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Buy Ballads: Huge Giveaway/More Winners!

Buy Ballads Campaign:

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Instead of one person getting all the prizes however we have decided to mix it up. We have a list from ten books sold to fifty or more sold...meaning:

-ten entries (one winner out of those)

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And it continues on, so if you buy the book soon you get entered more, but if you win once you can't win again. If we don't get to at least fifty books, you may or may not get a shot to win the remaining prizes. We'll figure out that out later. If we don't reach that point, we MIGHT put all entries in and give someone the remaining prizes, but don't quote me. We'll see how it goes. So buy the book yourself, buy it for someone you know (holidays are fast approaching) or get people to buy it. You just might win.

Below are the prizes being donated and how many books that need to be sold before you can win well as who donated the prize. Thanks to all who can enter this contest too if you like! I won't because I'm putting it together and I don't want it to seem unfair, but everyone else CAN! This is an international contest so buy buy buy

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(Review) Blue Moon by Alyson Noel

Title: Blue Moon (The Immortals book 2)
Author: Alyson Noël
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin
Pub. Date: July 7, 2009
Age Group: YA
Pages: 304

Review by: Alicia


Eager to learn everything she can about her new abilities as an Immortal, Ever turns to her beloved Damen to show her the way. But just as her powers are increasing, Damen’s are waning.

In an attempt to save him, Ever travels to the magical dimension of Summerland, where she learns the secrets of Damen’s tortured past; a past which he has always kept hidden from her. But in her quest to cure Damen, Ever discovers an ancient text that details the workings of time. Now Ever must choose between turning back the past and saving her family from the accident that claimed their lives—or staying in the present and saving Damen, who grows sicker every day...


There are two things I need to get out of the way—first, DON’T READ THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE READ EVERMORE, and second, HOLY CRAP. Alright, onto the review!

I need to say that from all of the summaries I’ve read for this book, none of them do the book justice. To me, the summaries were way off from what was in the book. Was it like that for anyone else? I would have summarized it myself, but I suck at summaries. I always leave out information or practically say everything that happens in the book. That’s why I just use the book jacket or internet sites for summaries.

This book had sooooo many plot twists and turns—it was like riding a rollercoaster! (Did that sound cheesy to you?) Every time I thought I figured something out, I would be wrong. There were only two things out of the entire book that I did see coming. I honestly did not expect anything that was in the book. Like Damen’s sickness? Totally not what I imagined it would be. I’d explain, but I don’t want to spoil anyone who hasn’t read. Really, if you think you know what will happen, chances are you will be way off.

I was a bit weary of the three new characters. The twins were fine—even though they confused me sometimes. I actually enjoyed the way they spoke and acted. The other new character, Ramon, rubbed me the wrong way. I didn’t like him at all—even when he was first introduced. Something seemed off on him, and for once I was right. And I’ll leave it at that.

I liked learning about Damen’s history and some of Ever’s past lives. I love history (World, not U.S.), and so all the historical things there were awesome. Plus I love Damen, so I want to know everything about him.

Oh, and if you think there is as much romance in this one as there was in Evermore you’d be wrong. But it doesn’t matter because there were many other great aspects in it.

I also got really into the book—I felt like I was in it, which is probably why I read it in a few hours. I would get so into BLUE MOON that I would scream at it. Seriously. My family looked at me like I was nuts. When I finished the book, I almost cried. Not because someone died, but from the hopelessness of the situation and the fact that the next one doesn’t come out until next year.

I love, love, loved this book. I apologize for going a bit fangirl on you. I don’t know how I’m going to make it until the next one comes out.

The first book, Evermore, is already out. Shadowland, the third book, comes out on January 5, 2010!

Cover comments: I really love this cover! It is sooo pretty! And I think it goes well with the story.

Overall: 5/5

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

(Review) The Awakening by Marley Gibson

Ghost Huntress: The Awakening by Marley Gibson
Review by: Lauren

Kendall never really thought much about ghosts and spirits inhabiting our world after they die...that is until she moves to Radisson, Georgia and is confronted by one in her own home. Living in a town full of ghost tales leads Kendall to discovering just what exactly is happening to her and her senses. An adult, Loreen, teaches her the basics and offers her help, but it's some peers that lend the most to Kendall as the psychic in her awakens: Celia, the nerd of the school, who knows all about technology and Taylor, a cute and preppy girl who is a whiz behind a camera.

During her first year in Radisson, Kendall discovers ghosts in her house and at her dad's work...though one might be a bit more trouble than the other, starts her own ghost hunting team, and begins to fall for Taylor's twin brother, Jason with the pretty blue eyes.

Overall, the first Ghost Huntress book was a ton of fun. As someone who watches some of the ghost hunting shows on TV, it was great to see a book that deals with the same (and makes it easy for everyone to understand). I love books that are a series because it's often hard to let characters go, but I also know that it's hard to keep up with them and you might only read the first one. However, when it comes to this new batch of books, I'm most definitely going to read the next one. I have to know more and I'm sure others will feel the same!

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Interview with 10 Things Star Ethan Peck

Conference Call with Ethan Peck

By: Lauren (My Q&A is in the blue)

First off, I want to say that I've seen a bit of the show 10 Things I Hate About You (where Ethan plays the character of Patrick Verona, originally done by Heath Ledger in the film) and it seems like a fun show. Hopefully I can keep up with when the show airs and see more episodes. Ethan was really kind and easy to talk to during this interview. I'm sorry for the awkward phrasing of my questions. That happens sometimes, but I hope you can tell what I mean.

I wanted to make a couple notes real quick as well before I let you move on.

10 Things I Hate About You: Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. Central, on ABC Family

Ethan's Voice: It's mentioned a couple times in the interview about how he has a great voice and I have to reiterate this. He really does! It's very deep and seems to work for the brooding feel of Patrick in the new tv series. Watch it to see!

Ethan's Grandfather: I mention him in my second question, but we don't explain who he is so I wanted to fill you in before you read. Ethan's grandfather is the late actor Gregory Peck. Doesn't sound familiar? He played the role of Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird.

Read On!


Our first question comes from the line Jamie Ruby with Media Boulevard; please go ahead.

J. Ruby

Hello, thanks for taking time to answer our calls.

E. Peck

Of course, Jamie, How are you doing?

J. Ruby

How did you come to this part? Did you audition for it and what drew you to the role?

E. Peck

I auditioned for the role in New York City first, I guess, in late November. It was just a regular audition for me; I go out regularly. I couldn’t really recall the film or the character at the time. I’d heard of 10 Things I Hate About You, of course, but I went in and it went quite well for me obviously and they flew me out to test me for the role. I realized that I was going to be a part of something that was turning out to be really wonderful. So I’m really grateful for the opportunity.

J. Ruby

Where do you draw your inspiration for your character from?

E. Peck

I draw my inspiration for the character from the day I had the audition. Actually I was having kind of an awful day and I went into the room with a lot of attitude and I guess not so much fear as I sometimes have when I have an audition because it can be scary. Something just clicked for me and Patrick Verona came forth and we sort of built from there. Really, Carter, who’s the creator and writer of the show and Gil Junger, the primary director of this first season, we really all work together and make this guy who he is. He’s very moody and mysterious and here and not here, if you know what I mean, with Kat especially. That’s sort of where he’s at right now.


Our next question comes from the line of Lauren Becker with Shooting Stars Magazine.

L. Becker

My first question is everyone that’s a fan of the movie or has seen it all knows that your character, Patrick, was originally played by Heath Ledger. I was wondering if, once you got the part, you watched the movie or you just tried to make it how you would see Patrick.

E. Peck

I watched the film again after about ten years because I had seen it when it had first been released. I watched it again the night that I found out that I booked the pilot so I had already tested and been through the audition process. Did you ask how --?

L. Becker

I was wondering if you tried to make it like the movie, how Heath did it or you tried to make it your own version of what you felt Patrick should be.

E. Peck

In no way, with all due respect to Heath and what he did with the role, in no way is it inspired from the film. It’s really just the same names, the same franchise, and really re-imagining the show, the story and the characters. Again, with all due respect to what he did with the character, I haven’t taken any direct inspiration from him.

L. Becker

I think that would be good for the show because obviously it’s a whole new thing now. It’s good that the characters can kind of be their own people away from the movie.

E. Peck

Plus it’s really difficult, first of all you don’t want to recreate something like that, which is so beloved and was so well done. We’re really lucky to have Gil back, who directed the film as well.

L. Becker

My follow-up question was your grandfather was an actor in the past. I was wondering if you grew up wanting, you had that in your family and you wanted to be an actor or it just came later?

E. Peck

When I was about nine years old I had a sensation that drew me towards acting, that drew me towards the idea of acting. I didn’t really understand what it was at the time. Whether or not it was inspired by my grandfather I’m not sure because we never spoke about acting. He was very much a grandfather to me and the father of my father to me. I knew him as Grandpa Greg and I didn’t know him as the Hollywood icon he is to most every other person that I meet that has met him and has been in touch with him and in contact with him. So I think that in the most indirect ways he inspires me, which is, I think, even more profound than if he had raised me talking to me about acting and showing me plays and films and the like.


Our next question comes from the line of Roger Newcomb with We Love Soaps; your line is open.

R. Newcomb

Hello, Ethan, thanks so much for joining us. You have a great, great voice and I’m hearing you talk more now than the whole first two episodes combined. I’m wondering when we might hear Patrick talk a little more so we can hear your voice on the show.

