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Interview with Actor Joey Lawrence

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Conference Call Interview with Joey Lawrence

Questions by: Lauren (I have only included my own. If you want the whole transcript, email me!)

Joey Lawrence can be seen on Melissa & Joey (co-starring Melissa Joan Hart) Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC Family. There have been a few weeks of episodes so far and I have to say that I'm a fan. I've practically grown up on the works of Melissa and Joey and love that they are back on television...especially as it's a comedy. They have wonderful chemistry and it's a great family show...if you're kids are teens. They do have teen humor and parents should note that. It's a great show in my opinion and I'm really enjoying it!

Now if you aren't sure what this show is basic terms: Melissa has inherited her niece and nephew, Joey lost a great job and is now her male nanny (or manny) and the two of them live together trying to raise these two teens when neither of them are parents!

On to the Interview!

L. Becker: I know in the past you’ve worked with your brothers in a lot of different projects. Is there any chance one of them would guest star in the future? Would you be interested in that?

J. Lawrence: Sure. I love those guys, man. I love those guys. They’re so talented. Yes. We’re already starting to throw around some ideas in interesting, cool ways to have Matt and Andy on the show in some regard. As a matter of fact, it’s a very good chance that Matt at some point will be on the show very shortly, and Andrew will as well, but I think the role for Matt will probably come up first. But it’s something that we’re working on, yes, because those guys are excellent and if there’s a role that makes sense, there’s nobody that I’d want to play it more than those guys. But we have really great writers who find new and unique ways to make these things that you expect and twist them on their head, and that’s this idea that we have for both Matt and Andy that will be on separately. But yes, definitely working on it.

L. Becker: I know you’re still involved with film other than TV and I was wondering if there’s any upcoming projects or things you’re working on that you could talk about?

J. Lawrence: We’ve got a new record coming out next year, which is going to be exciting. It’s the first time in a long time, but it’s so good and it’s taken a life of its own. I was able to work with Matthew Gerard on the whole thing, and I don’t know if you know who he is, but you can Google him. He’s just a prolific producer and has had 30 number one hit songs, and one that Kelly Clarkson did, Jesse McCartney, to the Hannah Montana, it’s just incredible what he’s been able to do to Miley Cyrus and all that stuff. We just started working and it’s turned into this amazing thing. I wrote the theme song for the show, so that will be on the record as well, as a remix version, which is great.

In terms of films, I’m always working on that. That’s just a process that I really wanted to take my time and not rush it. That’s why even as a teenager I passed on a lot of those movie roles because I wanted to do them later when I felt like as a man that I’d be able to do the roles that I wanted to do. We’re getting there.

I’m going to be doing a movie next year called Havana Heat, which is this big action Miami Vice thing, sort of in the line of The Expendables. Wesley Snipes is in it and we’re working with a bunch of great other guys. They’re closing their deals right now so I can’t really talk about them, but we’re going to put together sort of a dream team of amazing action guys and I’m going to play this cop that is sort of in the middle of it all. It’s about a drug lord that goes from the United States down to Cuba and me and my team follow him. It’s really exciting. It’s really cool. We’re going to start shooting that probably early next year, as soon as I’m done with hopefully the first full season of the show and before I start the second season.

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Dazzling Mage said...

I love this show! Both are amazing, and I'm glad they're back!