Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's My BIRTHDAY and I'll Post if I Want Too...

I am officially 20 years old (This is Lauren by the way) How weird is that?! And who actually knew my age? I think most people believe I'm older than I am on here and younger than I am in real life...

Looking at blogs I follow, it seems like a lot of people have a Birthday this weekend. How crazy! I do know May is a popular month...I've already had three friends have a Birthday, so that's pretty crazy. Oh, and actor Justin Chon (Eric in the Twilight films) had his Birthday yesterday I believe, so HAPPY LATE B-DAY to him! Hope it was a good one.

I don't have much planned for today. Going out with my sister to get pizza...might see a movie or something. We'll see. I have many reviews still to be posted so I'll try and get one at least posted today (tomorrow at the latest).

Anyway...hope you all have a great day in honor of my Birthday and Memorial Day of course!!! And if you want to "get" me something buy either of the two books above and enjoy them. Two absolute favorites of mine! Yes, it is through Amazon Associates...I would get a small percentage if you bought them through this link, but you can get the books anywhere. Just buy them and enjoy!

Friday, May 28, 2010

B-BE-BEA (The Lauren Edition)

)So I am back from BEA. It was a lot of fun. Sadly, I was only able to go on Wednesday (and I even had to leave early) but it worked out okay. Besides...those bags of books really made my shoulders and back hurt. Seriously, I'm still aching. I can't be the only one! It was a lot of fun and such a good experience. I do want to go back again in the future...who knows if it will be next year or not...but sometime! I do need to run around a lot more. I'm sure I missed out on a lot of good books. I didn't get to check Quirk Books or go back to Sourcebooks or even find BenBella Books and Europa Editions. Quite alright...saw some other fun booths and got a total of 20 books (one is a repeat because Chelsea of the Page Flipper was kind enough to give me hers since she had giveaway people!)

As Shooting Stars is myself and Alicia (when it comes ot YA book reviews) we do have some of the same books, so hopefully we can do giveaways for some of those as well. Alicia is sneaky and got books I didn't see (and she was there longer) so I'm sure she has quite a stack. *Jealous*

I'd make a whole list of books I got but they are in a huge fed-ex box in another room so I'll just name some by their titles: Matched, Notes from a Blender, Adios Nirvana, Annexed, I Am J, Halo, Married with Zombies, and more. :-)

I didn't really get to meet that many authors...had a book signed by Maria V. Snyder and Carolyn Mackler though. I even ran into Eric Luper at the fed-ex station so that was kind of fun!

I saw Stephanie Kuehnert for a second but she was walking away from the line I was in, so sadly, I didn't talk to her but she's amazing so it was kind of cool to say I saw her anyway. haha By the way, you all need to pick Ballads of Suburbia which is her latest novel and so amazing!! One of my new favorite books of all-time.

As for the rest

of my New York journey, I got to see West Side Story. It was really good. I love musicals and this was one I'd never seen anywhere before. Too bad we had a couple ladies next to us who talked the whole time. They were on the other side of my s
sister so she heard it the most. Truly horrible theater etiquette!

And one of the most exciting things I did was see Julia Hoban (author of the amazing Willow). My sister and I met her at Magnolia Bakery (from Sex and the City, for all you fans) and we got to talk and hang out for a little over an hour. It was the first time I met her and she's super sweet in person too. Willow is an amazing read and again, another all-time favorite book I've read. It must be read by all, so no waiting! Get it now. It's in paperback for less than TEN BUCKS!

Anyway, overall, it was a good time. I'm so tired right now though. It was a crazy busy week. I'm sure Alicia will have an update post on her time when she gets home as well so look for that. I have quite a few reviews that I need to post as well so more posts to come. Sorry there wasn't much of anything this week!

P.S. I had business cards but sadly only gave them to a few people. However, my new business is up if you want to check it out:

Saturday, May 22, 2010

BEA and Updates

Hey everyone, Alicia here.

First off, I want to apologize for the severe lack of reviews and things from me. I'm a senior in high school and I graduate in like 2-3 weeks, and I have tons of things to do for it, so blogging has not been a priority. That being said, I have read tons of books and have a huge amount of reviews that will start going up when I'm done, so, yay!