E. Peck

Patrick will be speaking more and more as the season progresses. I guess in Episode Four is when he really starts to speak more, but throughout the first season he really is going to remain this myth, in a lot of ways at Padua High and to the audience and even to me, Ethan Peck, playing him because we are still working him out and developing him as a character.

R. Newcomb

You’re doing a great job with the brooding looks. In the second episode Patrick hits his locker and it magically opens, he’s trying to impress some girl; it’s just like The Fonz on Happy Days. I’m wondering if we’ll see a lighter side to him at some point.

E. Peck

Absolutely you’ll see a lighter side to Patrick. He will be very hot and cold, as I said, both with Kat and with the audience. The audience really only views Patrick through Kat’s perspective and through, I guess, some of the perspectives of the other students as they spread rumors and gossip about him, which happens at times. But he is a real guy and there are multiple facets to his personality and to his emotional and psychological self.

R. Newcomb

Thank you so much; good luck this season.


Our next question will come from the line of Sarah Fulghum with TotallyHer.Com.

S. Fulghum

Hello, Ethan, thanks for taking my call. How well do you get along with your costars?

E. Peck

We get along so well it’s very surprising. I guess it’s not surprising; I wasn’t really expecting or not expecting anything, but everybody’s been so amazing from the costars to the creators, the producers, the directors to everybody on set, the grips working, the props, everybody’s been incredible. Lindsey and I get along really well and I’m so lucky and honored and proud to be working with these other actors because they’re so talented and they’re really good people. Nick Braun, Kyle Kaplan, Meaghan Jette, Dana Davis, Chris Zylka. It’s surprising and every day I’m full of wonder because there’s not really a flaw with the cast, for me in terms of the personalities and how we get along. It’s been so wonderful I can’t really explain enough.

S. Fulghum

I know with the cast you cover a fair amount of age difference …being in your twenties and playing a high-schooler.

E. Peck

It’s totally bizarre. When I was 17 and auditioning for 17 I used to always be so frustrated when I would see the character, whomever they cast for the character I was auditioning for, to be 24 years old playing 17. Why is this guy playing a 17 year-old when he’s in his early twenties, etc.? It’s strange, but in a lot of ways when I was 17 I really wouldn’t have been capable of maintaining this perspective to act 17, if that makes any sense. So it is strange and I commend Meaghan, who is 17 playing, I guess, 16, for having the talent and grace she does in playing Bianca, because she is really wonderful. Even Lindsey’s younger; she’s 20 and she’s awesome. Again, I don’t think I would have had the perspective when I was 17 to do this kind of work. I’m still challenged by it.


Next we’ll go to the line of Troy Rogers with The

T. Rogers

Hello, Ethan, thanks for taking the time. You mentioned that after you got the pilot you went back and watched the film. At any point did you have a worry or a fear that fans of the film would compare you to Heath?

E. Peck

No, I didn’t have any worries or fears. That fear really comes from people from the outside and the media. Fans of the film who are going to be ignorant and not open to the idea of a re-imagining of this familiar idea, when in fact the film was derived from Shakespeare’s play, “Taming of The Shrew.” So I wasn’t afraid; I wasn’t in any way trying to emulate what was originally done with Patrick. Really it’s up to all of you in a lot of ways and up to the fans, to be open and generous enough to all of us at ABC Family with 10 things just to watch as though it’s a new show and an original show. It wouldn’t be fair to compare us to the film because like I said before the film was wonderful. I just hope that we can create a new piece of work that’s fresh and original that people will be changed by and be entertained by and be surprised by.

T. Rogers

You also mentioned your other costars. What’s it like to have Larry Miller on the series since he was in the film?

E. Peck

It’s great. Larry is so awesome. Unfortunately I’ve only had the briefest of moments with him in a scene this season. As I said before the relationship between Kat and Patrick is building very slowly, which I think will attract viewers to the show even more so because they want to know what’s going on in the main romance in the show. I actually can’t give it away, but Larry’s incredible. As a human being he’s just a wonderful, kind man, so generous. Whenever I have lunch with him I sit down next to him and pick his brain because we just can talk for a long time. He shares lots of insightful things with me.

T. Rogers

I have to agree, you have a great voice.


Next we have a question from the line of Jamie Steinberg with Starry Constellation Magazine.

J. Steinberg

It’s a pleasure to speak with you this afternoon. I was wondering what’s been your most memorable moment you’ve had from filming this season.

E. Peck

I think probably it’s scenes that we had, again, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say this, but there will be a scene on a roof exterior, which was most memorable to me, which you will see toward the end of the season between Kat and me. We were filming up in Santa Clarita and they built this structure outside of the stage and it was a beautiful night during the sunset. I love twilight and the nighttime and that was most memorable for me.

J. Steinberg

Why do you think people want to take their time to tune in and watch the show?

E. Peck

I think people will want to take the time to tune in and watch the show because it’s really well written. As I said before I’m so privileged to be surrounded by an insanely talented cast. Everybody involved has only the best intentions in terms of treating us as professionals, everybody else on the set as professionals and entertaining the public and our viewers with something new and surprising and succinct and precise. If you just tune in, you’ll see.


We have a follow-up question from the line of Jamie Ruby with Media Boulevard.

J. Ruby

What’s the hardest part about working on the show?

E. Peck

The hardest part about working on a show is probably staying focused, for me, and being consistent in my performance and rising to the occasion because it can be difficult. We are working on a stage and it’s a lot of the reality that we create on the screen, I hope we create reality on the screen; I think that we do, is mostly in our imaginations. Obviously that’s the case for any type of film or television or play or performance, but especially for this because the moments are so contained within an artificial space. That’s been a great challenge to me.

Also the pace can be very grueling. It’s difficult for me to keep up at times, but it’s been so challenging and so educating. Again I’m so grateful for this opportunity. It’s been nothing but good for me really.

J. Ruby

Can you run us through a typical day on the set?

E. Peck

They’re all pretty different, but typically I come in, a good day starts at 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning, go through hair and makeup. They call me on for rehearsal; we rehearse the scene, the director, who I said is typically Gil; we’ve also had several guest directors, will walk us through it and we’ll block it and discuss it and collaborate then he will discuss how to light it and we go and hang out for half an hour to two hours depending how long it takes them for light and we come back and film it. Usually it goes pretty quickly and then they change angles and that happens continuously throughout the day for anywhere from three to twelve hours depending on how many scenes you’re doing during the day.


Our next question is from the line of Chelsea Daigle with Music, Movies and Mayhem.

C. Daigle

In the movie, Patrick won over Kat by publicly singing, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You.” Is that something you think you’ll wind up reenacting and if so are you looking forward to it?

E. Peck

Probably not. That’s such an incredible scene in the film. I feel like everybody that has seen the movie remembers that scene. It could be that that’s the scene the movie is known for, but I don’t think that our Patrick would do that. I don’t personally and I don’t think that Carter does either, who is like I said, the executive producer and creator of the show. He is much more brooding and mysterious so unfortunately I won’t be doing that even though it would be a really incredible thing to do, for television I guess and for audiences.

C. Daigle

My follow-up question is if there were one song to describe Patrick Verona what would it be? I’d like you to answer the same question for yourself in real life.

E. Peck

One song for Patrick Verona, I don’t know. Obviously I can only speak from my own knowledge of music, but there’s this piece called, “Boat Out in the Ocean,” by Ravel and it’s a solo piano piece. It’s very dynamic melodically and tonally. It makes the listener, in my opinion, feel all sorts of things. I think that’s what Patrick does to everybody at school, to his friends, whomever they are. So that for Patrick, “Boat Out on the Sea” by Maurice Ravel. I think it was probably written in the early 20th century.

Then for me I’m still in progress so I’m not sure there’s a song to pin me down quite yet. But for now, I guess … I don’t know. I really have been listening on repeat quite frequently a song called “Don’t Worry, Baby” by the Beach Boys.


We’ll go again to the line of Jamie Ruby with Media Boulevard.

J. Ruby

Is there any scene that was in the movie that you want them to put in the series or that you would like to act out?

E. Peck

The series is so different from the film that it’s difficult for me to even think of the film in relation to the series, in all honesty. So I can’t really pick out any scene that I’ve been drawn to from the perspective of being a performer in the series. But I always remember the scene where Cameron, played by Joseph Gordon Levin in the film, first approaches Patrick in shop class and he’s got a book in his hand, I think it’s a French book or a science book and he asks Patrick a question. Patrick turns around, he’s got a drill in his hands and he just drills a hole through the book with a smile on his face. I’ve always loved that scene. That would be a fun little moment to have, but that’s really the only moment that comes to mind.

J. Ruby

If you could have any role, a dream role, what would it be?

E. Peck

I don’t know yet.

J. Ruby

Just something if you could have played a part in a show somebody else did.

E. Peck

I guess any one of the, I really loved A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints with Shia LaBeouf and Channing Tatum and Robert Downey, Jr. I can’t recall the entire cast. But any one of the under boys, men, I guess, I would have loved to have played. They were just really tortured and dark and struggling and real. I love truth; that movie felt very true to me.

J. Ruby

Do you often watch yourself act in the show?

E. Peck

I do, yes, when we are allowed to; when we’re giving the opportunity to, but it’s difficult for me to watch myself.


We have a question again from the line of Roger Newcomb with We Love Soaps.

R. Newcomb

Ethan, what would you say is the biggest similarity between you and Patrick and also the biggest difference?

