Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentine's Day Swap Goodies

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I participated in the The Mommy Files Valentine's Day swap and it was a ton of fun. I apologize for the delay in posting's not that I don't love what I got, I'm just so slow with these things and camera slow too so no ACTUAL picture but a list and one photo that show you want I got in general. :)

The blogger I had also had me so I got some lovely items from Katie of The Life and Times of a Teaching Mommy who got me some amazing items.

1. The books "Something Borrowed" and "Something Blue" by Emily Griffin

2. Really cute Valentine's Day towels

3. Ankle-length Valentine's Day socks that I'm wearing right now. So cute and comfy!!

4. Two pieces of candy chocolate with carmel heart and a Reese's heart. I ate the first one already (so good!) and am getting ready to dig into the next one.

5. A lovely note from Katie

I think I might be missing an item or two, but I put the box in my room so it's not by me right now and I'm blanking! Ahh!! I'm sorry. It was all really cute though. I love swaps and can't wait for the next one. It's fun "meeting" a new blogger. :0) I recommend them!


RaĆ­la said...

Have you ever read this book? I'd like to know if it's any good... :)

Christina said...

That book is awesome. :) So is, "something borrowed." I highly recommend both!