Thursday, January 14, 2010

Review: Diaper Bag Diva

Review for The Diaper Bag Diva

By: Lauren

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Diaper Bag Diva sent the various items to review. This in no way affected my review however!

Boy Wash-Cloths: I was sent five of these. They were blue, white, and brown. Very cute and each one had their own seperate design. The actual washcloth is on the non-pattern side (meaning, this is the side you would use!)

I found that a few of the cloths were a bit rough on the pattern side but since that's not the part you are using to wash your little one, it wasn't a big deal. It's simply the way it was made.

My favorite was the white with blue dots. It was a lot softer and felt like a pair of pajamas!!

Hooded Towel: This was blue with brown dots. It was soft and cute. I felt it would be perfect for any size baby...maybe a bit big on smaller ones, but nothing wrong with that. I believe it should fit your child at least their whole first year which makes it a handy item to have. You don't want them growing out of everything too fast and they do grow fast!!

Overall, I really liked both items. I think I'd buy the hooded towel as a gift for sure and it's something I'd love to have for my own children. It's cute and handy and easier to use than a regular towel since it molds to their little body and even covers their head!!

As for the site in general, I love it. It's very handy to use and has all sorts of items. As you can see by my review, it's not just for diaper bags so that's awesome. I do love their bags though. I'd want to use half of these just as a regular purse, that's how cute they look! Definitely give this shop a try if you have littles ones, are expecting, or know someone who is. It's a nice place to start. The link to the site is at the top of this review and I believe it's in the left hand sidebar as well.


Ashleigh said...

A hooded towel is so great!

Jennifer H said...

I love hooded towels too! They just look SO darn cute in them! :)