Saturday, June 5, 2010

Review/Giveaway- 101 Things I Learned in Film School by Neil Landau

101 Things I Learned in Film School by Neil Landau and Matthew Frederick

Review by: Lauren

Review Copy: Sent from Hatchette books

Summary (Hatchette Site):

How to set a scene? What's the best camera angle? How does the new technology interact with scenes? And how does one even get the financing to make a movie? These basic questions and much more are all covered in this exquisite packaged book on the film industry and making movies as a profession. Written by Neil Landau, an experienced screenwriter and script consultant to the major movie studios, this is the perfect book for anyone who wants to know about the inner-workings of this industry. Whether it's someone who wants to make movies as a full-timecareer, or just someone who is interested in film, this book covers it all.


Matthew Frederick started this series with 101 Things I Learned in Architecture school and now you can find ones about film, fashion, and even culinary school. These are handy books that would fit in most purses or bags...not too tall, but a little wide...and even has a nice red fabric binding. I think the style of books are fun and this one definitely gives it a more unique look.

As for the book in general, I've taken one film class in college and it definitely gave me a lot of the same bits of information, but with some new takes. There were even a few quotes as well and I love quotes. I think if you are curious about film, this would be a great book to get the basics from. Whether or not you want to go into a film career, this book is interesting and might even allow you to see the movies you watch in a different light.

I read this book in one day as each page isn't very long, though some shorter than others. I loved the drawings that Matthew Frederick added to each page. One side is the picture and the other is the fact or bit of information from Neil Landau. It's like a slightly humorous, fun picture book for grown ups in a way.

I think this is a really interesting series and I'm curious to see what else will be coming. I wonder if they can do a 101 Things I Learned as an English Major or something...I am one so it would be fun to have a book of things we should know.


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baileythebookworm said...

I follow the blog :)

lisanne said...

I am interested in the casting process and why certain "stars" are cast in roles and how this effects the final feel of the film.

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PeechieKeen said...

I think that the thing that interests me most about films are the different perspectives that directors can take. Everyone does everything a little different; the director can make or break a film.

PeechieKeen said...

I also follow your blog. =)

edmontonjb said...

What interests me about film is that it exposes us to new ideas and experiences that we wouldn't otherwise be open to.


edmontonjb said...

I'm a follower


Aik said...

What interests me about film is that it tells a story that can be inspiring or touching.

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Aik said...

I'm a follower.

aikychien at yahoo dot com