Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Spanish for Beginners: Inside and Out Review

Whistlefritz: Spanish for Beginners
Inside and Out DVD

Review by: Lauren

As someone who just took their first college semester of Spanish, I do think this is a good DVD for the younger generation to begin learning Spanish since it's almost required in most grade schools these days to have the class.

The DVD is not-

-something you put on for your child to teach them the language on their own

The DVD is-

-a great tool for teachers and parents who are teaching their child Spanish to use to get them better acquainted with the language.

The DVD is full of songs and people that help you learn. However, I didn't like that the whole DVD is nothing but Spanish as it does make it imperative for certain things to have already been learned...which I suppose makes sense if you follow the DVD's in order (this is not the first one). In this edition, you learn the words for up, down, behind, in front, some counting, some food names, and a bit more.

Something I did like was that the DVD comes with a pamphlet to give you the English/Spanish words for what you learn inside the movie as well as the lyrics to the songs so your child can sing along.

This is definitely a great tool for grade school teachers and students learning Spanish if they want a new, fun way to learn this language.


LucĂ­a said...

It would be funny watch this DVD becouse I'm Uruguayan so I speak Spanish, and I'm learning English, so it's the same but on the other way round..

Anti-Supermom said...

My 5 year old is in Chinese Immersion, learning a second language, any way that you can, just feels so important.

Spanish, Chinese, French... it all affects who children become.

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