Saturday, August 21, 2010

Review: Three Witches by Paula Jolin

Three Witches by Paula Jolin

Review by: Lauren

Rate: 4 Stars

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My Summary: Schoolmates, but not yet friends, Aliya, Gillian, and Miya all come from various cultural backgrounds: Aliya is Muslim, Gillian is from Trinidad, and Miya is Japanese. They come together to work magic in allowing themselves closure for the death of Trevor Saunders. Aliya was his secret girlfriend, Gillian was involved in a secret business and wants her money to get back home, and Miya had a secret argument the night he died that she’d do anything to take back.

My Review: Three Witches is less about magic and speaking with the dead and more about finding community in the most unlikely places and coming to terms with your parent’s heritage. All of these girls want something that their parents don’t seem to understand and to come out under their thumb, they have to work together.

One thing that I really enjoyed about Three Witches is that each character is a person of color and has a colorful upbringing and background. It’s not every day you have a character in a book that isn’t white, but to have all three main characters not be white? That’s definitely an interesting addition to this story and it wouldn’t have been the story it was if any of the characters were changed.

The ending is definitely one that will leave readers a bit questionable. It would make a wonderful book club discussion!


bermudaonion said...

What a great way to present a book like that! I love that the characters are multi-cultural!

Alexander Bennett said...

This one looks awesome!

Ladytink_534 said...

The different backgrounds of the characters is neat! You don't see that too often in YA these days.