Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Emily the Strange: Stranger and Stranger Review

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Emily the Strange: Stranger and Stranger by Rob Reger, Jessica Gruner, and Buzz Parker

By: Lauren

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Emily the Strange is back in her second novel, Stranger and Stranger. The last mystery has been solved and now her, her mom, and her awesome cats are off to another oddly-titled city. Once there though, Emily finds a way to duplicate herself and now has an OtherMe to deal with. Things seem great at first: the two of them work on a Master Prank turning everyone in the town strange, Emily finds a secret sewer to design a mural on (though she keeps this to herself), and generally enjoy having a copy of the other.

However, things get bad when OtherMe believes shes is the real Emily and turns into EvilOne. Can Emily stop things before her cats abandon her forever and she's stuck with all the blame? And just who exactly is her strange neighbor Venus Fang Fang? More than she seems of course!


Emily the Strange is not for everyone. The story isn't realistic in any way, but that's what makes half the fun. She's a strange little girl that loves cats, drawing, and being scientific. She hates company though so having a double is bound to get annoying for her no matter what...if only that double wasn't a complete evil being.

I had a hard time getting through this book in places. I feel the first flowed a lot faster, while this one seemed a bit more on the "Oh gosh, get on with it!" side. If people are fans of Emily, they are bound to love it. If you're not, obviously you should stick with the first book first and see what you think of the style.

I love that the Emily books include fun drawings on basically every page and that it's told in a diary format. Those make it fun to read even during the boring bits.

Overall? 3/5 if I had to pick.


LunaMoth said...

I did not know emily strange had a book! just found the first one available for the kindle =) thanks for putting this up hehe.

Book Monster said...

Haven't read the first all the way through, still have to :) Glad to know there is a sequel.

DK said...

Oh, this sounds nice... I like the strange things... Thanks for the tip..

David said...

what a great book title and cover! i'm interested in reading this.

Hagelrat said...

*grin* I am totally going to have to read the first one.

Emily said...

I have read the all of the Emily Strange books and let me tell you when I started I couldnt put the book down!!!! I recomened this book for ages 11-15 but anyone can read it. Emily is such a relatable character but remember she isnt for everyone. This book is VERY differnt from any of the books I've read. But I must say I liked the first book better. Can not wait for the third book Emily the strange: Dark Times!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I read this book and did not enjoy it. The sequel was a let down for me. It was hard to follow near the end and I didn't like it when she sewed herself to the other one. I thought that she had an ACTUAL twin sister, just living in another town. And when she got rid of the other one, it was written poorly. Out of the Emily the Strange books, I only enjoyed the first one.