E. Peck

The biggest similarity between me and Patrick is that he exists so much on the periphery of high school and of, I guess, mainstream culture and life in general as people perceive it. In a lot of ways I ways like that in high school, not because I was a badass by any means, which is probably our biggest separation personality-wise. In high school I was an outsider because I was just kind of out to space all the time and in my own head. My parents were very strict as well so a lot of the kids in my high school used to party a lot so I had a hard time finding a place for myself. I think Patrick doesn’t care to find a place for himself whereas I struggled to identify and I don’t think he does.

R. Newcomb

You grew up in New York, right?

E. Peck

No I grew up in Hollywood actually, in Los Angeles. I went to school in New York; I went to NYU to the Tisch School of the Arts.

R. Newcomb

What would you say is the biggest difference between New York and L.A. in terms of the business and mood of the cities?

E. Peck

The biggest difference between L.A. and New York is the pace, probably. New York is hectic and alive and visceral in so many ways. The people and the way you move around the city and the way you communicate with strangers is just very alive is really the only way I can put it. I say that only because Los Angeles there’s such a sprawl here and there’s such a lack of contact, really, between human beings. There’s so much metal in the cars that surround and we drive. It’s a very solitary lifestyle in comparison. Even more so than I would say a small town that’s much less populated, but people aren’t as defensive when it comes to communicating with one another. Was there another part to that question?

R. Newcomb

I was just kind of curious. I was thinking that you had grown up in New York, but I guess you just went to college.

E. Peck

I really love New York though. It’s been difficult to be away from it.

R. Newcomb

I’m in New York so I’m partial.


We go again to the line of Jamie Ruby; your line is open.

J. Ruby

Do you ever get to offer input for your character or is really strictly about the script?

E. Peck

I do offer input for the character at times. It really is about script though because Carter, again the executive producer and one of the writers, he really has a specific idea for who he wants Patrick to be. I had my idea and when I first went in for the first audition for the test, which was particularly and brooding and because the rest of the show is a comedy we really had to meet in the middle creatively. He’s got to be multifaceted obviously. He just sees bigger than I can because I am within the machine, if that makes sense.

J. Ruby

Do you have any new projects coming up?

E. Peck

Unfortunately I don’t yet, but I hope to.

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I'm in a BOOK!

The latest in the six-word memoirs series is for all teens (famous and obscure, as the title says) called I Can't Keep My Own Secrets. For those of you who want to read it, be on the look out this's coming out from Harper Collins I believe.

Anyway, like the title above says...I'm in a BOOK (said to the tune of The Lonely Island's "I'm On a Boat" of course!) That's right. That's right. I've been published. Go me! hahaha My six-word memoir is in this book...which I found out because I was sent a review copy and I went searching for myself. I wasn't 100% sure I was going to be in there, you see, so I was stoked when I came across my name. Because we are teens, they don't have last I'll be nice and tell you what mine is:

"I was named after a store"- Lauren B.

So yes, get the book and look for that. If you have a review copy, you can obviously see it now. I know it's only six words of something I wrote but still, it's pretty awesome to see that inside an actual book people can buy in an actual store. Right?!

Okay, enough about that. I have another item that I want to mention...I forgot to do this on Tuesday when it was first posted. I was featured on Write for a Reader's "Because of a Book" feature this week...where I talk about a book from when I was younger that meant a lot to me. I love this book, honestly, so it would be great if more people checked it out. So go and read what I have to say...leave a comment for Shelly (she's awesome!) and myself of course.

(Review) Entrapment by Michael Spooner

Entrapment: A High School Comedy in Chat by Michael Spooner
Review by: Lauren

Summary: Can tru luv pass the test?

Bliss and Tamra are totally convinced that their boyfriends' hearts lie in the palms of their hands. But when two cynical and mischievous friends beg to differ, a wager is born. An online game of cat-and-mouse ensues, where girl must tempt best friend's boy, resulting in a comedy of love, hate, flirtation, and revelation.

Told entirely in chat, IM, text, and blog format, this glimpse into games of the heart is as topsy turvy and surprising as . . . your high school love life.

Review: First off, I have to say that I really did enjoy this book. I'd never read a whole story that was told through chat or I.M. (though many of you will know the TTYL series by Lauren Myracle). This type of writing makes the book go by fast, which is a good thing sometimes...especially if you are looking for an amusing, quick read to fill your time. It would also be great for semi-readers (the ones that only crack a book every now and then) as it would hopefully keep their interest.

As for the actual story, Bliss and Tamra are two friends who are completely in love with their respective boyfriends, Mitch and Beau. However, their dear friend Annie is a cynic when it comes to love and she decides that they should test the boys. The girls all come together (with a friend of the boy's, Johnson) to hatch a scheme. They say that Bliss is out of town helping her grandma and Tamra went with her. While they are "missing" Johnson reveals his summer homework to the boys...a chat room for the exchange students going to their school in the fall. Guess what's going to happen? That's right! Bliss and Tamra disguise themselves as Bridget and Tatiana.

The big twist, of course, is that the girls are going to flirt with their friend's boyfriend and not their own to see what they do while their real-life girlfriend's are away. Mixed in with this, you start getting some insight into Annie and Johnson's love lives as well...are they really going to be cynics and womanizers for the rest of their lives? least in High School perhaps.

This is definitely a fun concept for a book and it's something I could see some girls actually trying (though please don't, I really felt bad for these boys!) It was definitely a funny book that I enjoyed and would recommend. Summer's not's a perfect "beach" read. Then again, when school's a perfect "I want to read but have like NO time" read. :-)

Overall: Good, fun read. Check it out!

P.S. We had a contest for this awhile back and I do have the winner's info and you will be getting your book. I'm just a bit behind on mailing things out. This goes for everyone who is waiting for something!

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Books I Got/Books I Want!

First off (since I missed In My Mailbox and Mailbox Monday this week) I want to show off some books that I went and bought myself. Supporting authors is a good thing so whether you get a ton of review books or not, please think about buying something now and then if you have the money!!

As you can see above, my two books are Ballads of Suburbia (look in the left hand sidebar for the special ballads taffy/coupon code and the link to the big giveaway if you buy the book.) My review should be up soon for this...I've finished it and it's amazing. Go and buy it now. I'm just a bit behind on reviews. Anyway, I had to buy an actual copy of this even though I had an ARC because I love Stephanie and this book is just WOW! One of my new favorites for sure. You all need it. Go go go!

Next up, I have Pysch: Mind Over Magic. I recieved a review copy of the first book this past Spring or so and posted my review and then I did a wish-list post about the second one (pictured above). It's been released and I HAD to have it so I ordered a copy along with Ballads. Both are pretty cheap by the way if you want either of them. I loved the first Psych's just as mysterious and amusing as the TV show and I'm sure fans of the show who like to read will love this series so definitely check it out. By the way, the new season of Psych and the final season of Monk premiere on August 7th so write that down!


It's Wednesday, and today is all about the books people are waiting Wednesday is sometimes about my Wish-List and today is the same. This book is already out (I've seen it in stores) but it look great and like a fun, interesting, and often-true read. I believe these are all entries from the website, but I can't be positive. Anyway, it's called F My Life: It's Funny, It's True, Except When it Happens to You. I have a friend that will randomly text me about something that happened and then go FML at the end so when I saw this book I thought of her right away. I really hope to get a copy for her birthday in the next couple months.

What do you all think? Do you use the phrase FML? Have you ever visited the site?

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NRT Sideshow Interview + Contest!

Interview with: Deborah Noyes, editor of Sideshow
By: Lauren

1. Where did the idea for an anthology like Sideshow first come from?

We had a broader theme in mind when we started out. The book was called A Cabinet of Curiosities, and I invited contributors to write about “conjurers and ventriloquists, necromancers and illusionists, spirit mediums and Siamese twins, oddities of science and purveyors of educated fleas.” I was researching the old curiosity cabinets for another project at the time, so that was the trigger, but I’ve always loved the great showmen like P.T. Barnum and Harry Houdini, and the art and advertising that went along with their exploits. I’ll pore over the sort of playbills and posters Ricky Jay collects all day. Also, the photography of Diane Arbus had a big impact on me (“Most people go through life dreading they'll have a traumatic experience,” she’s said. “Freaks were born with their trauma. They've already passed their test in life. They’re aristocrats.”).

It was no surprise when the submissions started rolling in and most were literally set in circus and carnival sideshows — writers and artists have always loved these settings — so the sales department urged us to narrow the publishing focus, and we changed the title to suit the majority.

2. Do the authors involved in the book come up with their own ideas or do you work with them on a certain topic?

I’ll provide a paragraph or so, a thematic umbrella, and throw in suggestions as above to get people thinking, but then I give them free reign. I do sometimes beg a one-sentence snapshot so we don’t end up with six variations on the same sub-theme, but I try not to crowd anyone.

3. How did the authors and graphic novelists included become a part of this project? If you could have added one more person to the book, who would you want and why?