Now that that's out of the way, the real reason for this post is BEA. I'm currently in New York, waiting for BEA and TAC and everything else to start. This is my first time in New York, so if anybody has any recommendations of places to see/eat/go, let me know!

I am beyond excited to meet all of the authors and bloggers that are going. There are tons of signings there that I want to go to, and I'm hoping that I make most of them. I also have a huge wish list of books that I am dying to grab there, so fingers are crossed that I am able to get them.

I will be at BEA everyday, all day long (and most likely early one day), so if you see me say hello. Or if anyone wants to meet or anything, leave me a comment below, tweet me, or email me (, and hopefully we can hang out.

Are you going to BEA?? And don't forget, Lauren will be there too.


BEA Non-Book Wish-List Item!

                                                                         Photo Source

That photo above is the Casio EX-FC150 digital camera. Doesn't it look fun? I'm not the smartest person when it comes to electronics but I would really love to learn how to use my own digital camera. My family has one but it's more for family use and not really owned by one of us. With New York and BEA coming up this week, I'm sad that I don't have my own camera...if you meet me (I'll be at BEA on Wednesday) you might find me snapping your photo with a one-use camera. It's my trademark really, but it doesn't guarantee me awesome photos. I might have to steal some of Chelsea's (The Page Flipper) as I've elected her as my guide...meaning I'm following her around most of the time!

If I did have a camera of my own, the above looks really nice. With little knowledge, I really love the idea that it's "the fastest camera" Casio makes and they say "You will never miss a shot again due to annoying shutter lag ever again." Can you say "awesome"?! This would definitely be ideal for when you want a lot of shots and the camera being slow is not an author signing or a concert. I know our camera here is often slow inbetween and it's hard to capture the perfect shot because of the lag.

Again, I don't know much about cameras. There might be something a lot better on the Casio site. If you know of something, feel free to let me know. One of these days I need to get my own. I love taking pictures and I find I haven't taken hardly as many as I used too. I have tons from high school...that one-use camera again...but now that I'm in college, a digital would be more of an advantage.

Ah...if only I was lucky to be asked to review this sometime. I'd take them up on that offer in a heartbeat!

For now, go and browse the site, why don't you? The above camera is here and the main site is here.

The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting

The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting

Review by: Lauren

Book From: 1 ARC tour. I read the book and passed it on!

Summary from Amazon:

Violet Ambrose is grappling with two major issues: Jay Heaton and her morbid secret ability. While the sixteen-year-old is confused by her new feelings for her best friend since childhood, she is more disturbed by her "power" to sense dead bodies—or at least those that have been murdered. Since she was a little girl, she has felt the echoes the dead leave behind in the world . . . and the imprints that attach to their killers.

Violet has never considered her strange talent to be a gift; it mostly just led her to find dead birds her cat left for her. But now that a serial killer is terrorizing her small town, and the echoes of the local girls he's claimed haunt her daily, Violet realizes she might be the only person who can stop him.

Despite his fierce protectiveness over her, Jay reluctantly agrees to help Violet find the murderer—and Violet is unnerved by her hope that Jay's intentions are much more than friendly. But even as she's falling intensely in love, Violet is getting closer and closer to discovering a killer . . . and becoming his prey herself.

The Body Finder is one wild debut novel. You have romance, suspense, and danger! Violet has a deadly gift that begins to put her in harms way. Some of the creepiest writing is in this book, believe me. Know why? Inbetween Violet's story you get the serial killer's thoughts as he hunts the various girls. Can you say creepy? Not that it was a bad thing. It honestly freaked me out (especially reading this at night) but it kept me interested and ready for the next part of the story.
I would hate to be Violet, that's for sure. But I would also love to be her. She has a hard gift to deal with...and I honestly think it can be a gift...but she also has a loving family and best friend (or maybe more?) Jay who would do anything to keep her safe and happy.
I'm so excited for the next book, Desires of the Dead, which comes out in 2011. If only I knew what month exactly...This is one unique series that is sure to please many fans looking for a darker YA novel.
If you are a fan of mysteries, suspense, murder, love stories (how random, huh?)...then The Body Finder might just be for you. It's definitely a freaky story in many ways so I'd recommend it for people 14 and older or if you are really good with horror movies/books.
Amazon Associates: If you buy The Body Finder through the picture link, it would mean a lot. I get a small percentage every time someone buys a book through my link, but it takes awhile to add up to something I actually think about it!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bea's Gift Baskets: Can You Say "I Want This!?"

