Thursday, July 8, 2010

JEIJ: Party Box Design Site!

Just Eat It July: Party Box Design

By: Lauren

Party Box Design is a great shop to visit if you are holding any type of party. You can get party confetti, invitations, and even cupcake toppers. Their cupcakes in particular look amazing...which is the main reason they are featured in Just Eat It July. However, you have to be a local customer as they aren't shipping them out yet. Again, even if you aren't a local customer you can get everything you need for a fun party.

On their blog, they tell you just exactly how to make a fun cupcake DIY Party Favor, so be sure to check that out. It would be an adorable addition to any baby shower, for example.

Hoping to bake your own cupcakes? I'm sure you'll make a great impression if you try their recipe for buttercream icing. I know I'm very curious to see how it tastes. I just might need to break out the supplies to start on it! But honestly, isn't it nice they are willing to share what they do? How kind of them!

So there you have it...if you're looking to make some fun cupcakes or even host a party, you want to check out Party Box Design. They might just have what you need!

Photo: The above photo is from Party Box Design's Blog. I do not own it.


Party Box Design said...

ohhh thanks so much for the fab feature!!!

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