Many I work with as an editor at Candlewick already: Cynthia Leitich Smith (Tantalize; Eternal), David Almond (My Dad’s a Birdman; The Savage), Matt Phelan (The Storm in the Barn), Cecil Castellucci (Beige) … another writer I know led me to Danica Novgorodoff who led me Shawn Cheng … Vivian Vande Velde and Annette Curtis Klause I worked with in Gothic! and The Restless Dead.... Margo Lanagan and Aimee Bender are writers I’ve just long admired.
As for adding “one more,” I’d never be able to decide (which may be why I keep editing anthologies). Some of the writers/artists I invited but who couldn’t participate for whatever reason were Kelly Link, China Mieville, Dave McKean, Ben Templesmith, Karen Russell, Shaun Tan, and Philip Pullman. You always start with your dream list and fan out; if you’re lucky, as I’ve been, you arrive at exactly the right mix in the end. It’s not about ticking your way down a list; it’s about widening your net and allowing for surprises. There are writers who’ve been in the previous anthologies that I know and trust to turn in amazing stories, but I wanted to mix it up and combine new voices too.

4. If you had to come up with three songs that would fit the stories in Sideshow, what would you pick and why?

· “Trapeze,” by Patty Griffin with Emmylou Harris — not because it’s about the circus (though it is) as because it’s about a person who’s set apart and who embraces, body and soul, the talent or difference that isolates her.

· Tom Waits’ “Innocent When You Dream,” because it’s like riding a carousel in a more-than-usually-surreal dream. A lot of Waits songs could work, including “Table Top Joe” and “Carnival,” but this one just hits it for me mood-wise.

· “The Giant of Illinois,” by The Handsome Family. Matt Phelan, who created “Jargo!,” the closing story in the anthology, turned me on to The Handsome Family, and this song about Robert Wadlow or the “Alton Giant,” the tallest known person in medical history, is so melancholy and mysterious. Andrew Bird also did a beautiful cover of it.

5. As an author yourself, are you working on anything else at the moment? If so, anything you can reveal to us at the moment?

I’m revising an adult historical novel called (for now) Captivity that’s due out with Unbridled Books in Spring ’10 — and experimenting with a speculative YA about a doppelganger and plague in Florence. Not sure any part of it will stick yet, but I’m having fun with the dark-twin thing.

6. On your blog, you begin a lot of posts with a quote (even one from Buffy's very own Spike). Since I'm a huge fan of quotes, I was wondering what are some of your favorites were?

Spike is eminently quotable, isn’t he? Many of my favorites are on that blog (, which is mainly music playlists I post for friends and family or anyone with woe-besotted musical tastes like mine, and then I tack on a quote that suits the mix or the mood I was in. I like quotes that are either dead-on transcendent or else snarky.

7. What type of people should give Sideshow a chance? Why should they pick it up?

Readers who like speculative fiction, graphic novels, humor, horror… anyone who’s ever felt different, outside the main, or who’s ready to peek in at and empathize with people who are. If you’re at all curious (in either sense of the word), there’s something here for you.

8. If you could wish on a real shooting star, what would you wish for and why?

Another wish …? I think I like wanting better than getting. It’s the creative part of the equation.

9. What about you would classify as a "freak"?

I “forget” my cell on purpose a lot, which is weird because cells and Blackberrys are like life support for so many people. But being accessible all the time is a hard idea for me, even though I have kids and really ought to be. I also don’t love popular ritual and celebration: birthdays (my own — I’m happy for others to enjoy them), Valentine’s Day, reunions, parades. Rituals bring structure and meaning to human society but ending up making me feel restless and a little trapped (in the parlance of magic, rituals are bindings, and I must be rangy by nature) and then guilty for feeling that way. People think you’re a loon when you don’t want roses and chocolate on the same day everyone else is getting roses and chocolate, and I don’t blame them (no chocolate? what am I… a few clowns short of a circus?)…crikey. I better stop. This threatens to be only the tip of the iceberg.

I put this question to a couple of our contributors, too. Matt Phelan claims a freakish ability to recite the alphabet backward “at a most unnatural speed,” while Cynthia Leitich Smith, who says she lives in a haunted house and spends much of her time with make-believe monsters, sites a fear of lettuce. “It's not the lettuce per se,” she says. “It's what may be lurking in or on the lettuce. I had an unfortunate experience in my late teens, involving a very large green worm, which had somehow clung to lettuce from the field all the way to the salad stage.”

Giveaway (U.S. only I'm afraid)

Prize: 3 people will win a copy of Sideshow (U.S. Only)

To Enter: Leave a comment about what you think makes you a "freak" or "weird"/"different."
And remember, there is NOTHING wrong with being a bit odd. We all are!

Ends: August 10

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READ IT: Ballads of Suburbia Candy?!

Happy Release Day to Stephanie Kuehnert! Her second novel, Ballads of Suburbia, is out TODAY and I have to say, it's amazing. I loved her first one but this one is definitely my favorite out of the two. Be sure to keep an eye out for my review of the book as well as some Ballads-esque contests I've been working on. You don't want to miss it. Follow the blog. Keep checking back. Whatever.

For now, you need to keep on reading (and buy the book:

With the help of Taffy Tree and Stephanie, we are proud to present you with Ballads of Suburbia's very own taffy bag. If you check out the main site, you'll see the book cover under Monthly Specials, but here is the official link:

It's not there now, but by tomorrow you should see a picture of the actual taffy bag with the Ballads bookmark. However, go to the link and check out the summary of Ballads, a picture of the book/author, AND what special taffies are included in this bag...and why they were included!

That's not it though! Taffy Tree wants to be extra kind to those fans of Stephanie's out there, so if you buy this taffy bag (only $6.25) you can get 20% off if you use this code (just enter the code in the shopping cart):

Code: Ballads

Sounds pretty good, right? I thought so! I've been DYING to try some of this taffy for awhile now, as I've seen many reviews online lately. People are saying great things so definitely check out the Ballads bag, as well as the other flavors you can get in the future.

Remember: If you bought the book (or pre-ordered it) enter the big Ballads Blitz contest going on now. It ends on July 31...plenty of time to buy the book and send in the receipt. You know you want your chance to win those GREAT prizes:

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Along for the Ride Winner!

Thanks so much for all the entries guys! I wish I had another book to give away, but sadly, I don't have any other copies. Anyways, the winner is......What a Girl Reads! Congratulations. Please email me your address within 24 hours. I'm leaving on Friday, and if I don't get your address by then, you won't get your book until the middle of August.

Again, thanks for all the entries. Also, my next contest will be next month. I'll give you more details later.


We Need YOUR Writing Questions!

Hannah's Site:

I'm a part of the TLC Book Tour for Everything Sucks by Hannah Friedman. I have to say that I'm very grateful to be part of this because the book sounds great and Hannah was really nice when I wrote her to get in contact.

However, my apologies go out to Hannah for how late I'm posting this. I kept meaning to enlist the help a lot sooner, so I hope everything will work out. If it does, then we need YOUR HELP.

Please leave a comment here with any questions you about writing and if Hannah can, she'll be writing a post or making a video with her answers!

Review: Conan Doyle's Wallet

Conan Doyle's Wallet: The Secrets Within by Patrick McNamara
Review by: Lauren

Summary: The inspiration for this book came to the author after he purchased Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's wallet, untouched since the day he died in 1930, at a Christie's auction in London. This true story is based upon the unique contents, which led the author to begin spiritually communicating with Doyle. Sir Arthur's wish was to enlighten those who have lost their loved ones or feel they are lacking direction in their lives.

Through Patrick McNamara, Doyle explains that how we live our lives here on earth affects how we live in the afterlife. Sir Arthur was a great proponent of spiritualism and his consistent goal was to find 'evidence' of the afterlife, which could alleviate anxiety of people as they journeyed through life on earth to the afterlife. By communicating with the author, Conan Doyle provides his knowledge of the afterlife and the new world in which he lives. This is a fascinating and comforting insight for all readers that provides a spiritual philosophy for living.

Review: I didn't know much about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but I was definitely interested so this book gave me an interesting look into some of his life's pursuits...namely Spiritualism. For me, I do believe that there are people out there that can communicate with the dead. If you don't, you could still read this book and make up your own mind...but I found it to be a highly interesting look into this world and what Conan Doyle was trying to prove.

I have to be honest, I didn't finish this book...but that's more my doing than the book. I found it to be a lot like a history book in parts, and I don't mean that in a bad way, because there are various chapters that deal with the author and his life and communication with Doyle as well as parts that are simply a history lesson about Doyle and those who surrounded him. Another note is that because of the way the books is written, some of the same information is repeated throughout... so it's definitely a good book to read bits at a time. I liked hearing about McNamara's life as a medium and what Doyle has told him and it was very intriguing to hear all that Doyle believed, including those that tried to disprove him. One big example was Harry Houdini, the famous musician, who spent most of his life and money (just like Doyle) to this study. However, opposite of Doyle, he was trying to show that there was nothing after this life. He felt the mediums were only doing tricks as he himself did for a living. He couldn't put his skepticism aside during life...but what about after?

Overall, I did like this book. It was very interesting and I liked the way it was spaced out but again, I didn't read it all the way through because of it's set up and the way it reads. Some people might enjoy it back -to- back while others, like myself, would rather flip through and read the parts that interest them most at a specific time.

Favorite Part: I really liked the part that talked about books in the afterlife. According to this, all the books that were ever written are available and reading them takes far less time. I don't remember the exact words, so I won't say much about it, but I had to say that as a book lover that would be great!!

-What are your thoughts? Did you know all this about Conan Doyle and/or Houdini? Do you believe in Mediums?

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Kimberley won...

I'm sorry I haven't always been posting the winners of contests on the blog, but it's easier to just email sometimes. However, Kimberley B won The Stolen One and I don't have an email so get in touch within 48 hours or I have to find a new winner.

thanks for entering and keep stopping by!!

