Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Product Review: Hairfree

Hairfree Review

By: Lauren

Items Sent by Owner for Review

Site: http://www.hairfree.bz/

Review: I recieved a round brush (picture above) and a flat brush for review, as well as another set for a friend. I ended up letting my sister-in-law and her mom try out a set. As for me, I used the flat brush more than anything as I don't really style my hair. The bristles were a bit hard when they hit your head, but if you have really thick hair, it's a little easier to stay in your hair and not get the scalp as much.

The magic of these brushes aren't so much the actual brush but what they do after. Each one has some kind of level that you push up and the bristles raise so all the hair that accumulates in the brush is raised up as well. I love this as it really does help get the hair free. I have a lot hair so it doesn't take long for my brushes to fill up. Genius idea!

My sister-in-law tried the flat brush as well and she agreed it was a bit hard but loved the concept as well. She had her mom try out the round brush and since she used it mainly to style and curl the bottom of hair, she really liked it. The bristles stayed in her hair and so she didn't feel the roughness.

Overall, these are definitely a fun idea. If you find your hair filling up your brushes quickly then you might want to look into these. In fact, these are often used as goodie bag items for big A-lister events. The owner had this to say:

"My brushes were included in the gift bag event at the Sundance film festival and the Miss America Beauty Pagaent. My brushes were also included in the gift bag event for the Bachelors wedding (the ABC TV show) in February and the gift bag event for the Oscars in March."

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LM Preston said...

With two girls in my home that have thick hair, this brush seems to be able to help with the cleaning.

Brent said...

I got a big package in the mail today.... and it was books. I thought to myself, "Damnit! I wanted a hairbrush like Shooting Stars Mag."

T.V and Book Addict said...

whoa this does sound ingenious!

Anonymous said...
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