Bea's Gift Baskets Overview by Lauren

Doesn't that basket above look amazing? I think giving someone a gift basket for any occasion is a great idea. It's sweet and fun and you once you find the perfect basket, you don't have to worry about the gift anymore. Besides, who wouldn't love it?!

Personally, I don't think I've ever recieved a gift basket but I would love too, especially from Bea's Gift Baskets. They have things for Him, Her, Pets, Fruit, Sports, Weddings (this IS Wedding month on the blog), and even Father's Day...which is the closest holiday coming up. Don't know what to get your dad? Check out this site! You can't go wrong!
I'm looking at the site as I write this and I just want to click "buy now, buy now" for most of what I see. You get food and fun all in one. Yes, it rhymed like Dr. Seuss...but it's TRUE!

Keep an eye out though...we're going to try and do something fun with Bea's Gift Baskets soon. For now though, check it out and get something for yourself or a friend.

Comment now...what do you like from the site? Good Father's Day gift? Know someone having a kid or a wedding? Birthday coming up? I know mine is...feel free to send me something from the site. :0)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

CSN Stores' Review: Meet My Dog and Her New Bed!

CSN Stores Review

By: Lauren

My Product Pick: Snoozer Economy Pet Bed with Sherpa Top


When I was offered the chance to review something from CSN stores, I automatically thought of a dog bed. My family has been wanting to upgrade ours for a long Luana's (my dog!) old one was getting rather ragged.

So my mom and I went searching. They have so many great options. If my dog was smaller, I would have loved one of the beds that were rounded, so she could snuggle. Instead, we went with the Snoozer Economy Pet Bed with Sherpa Top so that it would be big enough for her to lay out on (as you can see in the below picture). She definitely loves it...though it took her a little while to get used to it. We put her toys on it, made her go on for her treat, and basically tried to make it smell like her old one so she knew it was her bed. In no time at all, she is lying down all on her own, stretching out and taking a nap.

Isn't she adorable? Yeah, the glowing eyes are a bit creepy but I'm afraid I don't know how to fix that! :0) Definitely think about checking out CSN stores for your dog bed needs...PLUS they have many, many, many other products. Just take a look around:

Monday, May 17, 2010

Leave Questions for Holly Black & Sarah Rees Brennan

            I will be interviewing Sarah Rees Brennan and Holly Black this coming Thursday, May 20. If you would like to have your questions answered...leave them in the comments. I figured it would be fun to have it be more of a "the fans ask..." kind of thing instead of just my own thoughts.

I'm having a friend help me out so hopefully the video can be loaded really soon after Thursday well as the Lisa McMann/Linda Gerber interview I have that I just could never get to load...hopefully they will both be up later this week before I head to New York for BEA. We shall see.

For now though, leave your questions in the comments...

Amazon Associates: If you purchase either The Demon's Covenant or White Cat through these links, I get a small percentage. You know you want these books though, so think about it!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shooting Stars Promotion: Seeking 2010/2011 Authors

My New Business: Shooting Stars Promotion

The Main Idea: To help authors find the best ways to promote their novels, ESPECIALLY if they don't get much help from their publishing company to do so. 

Current Client: Linda Gerber's TRANCE

What You Can Find on the Site: Ideas of what we can do to promote, price packages that fit all budgets, and even my very first testimonial!

I'm very excited to finally be starting this up and I have to thank Linda Gerber for helping me out so much on getting everything ready. I have ordered business cards which I'll bring to BEA so if you meet me and want one, let me know!

As for now, I'm looking to add more clients to my if you are an author and are interested, check out the site and get in touch! As for all you bloggers out there, care to spread the word? Post on your blog or even tell authors directly if you think or even know they are looking for extra promotion help. It would be greatly appreciated.

Photo Above: Not mine, obviously...I just found it funny!

