Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Leave a Mark's Online Auctions are BACK Supporting First Book

Leave a Mark auctions are back! If you aren't sure what that means, then you should definitely go over and learn more. As for those of you who are already aware, our first auction is for The Everafter...marked up the author herself, Amy Huntley!

Amy's Auction Link

Chelsea even set up site for the auctions. Don't worry, it's the same if you're already following, you're good. You should definitely follow the blog if you aren't though. We should have a schedule for future auctions this coming year up in a week or so. These auctions will go to right before the Christmas holidays if you want some one-of-a-kind AMAZING gifts for your loved ones this season.

Main Leave a Mark Site

Thank you to everyone who helped out the past two spreading the word, donating a book, and even bidding/donating money. All money goes to First Book and they are a great charity to support for all us book lovers! We raised over a 1,000 dollars for new books in the past couple times. Help us make that number higher this year!!


I used Amazon Associates to post the book if you happen to buy through this link just to get the book in general, you are supporting Shooting Stars Mag. We get a tiny percentage of any sale through us!

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