Friday, September 10, 2010

Silas Winterbottom Review + Perfect Product for Book

The Death (and Further Adventures) of Silas Winterbottom by Stephen M. Giles

Review by: Lauren

Copy From: Publisher (Sourcebooks Jabberwocky)

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Official Summary: And you thought your family was strange.

I am dying. . . I might get the chance to know you before death takes me...I would like you to be my guest at Sommerset. . .I have enclosed a check for $ 10,000. . . Should you accept my offer...

Uncle Silas has always been greedy, evil, insulting, and extremely rich! But a dying uncle with a vast fortune is definitely one worth getting to know. Even if it means spending 2 months on his secluded island home with a houseful of suspicious servants and a hungry pet crocodile.

But what is Uncle Silas really up to? Will Adele, Milo, and Isabella outlive Uncle Silas to inherit his money? And just who is that mysterious "guest" in his basement? Is it worth the money (or their lives) to stick around and find out?

Review: This is a Middle Grade novel that is just as fun for someone older. Silas is an evil old man that creeps around his giant mansion in a wheelchair, crocodile always by his side. From the cover illustration and details you recieve in the book, the look and often the way Silas talked reminded me of another S-named man...Severus Snape from the Harry Potter books.

This is obviously just the first book in the series but it interests you right away and leaves you dying to know what happens next. I love that it's not simply a set-up book with very little going actually get some death-defying moments for all the kids and Silas himself...but who makes it to the end? You have to read to find out!

One of the things I really enjoyed about this book is the language and way the author writes the story, as if a narrator telling the tale of a corrupt family. It has a sophisticated  feel. The author is actually from Australia and that is where the story is placed, so it definitely gives you that type of proper speaking you often associate with England and such...if you're like me that is.

I believe the only thing I could really "complain" about, if you will, is all the talk of flowers. It does mean something on a bigger level...but I feel there might have been too much detail paid attention to the types of flowers and all the gardens at Silas' house. It slowed things down a bit for me sometimes. Besides that though, it's a fairly quick read and lots of fun!

Silas Winterbottom gives you mystery, suspense, familial bonding and hate, humor of all sorts, crazy monsters, mad scientists, and more.

The book is out now.

A perfect product to go along with this book!

I love window shopping online and I've found many fun products. Sometimes I try and bring them to you via giveaways and the like...but I thought a fun new feature might be to find something to go along with a book I'm reviewing. That way if you want to buy the book (or maybe even have it) you can find something special to go with it. Put the book and the product together and you'll create a wonderful gift for someone.

For Silas Winterbottom's book, he puts his young nieces and nephew into some harrowing situations. If they had certain tools...getting out alive might be a bit easier for them. So my product choice would be-

Survival Kit in a Sardine Can from ThinkGEEK

* it's small and compact, so the kids could hide it easily on their person
* it includes lots of great tools one might need to escape from somewhere
*it's waterproof and can float in the water...and with a place surrounded by a moat, that's great!

Actual Can Includes (taken from site)

The kit includes one of each of the following items: non-aspirin pain reliever, adhesive bandage, alcohol prep pad, antibiotic ointment, book of matches, compass, chewing gum, sugar, salt, energy nugget, duct tape, fire starter cube, first aid instructions, fish hook & line, note paper, pencil, razor blade, safety pin, reflective signal surface, tea bag, waterproof bag, whistle, and wire clip.


Catherine Stine said...

The book sounds like big fun! I may have to get this soon!


The book sounds good, but I have to say I love the survival kit..