Crazy Cool Giveaway: Spread Heads

I came across Spread Heads very recently and I have to was love at first sight when my eyes viewed these crazy toppers. You have Mustard Marvin and Ketchup Charlie. Still confused? You put these toppers on your ketchup and mustard bottles and it allows for food fun...especially for those little kids you know who might hate sitting down and eating. This makes it a bit more fun sometimes!

If you go on the site, you can see the new products to...a cat and dog toothpaste topper to make the boring act of brushing your teeth a little more exciting! Obviously, these are all targeted toward younger kids, but honestly, if I owned any of these I would definitely use them! I'm actually thinking of spreading the word along about the toothpaste toppers for a cousin of mine. He's three years old and I think this would make a fun little token to get along with a christmas gift or something. What do you think? Any thoughts on the Spread Heads?


To Enter: Leave a comment about your favorite Spread Head.

Open To: International

Prize: Ketchup and Mustard Spread Heads for TWO winners!

Ends: August 6, 2009


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First Look!!!

Get Your Exclusive First Look at Black is For Beginnings NOW on Laurie Stolarz's Website:

I can't wait for this book. You?

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Review: Bad Girls Don't Die by Katie Alender

Alicia: I want to say something really quick: thanks for all the comments!!! I bet they are for the contest, but still. Oh, and I feel compelled to add that I’m 17….in case you are curious. But again, THANKS!!!! And a quick question: Was my review really that honest compared to other reviewers?

Title: Bad Girls Don’t Die
Author: Katie Alender
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Age Group: YA
Pages: 346
Review by: Alicia


To the world, fifteen-year-old Alexis Warren is just a pink-haired troublemaker. She doesn’t have any real friends, and her parents are way too wrapped up in their own problems to bother with hers. Pretty much the only things Alexis can count on are the photographs she creates in her darkroom and her little sister Kasey.

One night, to help take Kasey’s mind off a vicious family argument, Alexis makes up a story — the first thing that comes to mind, really, just a harmless fairytale about a little girl with no friends. But Kasey seems to take the whole thing a little too seriously. Before long, she’s actually bringing parts of the story to life — and people are getting hurt.

Alexis knows she has to find a way to stop her sister before something terrible happens. But with no friends and no help from her parents, she’s basically on her own — until help turns up in the unlikeliest form — Alexis’ archnemesis Megan Wiley, who happens to be the captain of the cheerleading squad.


I need to start this review by saying that I loved this book! Seriously. It was AMAZING! Now that that’s out of the way, onto the real review.

amazing Pictures, Images and Photos

This book is really creepy, terrifying, and scary. I don’t like watching scary movies and I don’t like reading scary books, but for some reason I read this one. This book scared the shit out of me. I couldn’t read this book at night and when I was home alone, so it took me a few days to read. But, surprisingly enough, I loved it. I totally connected to the book, and even though I couldn’t read it at night, I wanted to.

For me, this book didn’t start off boring and slow—as soon as I started it, I was hooked. As with anything in the horror genre, there were points where I was screaming at Alexis not to do something. I got sooo into the book.

creepy dolls Pictures, Images and Photos

All the dolls in the book? Creepy. Ugh, I can’t stand seeing/hearing/reading about people who have huge porcelian doll collections—they freak me out. But even though I was creeped out, I didn’t mind all the dolls in Kasey’s room.

The relationship between Kasey and Alexis was very believable to me. Alexis acted the same way I would have if it had been my sister acting like Casey. The whole possession thing was totally believable too. And, I wasn’t really expecting Megan to become an important character or even helpful. I liked Megan, and the fact that she wasn’t what she seemed to be. Everytime I thought I figured out the story, it changed and I was wrong. Thank you Katie for not being predictable!

i love boys Pictures, Images and Photos

Two things that I totally loved? Alexis’ photography and Carter. I liked that Alexis was passionate about something that was actually useful to her in the book. Her photography definitely came in handy for her. And Carter. *sigh* He was sooo cool. I liked that he didn’t give up on Alexis and tried to help her. I’m also glad that he wasn’t some cookie-cutter-clean-boy. His past made him much more realistic. I wished that there had been more of him though.

And for once, I was actually satisfied with the ending. Sure, I wanted to know more, but I would have been alright if there wasn’t a sequel. Luckily though, Katie is writing two sequels. That’s right! TWO! Although they don’t come out for awhile, but still. I’m definitely buying them when they come out.

Cover comments: I really liked this cover. It went well with the book, and appropriatly looked creepy.

Overall: 5/5

*All photos in this review were placed here by Lauren. They were found on photobucket and we do not own them!*

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(Rv) Love You Hate You Miss You + Song

Love You Hate You Miss You by Elizabeth Scott
Review by: Lauren

Summary- Get this, I'm supposed to be starting a journal about "my journey." Please. I can see it now: Dear Diary, As I'm set adrift on this crazy sea called "life" . . . I don't think so.

It's been seventy-five days. Amy's sick of her parents suddenly taking an interest in her.

And she's really sick of people asking her about Julia. Julia's gone now, and she doesn't want to talk about it. They wouldn't get it, anyway. They wouldn't understand what it feels like to have your best friend ripped away from you.

They wouldn't understand what it feels like to know it's your fault.

Amy's shrink thinks it would help to start a diary. Instead, Amy starts writing letters to Julia.
But as she writes letter after letter, she begins to realize that the past wasn't as perfect as she thought it was—and the present deserves a chance too.


My first thought while reading this book is that it's not what I a good way. To be honest, this was the first book I've ever read by Elizabeth Scott though I own a couple other titles from her and really hope to get to them soon now. She's definitely a great writer for teens. The voice and way she writes made me believe that this was really Amy's story. Amy wasn't Elizabeth and Elizabeth wasn't Amy. It was believable, realistic.

Back on the topic of not being's true. You might open this book and expect to find something but realize it's completely different, and that's great! I don't mind predictable books, but this one wasn't completely that way and it made for a nice change. I wanted to keep reading, I wanted to know more.

Amy's parents were very different from other books I've read. Amy felt that they were so wrapped up in each other in the past, they didn't really care what went on with her so why should she try? You might think it's a normal teen reaction to their parents, but Amy really does have a point and I liked that. No parent is 100% perfect and sometimes it does take a tragedy to really show them what they are doing wrong. They see this though, they want to change.

As for Julia, she's easy to kind of idolize as a great friend because Amy does and she's the one telling you the story, but if you read between the lines and listen to what Amy's therapist is trying to get her to realize that they were both screwed up and they played on each other's weaknesses and strengths until the very end. Except Amy is the only one left with a shot to change and evolve.

Overall, I'm definitely a fan of this one. It was written well and read fast. The characters were interesting and the story wasn't always predictable. I'd say it's worth a read, and as for me, I'm a new fan of Elizabeth.

My song pick for this book is called "Miss You, Hate You" by Joe Bonamassa

What do you think of the book, the song, etc?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

(Interview) Royal Pain's Paulo Costanzo

Earlier this week, I did a conference call with another Royal Pain's star, Paulo Costanzo, who plays Evan Lawson (the brother) on the new HIT SHOW. That's right, it's a success, so keep it tonight's new episode on USA at 10/9c. It's called "No Man is an Island."

I'm going to include the entire call, with my questions/answers in bold, so you can fully enjoy this interview. Paulo was so incredibly nice and HILARIOUS. You'll be a fan for sure after reading this, so please please please take the time and read it over. And watch the show. It's a new favorite of mine. Oh! And be sure to pay attention to what Paulo says about his new online "behind-the-scenes" videos and an email where you can write him about what you want to see. It's near the end.

Moderator- Thank you for standing by. Welcome to the Royal Pains-Paul Costanzo conference call. At this time all participants are in a listen-only mode. Later we will conduct a question and answer session. Instructions will be given then. As a reminder, this call is being recorded. I would now like to turn the conference over to our host, Moira Curran. Please go ahead.

P. Costanzo- I need to say something in response to that. I feel like this is some sort of single, blind silent auction for my soul.

M. Curran- Not yet. That part comes later.

Moderator- Ladies and gentlemen, that was Paulo Costanzo.

P. Costanzo Just for the record, you can keep saying Costanzo, if you want. I say, Costanzo, because I’m from Canada. We say, Paulo. I say, Paulo Costanzo. A lot of people say Costanzo, like my name varies from “Paulo Costanzo. Hey, it’s Paulo,” a lot of limo drivers draw things on their signs like “Palulo Gonstanza,” but I say it Costanzo just because I’m Canadian and that’s what we crazy bastards do.

LAUREN EDIT: He says it like "an" not "on" at the end of his name.

Moderator- Thank you for correcting me.

P. Costanzo-
You’re welcome.

M. Curran - Hey, everyone. This is Moira from New Media Strategies. I wanted to welcome you to the Q&A session and start things off by thanking Paulo Costanzo for being with us today. As you know, Paulo plays the role of Evan Lawson on USA Network’s hit original series Royal Pains, which airs Thursdays at 10:00/9:00 central. This Thursday’s episode is titled, “No Man is an Island.” In a moment we’ll begin the Q&A session. As a reminder, all participants are currently in a listen-only mode and will need to enter the moderated question queue in order to be on today’s call.