Friday, May 14, 2010

A Beautiful Tale of Love and Marriage: The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff

The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff

Review by: Lauren

Book From: I was sent this book, kindly autographed by the author, for the TLC Book Tour.

Summary from Author Site: Inspired by the true story of Danish painter Einar Wegener and his California-born wife, this tender portrait of a marriage asks: What do you do when someone you love wants to change? It starts with a question, a simple favor asked of a husband by his wife on an afternoon chilled by the Baltic wind while both are painting in their studio. Her portrait model has canceled, and would he mind slipping into a pair of women's shoes and stockings for a few moments so she can finish the painting on time. Of course, he answers. Anything at all. With that, one of the most passionate and unusual love stories of the twentieth century begins.

My Review:

The Danish Girl is a beautifully written story about the love between two people, one of which just happens to have been born a girl named Lili stuck inside a boy named Einar. Einar's wife, Greta, gives up her own needs to make sure that Lili can grow and become who she was meant to be. It's a brave idea, especially in the 1930's when many are telling Greta that her husband is not well and could be a harm to himself or society...Greta, however, believes otherwise.

Ebershoff, just like the painters' story he weaves, has painted a world that is both wonderful and awful all at the same time. The settings and world around these characters is carefully constructed so that the reader can fall into their lives, as if reading about a pair of friends who live away.

Overall, The Danish Girl was a fast read and leaves you with many thoughts. What is the true meaning of love, inside and out of marriage? Could you give up the man you love, knowing that once the girl in him is nurtered, there is no turning back and you have to move on alone?

I'm grateful that I was allowed to take part in the TLC tour. I think this is a wonderful book for many to read and is surely something that you would find discussed in Oprah's bookclub. I just realized from the author's site that film plans are in the works and I really hope it works out. This is one story that is sure to come alive on screen and deals with a topic that should be discussed with grace and understanding...just like the book did. 

If you click the link before the summary, it will bring you to the Danish Girl page on Ebershoff's site, where you can find links to an excerpt, information on the film, and quotes from others about the novel.

Amazon Associates: If you buy the book from the above link, it will add a tiny percentage to my total...which will be sent to me once I reach a certain amount.

Pretty Little Liar's Sara Shepard Interview

Interview with Sara Shepard, author of the Pretty Little Liars Series

Shooting Stars Questions by: Lauren

Tuesday, June 8th at 8/7c on ABC Family is when Pretty Little Liars the SHOW premieres

To be honest, I was never really interested in reading the Pretty Little Liars series. I didn't know what it was really about, but the covers never screamed "check me out" when I was browsing (probably because they remind of the Gossip Girls or something). However, now that I know the summary behind the series, I'm really excited to check them the show sounds like it will be very interesting. Hopefully it will give Sara even more fans, including myself whenever I can get my hands on the first book. The following Q and A are only my questions but I'll leave a link at the bottom to Sarah's blog (Green Bean Teen Queen) becauses she posted the entire interview I believe.


L. Becker: Hi. I know that a lot of authors think about what if their books became a movie, but in the aspect of having a series how do you think this will work better for TV since you have a lot of books in the series instead of having just movies?

S. Shepard: I think it will work really well for a series because there is just so much material. I think – every author wants their book to be a movie and they think about it and I’m guilty of that, too.

There is so much going on in the mystery and the back story of all this, it’s so deep that I think it’s perfect for TV because there is a chance to develop all of that. You really wouldn’t have that opportunity in a 90 minute movie unless they did sequel after sequel which would be pretty ridiculous. I think it’s great for TV.

L. Becker: Great. My other question is a lot of TV shows, they eventually  come out with different merch, like  t-shirts and stuff, so just from a fad point of view, what would you like to see for Pretty Little Liars? Would you want to see shirts you could buy or a bobble-head, just crazy stuff like that?

S. Shepard: What I would love to see, and actually what some readers have asked me, are the dolls from the cover, which I don’t know if they’d actually make the dolls of the stars, which would be interesting, too. There is so much in the book about Alison, the best friend who has gone missing, kind of treats her friends like just dolls that she just controls their every move. As a fad I think sort of having Pretty Little Liars dolls would be pretty awesome.

