Saturday, December 19, 2009

Secret Santa Number One!

I participated in two secret santas this year...I got one of my gifts and I HAD to open it. This one was for The Mommy Files Secret Santa.

My partner was Becca from Becca's Backyard and she sent me some really cute items. I wish I had a picture but if this is going to be posted any time in the near future, it's best if I leave that out (Sorry, Becca!) but all my gifts were great and I really really appreciate it. It was nice to get to know someone new as well.

Oh, and Becca...your gift IS in the mail and my other secret santa, it's out there too whenever you get it but this one is a secret since THEY don't have ME. :) I hope you all both enjoy what you get though.

Candy Cane Pens- always need pens!

A magnet from Santa Barbara- so awesome. We love magnets from other places and it's already on my fridge now. AND I love the show Psych and that's where it's meant to be located, so yay!!

Chocolate Penguin: I say it's a I hope that's right. Regardless, I LOVE chocolate and since I love penguins too it's extra special!!
Penguin Pictures, Images and Photos
Thank you again Becca!! I loved the card too!!!


Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Cute!! Hope that chocolate penguin tastes as good as it looks. ;)

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Lucía said...

The bests gifts: chocolate and candys, and OF COURSE boooooks. Such a good combination

Becca said...

I'm so glad you liked it...and it is meant to be a penguin LOL That is from my favorite candy store in Santa Barbara!

晚上 said...


Lea said...

Gotta love chocolate penguins ;)