P. Costanzo- If you’d like to enter a bid for my sexual favors, do so by pressing 3.

M. Curran- Perfect. Just a reminder…

P. Costanzo- Bidding starts at $5.

M. Curran - ... this call is being recorded for transcription and you’ll receive a copy of the transcript from me within the next 48 hours. So I’ll turn the call back over to our moderator to begin today’s session. Keira, please go ahead.

Moderator- All right. Thank you. The first…

P. Costanzo - What if I want to ask a question?

Moderator- You just go right ahead.

P. Costanzo- I can’t believe this is actually happening. This is amazing.

Moderator- Okay. All right. The first question comes from the line of Jamie Steinberg with Starry Constellation. Please go ahead.

J. Steinberg -
Hi, Paulo. It’s a pleasure to speak with you. Thanks for your time.

P. Costanzo - Absolutely.

J. Steinberg - I tried pressing 3. It didn’t work.

P. Costanzo- Oh, it did! The bidding is now at $10. Anyone? Anyone?

J. Steinberg- Well, what was it about the show Royal Pains that made you originally want to be a part of it?

P. Costanzo- Well, you know, as an actor in L.A. between projects it’s very competitive right now. So you pretty much, if there’s a role that you like, usually there’s at least 80 other actors who are petitioning for the same role. So I was in audition mode and this is one of the things that came across my desk because I have a giant desk as an actor, full of thousands of scripts. It’s just a room that is a desk that I can also dance on top of if I want.

Across that desk came this script and I thought the character was kind of easy for me. It just kind of fit instantly. A lot of roles you read and you’re like okay, I know I have to start the character work and try to get to this place where I can play this guy. This one is just I already had it, kind of, inside me. So yes, I just went in with that in mind. That was a horrible answer to that question.

J. Steinberg- Well, you have great on-screen chemistry with Mark. Is it something that happened instantly between you guys or did you do something to develop such a great rapport?

P. Costanzo- Well when I went in for the first audition, I got the callback pretty much the same day. The callback was for a chemistry read, which means that they bring you in to read with other actors who have already been cast to see how you get along with them. So I went in for this chemistry read, and at that time I was reading for the best friend, not the brother. There was no brother in the script. It was just Hank’s best friend, Evan, with some other last name. So I went in and I walked in the door, and I looked at him and he looked at me and I said, “Wait a minute. You look exactly…” and he finished my sentence by saying, “Like me!” And we both went, “What the hell?” And in my head I was like, I lost this role. There’s no way I can play this man’s best friend. I look exactly like him, just younger.

So at that point I said, “It looks like…” At that point I threw caution to the wind. It was just, like, I honestly feel like our Jew-fros, like if they got too close in proximity, they would just magnetize together and be almost impossible to separate, like Velcro. And he went, “Yes, I agree.” And I said, “Let’s try it.” And we got close and we somehow strangely mimed this head mashing, which made the room laugh, which I thought was really funny. And I was like ah, and that’s how we began our relationship.

J. Steinberg- They showed off some of your amazing dancing skills on the show. Is it something that was choreographed or did you improv?

P. Costanzo- That was written as a very short thing. Evan dances around the kitchen preparing for the thing passionately. And I came to Don Scardino, who directs a lot of 30 Rocks. I believe he’s the producer of 30 Rock. And I said, “I’m going to go this week and get a choreographer, so I actually have a couple ballet moves I can throw in there.” And he goes, “Aw, don’t worry about it. No, I’ve got this great girl.” And God strike me down I can’t remember her name right now, but she choreographed everything for 30 Rock and everything for Saturday Night Live over the last ten years. So she’s like a pro. And she showed up, and we worked for about an hour, and between the three of us we came up with that strange dance, which still makes me feel slightly uncomfortable to watch, but people seem to like.

J. Steinberg- Thank you again so much for your time. It’s a pleasure to speak with you. I think bidding is a little higher than my price limit, but I’ll find out shortly.

P. Costanzo- It was up to 300, but when I answered that question horribly it went down to 2.

Moderator- The next question comes from the line of April MacIntyre with Monsters & Critics. Please go ahead.

A. MacIntyre - Hi, Monsters & Critics. Hey, Paulo.

P. Costanzo - Monsters & Critics, so you have critics as well as monsters living in your office?

A. MacIntyre- Yes. Hey, the guy that owns it … He’s a Tolkien freak. I didn’t name the site.

P. Costanzo- Amazing.

A. MacIntyre- I love your role as Evan and, when I was watching you in the first couple of episodes, your energy reminded me of Eric Roberts’ Paulie to Mickey Rourke’s Charlie in the Pope of Greenwich Village. … the Pope of Greenwich Village, yes, your performance reminded me of that energy that he had with that role.

P. Costanzo- That’s a hefty compliment, me Lassie. Thank you.

A. MacIntyre- I wanted to know how you fashioned Evan when you were reading the script. Obviously, in a two-dimensional script it doesn’t have your juice yet, and I was wondering how you kind of infused or what things influenced Evan for you?

P. Costanzo- I happen to have a couple of friends a lot like Evan. This is all kind of subliminal. I didn’t think about this, but I do, I have a couple of friends who are very entertaining, always the life of the party, and slightly over-the-top and go after a lot of superficial things and are wowed by that stuff. That probably had something to do with it. But there are certain scripts that are just written in a way where, for whatever reason, I read it, and instantly that inspiration hit me and it was just kind of electric, and I didn’t have to think about it. It just kind of went from there.

That’s what makes it really fun. This whole thing has been, as they say, man, I feel almost guilty saying it, but it comes very easily to me, this character. So this whole four months in New York has been like summer camp for me. I just have to look over my lines and it’s just kind of there and I just go, and I play and have fun. That’s the fun part about playing the role that’s more of the funny guy. I get to just go and just play around every day.

A. MacIntyre- Good for you. I love your work. Thank you so much.

P. Costanzo- Thank you.

Moderator- All right. The next question comes from the line of …

P. Costanzo- Just so you all know, the bidding just went up to $600 after that.

Moderator- The next question comes from the line of Troy Rogers with Please go ahead.

T. Rogers- Hey, Paulo. How are you doing?

P. Costanzo- I love Deadbolt.

T. Rogers- Nice. Oh, I was going to tell you, by the way, I haven’t tried the Speedo and the blazer on the beach yet, but I’m working on it.

P. Costanzo- You should, if you want to get stabbed and left for dead.

T. Rogers- All right, maybe I won’t. I thought Hanka Palooza sounded like a good idea to me. What other festivities does Evan have planned for later on down the road?

P. Costanzo- To be honest, it’s interesting to ask questions like that because I don’t even know. They give us the scripts so late for this show, sometimes within three days of shooting it. So, I don’t know, there’s definitely some festivities that occur in the next couple weeks, but none that are Evan-initiated, sadly.

T. Rogers- All right. I noticed his Italian was pretty bad. Can you speak any other languages?

P. Costanzo- Yes, I’m half Italian. So my grandfather speaks heavy Italian... and I couldn’t understand a word he said. And I realized he’s getting up there, I’d love to be able to understand three words he says in my life. So I went and started taking Italian classes about a year ago and I took it for about nine months, so I know enough to understand and make sex jokes, but that’s kind of it. For instance, “No, no, no. Mi piache, mi piache a verde seso con muto devere su tipo dimare mari con me mylalini, gondarone, mi amo…” I just said I like to have sex with many different kinds of animals like little piglets and baby shrimp. I love it. That’s what I said. Lo amo, I love it. That was a fun episode. They actually wrote that because I told them I can speak some Italian.

T. Rogers- Great. Okay. Can you talk about some of the guest stars we’ll see this season?

P. Costanzo- Andy McCarthy’s back next week in a much larger guest-starring role. And Rosalyn Sanchez showed up. She is utterly gorgeous and a really, really nice actress as well. And as I say, I have no idea who else.

M. Curran-James Rebhorn and David Alabaish will be guesting on the episode this Thursday night.

P. Costanzo- Oh yes, and Brooklyn Decker, the swimsuit model, will be on the show. She’s utterly the most lovely person and really hot.

T. Rogers- I just have one more quick question. Even though you’re not a medical person on the show, what’s the coolest thing you’ve learned around all the medical speak?

P. Costanzo- Oh, dude, that’s crazy. Well, I’m going to jump the tracks for a second here. This weekend I went to the Hamptons. This doesn’t have to do with the show, specifically, but I’m interested in medicine more. And I met a surgeon up in the Hamptons and he told me, I said, “What’s the craziest thing you’ve done?” just because he told me he loved the show. And he said, well, this one time there was a car accident and I stopped on the side of the highway and there was a guy in cardiac arrest. And he said with a pocketknife that he carries, a very sharp pocket knife, he cracked his chest, reached inside and massaged his heart, and he said he saved his life.

T. Rogers - With a pocket knife?

P. Costanzo- With a pocket knife in his hands. No sterilization. Nothing. He actually managed to save this man’s life. So, these things do happen in life. They really do, and being a doctor is an incredible thing in life. Having one around changes the dynamic of any accident that happens around you. Suddenly, a fatal accident becomes something that’s not fatal anymore.

T. Rogers - Yes, all right. Thanks a lot, Paulo.

P. Costanzo- My pleasure.

Moderator - The next question comes from the line of Melissa Lowery with Please go ahead.

P. Costanzo- What the hell is your show about? What’s NiceGirlsTV? Why am I on

M. Lowery- Well, that’s for us to know and you to find out.

P. Costanzo- Well what are you trying to say here because: A) I’m not that nice; and B) I thought I’d hidden the fact that I used to be a girl a long time ago?

