Thursday, January 14, 2010

Review: Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat?

Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat? by Claire Mysko and Magali Amadei

Review by: Lauren

Reviewed for TLC Book Tours (they sent me a copy to review)

Summary (from the site):

People might tell you you're glowing, but you just feel like you're growing, and perhaps you're not liking—or even recognizing—the changing image you see in the mirror. If you're like most expectant women, you're worried about what pregnancy and motherhood will do to your body, your sexuality, and your self-esteem (even if you don't want to admit it out loud for fear of the Bad Mommy Police). While the journey to motherhood is truly miraculous and brings forth life, it can also bring forth a myriad of legitimate concerns.

Enter beauty activists Claire Mysko and Magali Amade├», who reveal a much-needed forewarning on what to expect from your changing body, as well as a reality check for each stage of your pregnancy, exposing the myths, challenges, and insecurities you'll face throughout pregnancy and beyond—and what to do about them. From candid interviews with more than 400 women and men, as well as their own experiences, Claire and Magali help you discover:

• How you can learn to trust your changing body, appreciate it, and yes…even work it!

• Why you should be wary of the Hollywood "bump watch" and post-baby weight loss stories—and how to take the focus off the scale

• How to deal with your raging hormones

• The truth and lies about sagging skin, acne, and stretch marks

• How to recognize when your body issues get extreme—and how to get help

With startling confessions of women's unspoken fears and advice on how to remedy them, this essential compendium of girl-friendly advice will help champion any woman to feel her best about her body, herself, and her role as a mom.


No, I am not pregnant nor have I ever been. However, this book isn't just for moms. Sure, it's great for new moms, older moms, and even expecting moms, but even if you are just thinking about having kids in the could use this! It's a great source for women to show that it's not all about the weight and the way magazines make celebrities look while pregnant. You have to be happy with your own experience, whether that one was amazing or not. And more than anything, you have to be okay with the way you look.

Girls are known to have problems with their looks and how much they weigh and it doesn't always go away with pregnancy or maybe it does, and then comes back full force after your child is born. I loved that this book said that their is no "going back to your before baby body." You had the baby, you can't go back, so work with and love the person you are now.

I think this book is full of inspiring and informative information for women who are reaching the age where they might plan on getting engaged, getting married, and even having children of their own.

One of my absolute favorite parts of this book was the testimonials from women of all ages (even including those that don't have kids yet) and some select guys as well. They give their thoughts on all types of issues such as baby weight, whether to breastfeed or not, and much more. It's great to get into the head of all these ladies and see the various points of views and experiences. I think it could be very helpful and comforting to other women.

This is definitely a fast read and worth checking out if you think you are in the stages where it could be useful. After all, the main point is that is you love yourself...stretch marks and all.


Suko said...

This sounds like an important book. Our society puts too much emphasis on women's appearance, and it may be even harder to bear during pregnancy. Thanks for a great review!

Melissa G. said...

I'm having a couple giveaways this weekend in honor of my son's first birthday! Feel free to come join in the fun of Ethan's Birthday Bash!

Icejewel said...

I hope I remember this book after 5-6 years :) As of now, I don't think I'll read this book.But, Its a perfect gift to my sisters as they are married and planning to have kids now :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...
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Shooting Stars Mag said...

Suko: I definitely agree. I think it was needed for a book like this. Thank you so much.

IceJewel: Definitely, I hope so too! But yes, it would be a nice gift for girls looking to have kids. Think about it.