Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pakistan Relief + Photo Contest

First off, you can enter a fun photo contest in honor of the book You Are Not Here by Samantha Schutz here. If you like to take pictures, this would be perfect for you!! Be sure to give it a look over.

Then you should head over to The Undercover Book Lover where they are hosting some online auctions for Pakistan Relief. I love these things, as they really do help amazing charities. I'm actually having a week of auctions right now. You can find the link for details in the left hand corner...you'll have to scroll down my page for all the auctions, but there are only four, so it shouldn't be too hard. Please think of bidding. All bids start fairly low for the actual price value of the products up for grabs, and with the holidays coming up, you know you'll want some nice gifts for those you love!! So I'd really appreciate you spreading the word or perhaps bidding.

This is in honor of Jumpstart the World by Catherine Ryan Hyde which is out today. I'm getting a copy, are you??

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