. At the end, they promise to all kill themselves in Death Valley, California. But during the trip, what will change? Will Owen find the happiness he yearns to have?


Crash Into Me is a very intense and emotional debut from Albert Borris. Owen is a sweet kid that is just trying to make his way through life but thinks he has nobody to turn too. This starts to change as he meets the three other teens, especially Audrey who becomes his very first girlfriend. One of the things that I enjoyed about this novel was that you could relate to the teen's feelings of worthlessness and unhappiness even if yours never amounted to the same pain.

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Crash Into Me is one of those books that reads fast, with a slightly predictable ending, but is still worth reading. I thought I understood these kids from the beginning and the story they had to tell but Crash Into Me proves that wrong. Owen's life, especially, reveals a twist near the end that has you understanding him even more.

My song pick for this is "Survive" by Rise Against

Warning: Does contain cussing


pepsivanilla said...

This sounds like a really moving book, definitely not a light read. Thanks for the review.

Book Snob said...

Wow this book sounds like an emotional roller coaster. Thanks for the review and the video!

Vicky said...

Hmm. I'll definitely have to look into this one, but I know it's going to be emotionally taxing. Thanks for sharing.

LucĂ­a said...

OOH, this books is different, I think the main topic is difficult but it's not common read something like this. I'd like to read it.