M. Lowery- You know, we have a weekly Nice Boy and you were in the running until that whole Italian spiel you just did.

P. Costanzo- You mean I’m not anymore?

M. Lowery- You just blew your cover wide open.

P. Costanzo - Sorry.

M. Lowery -That’s okay. We were wondering since we just came through this holiday weekend, where does somebody who lives in the Hamptons go on vacation?

P. Costanzo- That I do not know. I’m a poor kid from Toronto. All I know is that this weekend I was dragged up to the Hamptons and I ended up on a 170 foot yacht in a very Royal Pains-like moment, you know with all these really rich people, who all of them really love the show. It’s really weird. In the Hamptons we’ve all become kind of mascots. Like, in New York, people have been stopping me and everything, but in the Hamptons people are just like, “Oh my God! It’s Evan. Hey, where’s Hank, buddy?” And so instantly I became this strange party favor, which was slightly uncomfortable, but they got me really drunk for free.

M. Lowery- Yes, it sucks to be you.

P. Costanzo - That was cool.

M. Lowery- Yes. A specific question about the show - do we find out why Evan’s not eager to return to New York any time soon?

P. Costanzo- I can’t say, though I would love to. Nothing would please me more.

M. Lowery- Even if the bidding went up to $3,000?

P. Costanzo- Oh, it’s already at $5,000, my lady, it’s already at $5,000. And I think most of the bidding, sadly, has been done by the guy, Deadbolt, though. That’s the sad part.

M. Lowery- So you can show him the whole bikini and suit jacket thing?

P. Costanzo- Well yes, that’s part of the deal is that if it gets above $10,000 that I wear that silly outfit.

M. Lowery- Gotcha, gotcha.

P. Costanzo- Now it’s at $7,000. Seven thousand.

M. Lowery- Wow! It’s gone up faster than we can keep up.

P. Costanzo- Correct.

M. Lowery- Yes. All right. Well thanks a lot, Paulo.

P. Costanzo-
My pleasure.

Moderator- The next question comes from the line of Sarah Fulghum with Please go ahead.

S. Fulghum- Hi. Hi, Paulo.

P. Costanzo-
Well, hi.

S. Fulghum- I was wondering, what are the major differences between acting on Royal Pains compared with your experiences on Joey?

P. Costanzo- Well it’s a sitcom versus a single camera drama – completely different mediums. A sitcom, you rehearse for four days of the week and then you shoot it all in one night in front of a studio audience. It’s like a play every week, whereas this show, you just shoot it over a seven or eight-day period with a single camera. I enjoy this format of show much more. I’m a feature guy. I like making movies. So the four camera thing I didn’t love it that much. I found myself slightly out of my element.

S. Fulghum - It’s good to know that you’re enjoying this one a lot better.

P. Costanzo - Well, that’s not what I said, lady, but it’s what I meant. I am enjoying this much, much, much more than Joey.

S. Fulghum- Good to know. How did you get into acting in the first place?

P. Costanzo - In high school, my first thing ever was I played Tony in West Side Story when I was about 17. I was a really shy kid and I just like forced myself to learn how to sing this one month because I loved West Side Story so much and I somehow managed to get the role. I had an afro and glasses, and the guy who cast me goes, “All right, the first thing to go is the afro and the next thing, I’m going to buy you contacts and we’re going to get you…” So he kind of molded me into what it had to – that’s still probably the hardest role I’ve every played in anything, the most taxing role. But yes, that’s where I started.

S. Fulghum- So how did you go from a play in school to where you are now?

P. Costanzo - Well, I got an agent for commercials and shows, and I think I booked my fourth audition. I was a guest star in this really hilarious TV show in Canada called Ready or Not, like where every episode is about a girl like getting her period for the first time. That was … Did you say hold on?

S. Fulghum- Oh I just said, “Oh no.”

P. Costanzo - Oh yes. Oh no. Correct. But then I got another series called Animorphs and I played an alien for a couple of years. And then I just went completely out of work for about eight months and I was honestly considering changing lines of work because none of the casting directors in Toronto liked me and they thought my style was too idiosyncratic. Like, “Why can’t this guy just say the exact lines on the script? Why is he always trying to make up his own lines and change the script?” And then I auditioned for Road Trip as a nationwide talent search and I guess they didn’t feel the same way because I definitely improvised a lot of my audition and they gave me the part.

S. Fulghum- Oh, cool. Well thank you for answering my questions.

P. Costanzo - You know what?

S. Fulghum - What?

P. Costanzo- It’s my pleasure.

S. Fulghum- Thank you.

Moderator - All right. The next question comes from the line of Kendra White with Sidereel. Please go ahead.

P. Costanzo - With who? Sidemill?

K. White- Sidereel, like a movie reel.

P. Costanzo- Nice. Sidereel. Gotcha.

K. White- So you mentioned before that originally your part was supposed to be the best friend. I’m just curious, are we going to see any of Hank or Evan’s friends from New York in the Hamptons?

P. Costanzo- I don’t know. I don’t know. Maybe. That’s not in the game plan right now, but maybe.

K. White - Cool. Also, just curious, if you can tell us anything about if Evan’s going to find anything else about Campbell’s mysterious creatures and other such strange things around the mansion?

P. Costanzo- Boris is a bolt of mystery. So yes, that will be slowly unfolding. And as I say, I have no idea what it’s going to be. I just know that that’s a large part of the show because we love Campbell Scott and the character is just -from the get-go, they’ve established him as the intrigue of the show.

K. White- Interesting. All right, great. Thank you.

Moderator- We do have a question from the line of Lauren Becker with Shooting Stars magazine. Please go ahead.

L. Becker- Hi. Thanks for talking to us.

P. Costanzo- My pleasure.

L. Becker- Okay. Well I know from the very beginning we have Hank’s full story about why he ended up in the Hamptons and he doesn’t care too much about going back, but Evan’s kind of a mystery. So do you know anything about his back story, or do you just kind of like try to make it up as you go along?

P. Costanzo - Well I do. I mean, yes, we’ve all talked about it but it’s one of those things where it’s a slow burn. We can’t give up too much, too fast and that’s part of what makes television is in keeping people watching to find that stuff out. So yes, I do know. I know. I know. I know. He was a prostitute. Sorry, I had to just let it out. No, he’s definitely got a somewhat shady background. That’s all I can say.

L. Becker - All right, very interesting. If I wasn’t going to watch it, I’m going to watch it now. But no, I love the show.

P. Costanzo- Thank you.

L. Becker- You’re welcome. When we talked to Mark, he was talking about how the show’s kind of like a guy’s dream with all the pretty girls and everything. And so I was just wondering if Evan was just going to go from girl to girl or if you would like to see him kind of have a longer relationship?

P. Costanzo- Well if you haven’t noticed, Evan hasn’t actually had sex once this entire season.

L. Becker- Very true.

P. Costanzo- Most people don’t notice it. He’s always chasing the girls but never gets one. In fact, I don’t know yet, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he will not have sex through the entire first season of the show. So I just want Evan to get some action of any kind.

L. Becker- Well, best of luck with that. And thanks for talking. It was great.

P. Costanzo You’re welcome.

Moderator We do have a question from the line of Jamie Steinberg with Starry Constellation. Please go ahead.

J. Steinberg Hello again. You have great comedic timing. Is it something that has always come natural to you, or have you had to work at it? Do you have funny parents?

P. Costanzo Comedy injections. It’s like Botox but it goes directly into my eyeballs.

J. Steinberg Oh, I thought your laugh lines.

P. Costanzo Exactly. Well I go home and I have an intravenous comedy bag that I soak in. I don’t know. That’s such a – yes, comedy pills.

J. Steinberg And the real answer?

P. Costanzo That is my real answer. They’re pills. I just actually gave you the secret and you’re just going to throw it back in my face?

J. Steinberg How dare I?

P. Costanzo Yes. Comedy scrubs.

J. Steinberg Okay, I’ll take it. Thanks.

P. Costanzo Comedy baths. Comedy Jacuzzi. Soaks.

J. Steinberg No, we saw what happened last time you went in the Jacuzzi. No one’s going to try again.

P. Costanzo Good one.

J. Steinberg Thanks.

Moderator We do have a question, another question from the line of Melissa Lowery with NiceGirlsTV. Please go ahead.

P. Costanzo Wait a minute, what’s the deal with nice girls? What happens on your site? It sounds like a porn site.

M. Lowery Well, you know, I’m sorry to disappoint you but it’s not.

P. Costanzo What is it?

M. Lowery It’s a bunch of nice girls that watch TV and our tag line is: We watch TV and then we talk about it behind your back.

P. Costanzo Oh, it’s like a book club but for TV. That’s interesting.

M. Lowery Yes. So we just cover the shows that we actually like, rather than trying to throw everything in there. You know?

P. Costanzo Nice.

M. Lowery And Royal Pains is one of them.

P. Costanzo That’s very cool.

M. Lowery We like that you’re a little bit snarky. That’s really what we look for in a show.

P. Costanzo That’s what you look for in a show? You like that? The snark appeal of this show is like a 2%. We can’t watch this. Stupid Grey’s Anatomy.

