Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bea's Gift Baskets- The Perfect Holiday Gift

The above photo is the Book Lovers Barnes n Nobel Gift Set. This particular one even comes with a $15 B&N gift card...but you can get a set without the card and one with a higher amount. I thought this would be the perfect set to really highlight as most of you out there are book lovers. Wouldn't you LOVE this as a gift?! Be sure to tell your family and you may just get it this year.


Book End Chest Open 8.5 X 5 X 8 Closed 8.5 X 5 X 5

Malta Bella Almond Toffee Malt Balls Bag 1 oz.

2 Chewy Gourmet Fudge Brownies

California Vanilla Caramels

Wolfgang Puck gourmet coffee 2 pkg

$15 Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Godiva Gift Basket

I know one thing that my mom and sister would love and it's the Godiva Gift Basket. We all love Godiva chocolate and to have a whole collection would be amazing. I'm sure I'm not the only one craving this! It's a great holiday gift...check out the link to see the wonderful presentation it comes in.

Bonding Buddies Gift Basket

Know someone who loves their dog? This basket includes some wonderful items for them AND their's a gift that gives twice. What could be better? I know I'd love to give something for my own dog. After all, her birthday is actually December 23 so it would be a gift for two days.

Old Time Coke Snack Pack

This would be a perfect gift basket for myself or most of my friends. We love getting together to watch movies, and with this, you have the perfect drink and snacks all ready to go...just a pick a favorite movie and voila! It's a fantastic evening in. I know my brother and his wife would enjoy this as well, so it's also a perfect gift for couples.

As you can see, I'm a huge fan of gift baskets. If someone would give me one for the holidays, I would be sincerely grateful. They are fun and thoughtful and include some wonderful items. Plus, if you buy get a whole theme ready to go without any work from you apart from picking just one to give...and picking just one is really hard!

I'll have a review and giveaway up next week sometime. But for now, check out the site and share what you enjoy. I'm curious to know! Are you planning on doing gift baskets as gifts this year?


Mrs. DeRaps said...

What a great site! I searched all around, but the Book Lovers Basket would definitely be my favorite. I do love Halloween, though, and there were some cool ones for that holiday. Thanks for sharing the site link--I've bookmarked it for the next time I'm looking for a creative gift idea.

Silvia_C said...



Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, I so want that Book Lovers Gift Set - tres fabulous!! :)

leslie's freebies said...

Book lovers gift set is actually such a good idea: every year I'm struggling what present to get for my son's school teacher and this would be just perfect. Thanks!