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Book Review/Giveaway: Boys Lie - How Not To Get Played

Boys Lie: How Not To Get Played by Belisa Vranich, Psy. D. and Holly Eagleson

Review by: Lauren

Copy from: TLC Book Tours...find the other tour stops there!

Author Site:

Product Description:

Everyone else is doing it. It’s lies like this one that often get young women, particularly ages 10 to 20, to put aside their own nagging thoughts about what is right—and wrong—and make choices they might regret long-term. Boys Lie is a collection of the most common untruths proliferated by boys and an assessment of the exaggerations and misinformation behind them.

Written by an expert with years of clinical experience with thousands of teens, Boys Lie is the first sexual and social health book of its kind. Based on a large national survey, this timely guide sets the record straight on what guys lie about, arming girls with straightforward advice that is understandable, concise, and totally relatable. And while the title may seem anti-boy, it’s more like pro-girl, helping to foster healthier relationships between the sexes.

Boys Lie unearths:

•The top lies boys tell including ‘I won’t show anyone these pictures’ and ‘I won’t tell anyone’

•How technology such as texting and social networking are changing the game, making girls more vulnerable to their male peers and the public at large

•Case studies, true stories, and quizzes that shed light on pertinent issues in a teen-friendly way.

•How to cultivate a healthy skepticism in young girls that will empower them to say ‘no’


I actually saw this book when I was at BEA, but I didn't grab a copy as I knew I would be reviewing it for the TLC Book Tour. I'm very happy I did as well. This is a great book for teens, though I'd say 16 and up unless you know they are planning to be sexually active younger than that. It has a wonderful guide of lies that boys often tell girls to get what they want and even other ways they might say it, as not every guy is quite the same. I've never experienced any of these but it's nice to see what could be said and to know in your head right away "not right, think about it" especially for girls that are impulsive and are a bit naive about guys and relationships.

I love that the authors behind this both know a lot about what they are talking about and write it in a manner that girls can relate too. They have a sharp wit that keeps you interested while you are learning valuable information. Each chapter even has a couple Q and A's from teens that relate to that topic. It's great to get more of a real perspective on what these authors want you to learn by seeing other teen's thoughts and questions.

This is definitely something that would be very helpful for a lot of girls out there. It's not all about sex...they even talk about being safe with drugs and alchol and what to do if you are in an abusive relationship of any well as how to tell if you are since some girls don't realize or don't think it's a big deal. It is, and they let you know that.

As a younger girl, I definitely believe this would be something I'd love my future girls to read at some point (especially if they wanted a way to learn without having to ask me all the questions). It's not a replacement of real conversation, but not all girls can get there or they might need a stepping stone to get there. It's worth checking it, if you are a teen girl or have some of your own. It's great that you can focus on the sections you want to know the most about or need to focus the most on and keep it on hand for future questions.

It's great this was published as I think it's a great reference for girls, and even older ladies who might need to get a refresher course on just how guys might manipulate you, whether they realize it or not.

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