Sarah's Post with the Interview:

Amazon Associates: If you buy the book through the above link, I do get a small percentage but it takes awhile to add up. Feel free to help!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

TLC Tour Update


I was meant to post my review for the TLC tour of "The Danish Girl." However, my day was much more eventful than I thought it was going to be and I haven't had the chance to do so...this is actually the first time I've been online all day and it won't be for much longer. I will try and have it posted tomorrow. Sorry for the wait!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Head's Creation Review + Giveaway

The Head's Creation Review + Giveaway

By: Lauren


It's finally time for the last Wedding themed review/giveaway. Aw, it's a bit sad, isn't it? Don't worry...I'll have more fun posts to come. For now, enjoy all of these. Every single company or site is amazing and they were great to work with...especially The Head's Creation who has their own handmade items on etsy.

I was sent a wedding plate to review that looks similar to the photo above (the names/dates are the only difference). My sister's friend is getting married at the end of the month so we had her first name and her fiance's first name on the top of the plate, with their wedding date at the bottom. There were a few options of what to put in the middle but I went with the cake figuring it was a nice touch...and once you get the plate, you really can see it as the perfect plate for the first wedding cake. It's not the size of a normal plate but for a symbolic moment it would be great. It's also just a really cool thing to have as you grow up.

Everyone in my family loved it, and my mom really wants to get one now in the future...maybe as an anniversary gift for my brother's wedding (since we didn't know about the shop when he got married last summer). It's not just for weddings though...this is a fun new baby gift, graduation idea, etc. So definitely keep it in mind whether you have weddings in the future or not.

One of the items I love is the Signature Plate that comes with a pen for people to sign. How awesome would this be for a reception, party, or baby shower? It's great!! I would have loved something like that when I graduated...maybe when I finally graduate from college, or even when my sister does as she'll be first.

As for the bride's opinion? My sister gave her the plate recently at one of her bridal shower parties and she loved it. She thought it was unique and even counted it as one of her favorite gifts.

It's a non-expensive way to show someone you care about them and wanted to put a little thought into their gift. Plus, they might need registration gifts, but they would LOVE something a little more fun here and there too and this is a perfect idea!

Giveaway Time

To Enter: Go to the site (link above) and let me know what you would want from the shop and why.

Open To: International (No matter where you are from though, you HAVE to pay for shipping. I did for the review item and believe me, it's not much and it's worth it so please enter!)

Prize: One wedding plate!

Ends: May 21


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Charm Factory Review + Giveaway

Charm Factory Review + Giveaway

Written by: Lauren



In honor of the Wedding theme, I thought Charm Factory would be a great business to spotlight. My dad actually bought a couple charms for my mom's bracelet this past Christmas and she loves them. For the review though, we recieved a silver bracelet with 8 charms that we picked. My sister is the big jewelry girl in the family so she did the honors of picking out the charms. Let me tell you, this site has tons of options. You can get all sorts of things from angels, to family, to Twilight (as shown in the picture above). My sister went through and found 8 charms that fit her life at the moment, including:

Green ribbon: represents kidney transplants because our mom had one.

Charm that says Army: our brother is in the army now

Heart that says sister in the middle: because of me and her

Little football: she loves football!

Eiffel tower: has been to France twice now

Birthstone gem: her birthday is June

I Love Movies charm: I believe that speaks for itself quite honestly. :)

American Flag: again, sort of speaks for itself, yes?

You see, there are all these ideas and so many more! It honestly takes awhile to search through them all and I'm sure you'll need more than one bracelet to fill it up.

I think the bracelet is pretty and it's nice that it's unique and fits the person. What a lovely graduation gift, for instance! As for my sister-

* pretty
* 8 charms is perfect for one bracelet
* can change the size a bit once you get it so it fits snug
* looks well-made
* many charm choices!

Now one of you has the chance to win your very own bracelet with 8 charms! You better start looking now in case you win.

Giveaway Details:

To Enter: Visit the sit (link above) and let me know ONE charm you would like to have

Open To: International

Ends: May 21


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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Review: Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

Review by: Lauren

Book From: ARC sent from Publisher

Summary (from Indiebound):

One cold night, in a most unlikely corner of Chicago, two teens--both named Will Grayson--are about to cross paths. As their worlds collide and intertwine, the Will Graysons find their lives going in new and unexpected directions, building toward romantic turns-of-heart and the epic production of history's most fabulous high school musical.