M. Lowery Yes, it doesn’t make the cut. Yes, we don’t …

P. Costanzo Now this Italian dude from Canada, now he’s snarky.

M. Lowery Exactly, with the Jew-fro and the – we do have a question. Are you on Twitter?

P. Costanzo No, I’m not. I honestly don’t really know what Twitter is to this day.

M. Lowery Really?

P. Costanzo I don’t.

M. Lowery It’s a perfect outlet for your comedy pills.

P. Costanzo Well, tell me about it.

M. Lowery Are you on Facebook, or familiar with Facebook?

P. Costanzo I’m familiar with it.

M. Lowery You know the status updates?

P. Costanzo You know what, I don’t. I’m on Facebook. I set up my account a long time ago. I’ve noticed that something changes. I don’t every check it anymore, but I notice when I went on like a month ago that there’s some strange – yes, it’s no longer the same as it used to be. Now I know what people are eating and stuff like that.

M. Lowery Exactly. That’s kind of what Twitter is. You can follow it on your phone and you can tell people what you’re up to, and you can have conversations. And we’re using it right now to enlist questions for you, but apparently everybody’s eating lunch.

P. Costanzo Interesting. What would I? Who? So you’re saying I could just be like, “Eating tuna steak, a little too dry. Nice and sunny out.” That would be a good Twitter?

M. Lowery You would have thousands of followers immediately, yes.

P. Costanzo What? I don’t understand, but why would anyone want this unless they’re some strange egomaniac?

M. Lowery Well, yes, you see that’s the…

P. Costanzo Yes, that’s the question.

M. Lowery Exactly. You know, Brent Spiner’s on it and he just harasses his fans.

P. Costanzo Did you say Brent Spiner?

M. Lowery Yes, which we love.

P. Costanzo I’ve worked with Brent. I’ve worked with him.

M. Lowery You have not. In what?

P. Costanzo Yes, I did, on Joey. That man… That man plays Data.

M. Lowery That’s right.

P. Costanzo Are you kidding me? You don’t understand. I loved that show growing up and when they cast him I was like over-the-moon.

M. Lowery Oh my gosh, dream come true.

P. Costanzo Yes. He’s an interesting and strange man.

M. Lowery Yes. He’s going through some weird ... thing on Twitter right now. I don’t get it – what he’s up to.

P. Costanzo I mean, I honestly feel bad for the guys on the Next Generation, only because that’s like something that’s like, it’s like a mark on their entire career for the rest of their life. You’ve got to do something big, to outlive ... Data, to outshine Data.

M. Lowery That’s right.

P. Costanzo But he’s cool. So wait a minute, you’re saying right now, I’d be like, “I’m being interviewed by Check it out.”

M. Lowery Exactly. You could.

P. Costanzo What if I was like, “I’m going to be at Macy’s on the corner of 24th and 7th in an hour. Meet me there and I’ll say hi.”

M. Lowery Prepare to be mobbed.

P. Costanzo Do you honestly think that could work? It seems like such a dangerous tool in the wrong hands.

M. Lowery It can be. It can be. Yes.

P. Costanzo And let’s make drug-dealing really easy though. It’s like, “I’ve got a half-quarter. Who wants it? Here’s my address.”

M. Lowery
“Meet me at Macy’s.” Yes. Yes.

P. Costanzo Nice.

M. Lowery We were just wondering because we Tweet with a few other people on Knots and the other shows. So we’re just checking to make sure we weren’t leaving you out of the fun.

P. Costanzo No. Do other actors Tweet? Like name another actor who’s actually like, you know…

M. Lowery Jeffrey Donovan.

P. Costanzo Jeffrey Donovan.

M. Lowery From Burn Notice.

P. Costanzo Oh, yes. Anyone else?

M. Lowery Kyra Sedgwick.

P. Costanzo No way. Kyra Sedgwick tweets?

M. Lowery She does.

P. Costanzo Like what does she say? She’s like, “I’m loving my coffee.”

M. Lowery Yes, sometimes. Or she’ll tweet from the set and say, you know, “We’ve just done this amazing scene and I can’t wait for you guys to see it,” which is just a big tease. It’s just mean.

P. Costanzo It’s so weird.

M. Lowery Yes, I know. There’s lots of them.

P. Costanzo Thanks for the education.

M. Lowery You’re welcome. If you do get on, let us know. We’re NiceGirlsTV there too because we’re super original.

P. Costanzo I love it. I will. I promise. I never will get on Twitter, I don’t think, but if something happens to me, and I’m like, “I need it,” then you’ll be the first ones I call.

M. Lowery I think you’re curious now. I bet you’re going to go look.

P. Costanzo No, I’m not. I’m not curious. All right, yes, thank you very much for showing up today. I appreciate it very much and I’m going to check out your Web site.

M. Lowery Cool. Thanks.

Moderator Okay. The next question comes from the line of Lauren Becker with Shooting Stars magazine. Please go ahead.

L. Becker Hello again.

P. Costanzo What up, Becker?

L. Becker Everyone calls me that. Actually I used to have teachers that would call me that, you know?

P. Costanzo Really?

L. Becker Yes.

P. Costanzo L.B. I like it. What’s going on?

L. Becker Not much. I was actually wondering, a lot of – USA is all about the characters and they like the promotions where they mix people together and act like they’re kind of at the same time all over the world. And so I was just wondering if you could have somebody from another show on Royal Pains from USA, if you…

P. Costanzo Oh, you’re saying the crossover?

L. Becker Yes. Who would you want to do that with?

P. Costanzo What I would love is a crossover between Royal Pains and Burn Notice, that we could be involved in some sort of gun play intrigue.

L. Becker That would be pretty cool. I think that should happen.

P. Costanzo I would really love that because we have no guns. We have nowhere near enough explosions and guns on the set.

L. Becker True. Yes, but they give you a two-hour thing. They’re back-to-back nowadays, so that would be good. I think you should tell somebody about this.

P. Costanzo Imagine if we showed up in the episode of Burn Notice, and in the episode directly afterwards he showed up in ours.

L. Becker That’d be good. I think this should happen.

P. Costanzo I think you’re absolutely right. I’ll tell Bonnie.

L. Becker Okay. And my other question is on the Web site, we’re all big readers. Everyone likes books and stuff and it always seem like actors and musicians and everyone’s writing their autobiographies. So I was wondering, if you wrote one yourself, what would it be called - your title, your awesome title?

P. Costanzo Let me think for a second. It would be called, Comedy Injections: Sex.

L. Becker Is this the ... kind of autobiography?

P. Costanzo No, it’s just Comedy Injections: Sex. Not colon sex, I mean the actual, like, the punctuation mark, colon. You crazies.

L. Becker I gotcha. Thank you very much.

P. Costanzo That would be funny, though. Comedy Injections colon.

L Becker See, now you like it, right?

P. Costanzo Oh no. I’m going to think about it.

L. Becker … your next big project. Keep it on the back burner.

P. Costanzo Right. Okay.

L. Becker Thanks.

Moderator Okay, we have a question from the line of Christine Nyholm with the Examiner. Please go ahead.

C. Nyholm Hi, Paulo. How are you?

P. Costanzo Well hi, Christine. How are you doing?

C. Nyholm Oh, good, good. Good to talk to you again. So I just have a question about how you got your start in acting. I’m sorry. I came on late so I apologize if you’ve already answered it.

P. Costanzo I did, but you’ll get the transcript later. So do you have another question?

C. Nyholm No, that was the only one.

P. Costanzo Really?

C. Nyholm Well how about what you would advise young actors starting out today?

P. Costanzo The only thing I would advise them to do is prepare for the amount of adversity that you’re going to come in contact with by choosing to be an actor because before you actually “made it” or get the skills, people are all not going to take you seriously, and many people will try to discourage you from it. Don’t take any of their advice. Do it, and do it and do it. Remember the compliments. Forget the insults. I know it sounds cliché, but you have to believe in yourself because there’s going to be moments that no one else does.

C. Nyholm Very good. Thank you.

M. Curran Guys, we’re going to let Paulo go back to his lunch break.

P. Costanzo Thank you. I’m going to say one more thing to everybody. I would love it if you could, on the USA Web site, they were going to have me do something similar to what Jeffrey Donovan does on Burn Notice and do kind of, an Evan’s tips thing which I didn’t want to do it. So I came back and I told them that I wanted to do something a little more cinema verite.

So they actually came back and said yes somehow. And they’re allowing me to do kind of my own behind-the-scenes – they just gave me a camera and I’m shooting behind-the-scenes and it’s going to become kind of a video log on the Web site. So I’d love you all to check it out because it’s going to be very kind of intimate and personal with just me and a camera.

As well, I’ve set up an e-mail account called and I would love people, if you’re reading this or if you’re seeing this, just to e-mail me with anything that you’d want to see behind-the-scenes. Just typically e-mail me and I’ll try to address it because I have another month here, and I have a lot of time and a lot of tape to shoot.

M. Curran Wow. Well be ready for the bevy of e-mails that you’re about to get.

P. Costanzo Correct.

M. Curran Awesome. Well thanks again, Paulo, for being with us today. For the participants, a transcript of today’s call will be distributed within 48 hours, which you’ll receive from me. So please look out for those and remember to tune in to Royal Pains, Thursdays at 10:00/9:00 central on USA. Thanks!

P. Costanzo Beautiful. Thank you all. Bidding ends at $11,000 to the man of Deadbolt. Sold. My soul.

L. Weiss Can I say one last thing? This is Lynn at USA.

P. Costanzo Yes.

L. Weiss Thursday night’s episode is actually up online on our digital press site at If anybody wants to check it out and tease your viewers, please do. Thank you.

P. Costanzo Cool. Ciao, ciao, everybody.