Thursday, April 1, 2010

Remember Me, Alice!

I'm a contributing writer for my college's newspaper, though all my posts go online since they don't deal directly with the school. Rather, I focus on the Arts and Entertainment out in the rest of the world...such as movies. Since I haven't written a review for a movie on Shooting Stars Mag in awhile, I wanted to share the links to two that I have done elsewhere so you can check them out...if you wish.

Alice in Wonderland Review

Loved this. I really want to see it again...this time in 3-D since I wasn't able to the first time around.

Remember Me Review

I really enjoyed this one. I think Robert Pattinson did show that he can act. I don't see a ton of movies more than once in are more and more expensive now...but I saw this one twice and loved it both times. His best friend in the film is hilarious too, so you'll love him!!


Did you see either of these movies? What are your thoughts?


Texy's bookself said...

I thought the movie was great! After it I went to the store and bought a life sized cut out of The Mad hatter.
I feel a little obsessed .

Chelsea said...

Ha, Texy, I have a life-sized cutout too!

I saw both of these movies and, yeah, totally loved both of 'em.

Book Monster said...

I saw both. I enjoyed Remember Me more then Alice.
Remember me left me with a huge impact afterwords. I couldn't stop thinking about it.
Robert Pattinson prooved that he is a very good actor.

I recently saw The Last Song, and I thought Miley Cyrus did one heck of a good job in that movie :)

Erin said...

Oh, you really must see 'Alice' in 3d! It's the BEST.

Missy said...

havent seen Alice yet but cant wait too!

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