I wish there was more that I could say about this book but I'm afraid it's been a little while since I read it (sorry for the late review) but really, what you need to know is that...this book is really good. I love John Green and his characters and I've heard amazing things about David (though I haven't read anything by him YET), so this is definitely YA genius coming together.

Both Will Grayon's are well-rounded, believable characters with new and interesting problems. One believes he has found a boyfriend online and even goes to Chicago to meet him...the fateful night he runs into the other Will Grayson too.

As for the other Will Grayson, it's his "always in love" best friend Tiny (who is anything but, physically or in personality) who has to push him into taking a chance with a girl from school.

This book definitely deals with the idea of what makes a person...the people they love, the ones that love's definitely not your name, which anyone can have and twist however they want.

Will Grayson, Will Grayson is an emotional, funny, real novel that I loved reading. It might deal with common issues but it does so in a new way that keeps you reading and keeps you interested.

I really do wish I could say more...but I think if you pick up a copy of this book and read it for yourself, you'll understand what I can't say.

Amazon Affiliates: I get a small percentage if you buy this book through the link I provided above. It would be appreciated as running a blog is no easy or cheap task.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Business: I Need YOUR Help

I'm starting a business. That's right, it will be called Shooting Stars Promotion and the idea is to help authors with their publicity. I know not all authors really get a publicist that focuses on their novel...leaving the author with most of the work and having to spend more of their own money. I want to you money, find the best ways to spread the word about the book, answer all your "do I need this..." and more questions, etc. I will have a website up soon and will need help spreading the word but right now if you are a 2010 and 2011 author (doesn't have to be a debut) and want to learn more, let me know! I'm in the process of figuring out prices right now (don't worry, they aren't too high because I'm new and I want to build up my client list!). I do, however, have one client already and that's where the rest of you bloggers come in.

Author: Linda Gerber
Book: Trance

It comes out in October and I want to start building the buzz NOW, so I need all you bloggers to help me out. I'm planning a fun summer event and we need people to be willing to donate swag, a book, or anything else a book lover might enjoy (gift cards, etc.) so please email me if you want to be involved. I did email a lot of you already (so check your email!!) but if not, that doesn't mean I don't want your help...get in touch!!!

And again, if you know of any authors looking for publicity help or you are an author, let me know as well and we'll figure everything out and get started.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Geezee's Canvas Giveaway

Geezees Canvas Giveaway
(photos are courtesy of Geezee's site and I do not own them)

This is one business that I would love to get something from in the future. Whether you are getting married and want a canvas with that special someone or you just had a baby and want to remember doesn't matter. So many choices and it's a gift that lasts pretty much a lifetime!

The following is a list from Geezee's site, giving you a bigger look at ways you could use this product:

WEDDING photo printed on canvas with vows or lyrics • ANNIVERSARY • BEST FRIEND memories or quotes • new MOTHER • LOVE letter • BRIDAL party • POET and WRITER • TRIBUTE to lost loved one • CHILD photos or artwork and silly sayings • ENGAGEMENT gift • HOUSEWARMING gift • Bus Rolls • Adoption Welcome Art • Graduation Gift

Prize: $25 gift card

Open To: International

Ends: May 18th!

To Enter: Go to the site and pick your favorite style:


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Beau-Coup Favors $50 Giveaway

My sister's friend is getting married at the end of the Month and in honor of that, plus the fact that I had a lot of weddings last year to attend, I wanted to have some fun giveaway posts in honor of all things Wedding. That doesn't mean you have to be getting married or know someone getting married to enter...each site/product that is featured can be used for more things than just weddings. If you are having a wedding though, there is PLENTY of things perfect for bridal showers. Anyone you know getting married this summer? Here are some amazing beach items. I wish I could enter these myself, quite honestly. So let's get started! There should be two giveaways up today and two up tomorrow. Keep an eye out!


Beau-Coup Favors Giveaway:

Prize: $50 Gift Card

Open To: International

Ends: Tuesday, May 11

To Enter: Visit the site and let me know in the comments what you like best!

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