Thursday, June 3, 2010

Premiere Episode Review: Royal Pains + Hilarious Rap!

Royal Pains Premiere Episode Review (Season 2)

By: Lauren

Airs: Tonight, June 3 at 10/9c (right after Burn Notice's Season Premiere at 9/8c)

Last summer, we left Royal Pains on a big cliff-hanger. Jill's husband was back and Jill/Hank was no longer an item, Divya had agreed to get engaged with her childhood friend in an arranged marriage, and Evan had left HankMed sinking money-wise. The very end of the episode? Well, Hank leaves Evan a message saying that he can't believe thier dad stole all their money. Dun Dun DUNNN! And now we're on to season two.

The first episode is a lot of wrapping up some of what happened in the finale. HankMed has a case with Spencer the Spaz, the infomercial king who swears he's not really a spaz...though they find him at his house hanging from the ceiling and even nail-gunned to the wall by the hand...but could it be something more? If you know Royal Pains, it normally is so you'll just have to keep wondering.

There is a lot of familial and father issues brought up in the episode. Spencer doesn't want to end up like his dad and Divya believes sometimes you just have to meet your family halfway. These are definitely good thinking points for the Lawson boys, especially when their dad shows up. Yes yes, we finally get to meet the elusive Eddie R. Lawson played by Henry Winkler. I, for one, am excited to see him in a guest role this season. Not much in the first episode...but the ending definitely leaves you DYING for more.

This episode isn't anything spectacular get a fun case, tension between the Lawson brothers, Evan's wonderfully stated humor, and even more about the mysterious Boris. It's a fun start to the new season and has a little bit of everything people seem to love about the series, or at least what I love. However, the ending definitely shows you this won't be just another summer feel-good. The season premiere should not be missed!! Get watching!

Below, you will find the Royal Pains Rap promotional video. You even get a small peek of Henry Winkler at the end. This video has me laughing everytime I see it, so watch and enjoy. Tell us what you think in the comments.

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