Thursday, January 13, 2011

School Costs a Lot (and This Might Help)

As you may know, I (and that means Lauren) am a college student. Yeah, good times. Honestly, I do like college a lot more than high school...but that doesn't mean it's easy. And one thing that I'm always having to do is PRINT.THINGS.OUT. The big stuff are usually papers...those can range from 8 to 12 pages. I also have to print notes and handouts off my computer sometimes because the school is trying to limit what the professors print...because it's expensive.

So what's my point? I need more ink, and it drives me nuts...because I swear, it's like I always need more ink. Now, if you click the photo above or this link HERE you can get 10 % off some ink...and as it says, you get free shipping on orders over $55. Not too shabby. Bet you never thought of getting ink online? I never really did either, but I think it's a smart idea...nice way to stock up for awhile as well, especially when you find deals like this.

For all you high school and college students...and parents of these students...check out the site and see if what you need is available. Get some deals on ink!

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LM Preston said...

It would be nice if teachers would let you email in your assignments and save on paper printing. I used to be a college professor and I had my students email me their assignments. It was easier for me to review their work.

Jane said...

I've gotten VERY lucky with printing... the profs make us print stuff out, but the school gives us printing credit which gets most of it done, and my dorm also has a computer lab which offers free printing which is a HUGE help. I couldn't imagine spending money on ink cartridges or even buying a printer.

Although I do understand why the profs wouldn't want assignments in electronic form. It makes printing their responsibility, which is very time consuming, and if they don't print then they have to read it all on the computer, which personally would kill my eyes after awhile. There are also a lot of excuses to get out of turning stuff in online (computer problems, "oops, I forgot to attach it in the email, my bad...", etc) It all depends on the professor's preference, I suppose. If I were a professor, I would require hard copies unless there is a really good excuse. However, I also wouldn't require my students to print out every little assignment or handout... that's just a waste I think, because as long as a student has read the material and prepared for class then we should be able to have a decent discussion.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

LM: That would be great...but as Jane said, I think the professors hate the idea of reading on the computer and if not, they'd have to print which they don't want to do either. I guess it's a lose/lose in their mind. How wonderful that you used to do that though!!

Jane: We do have printing credit as well, which is great. I suppose since I live at's MUCH easier for me to print things at home and make sure I have everything I need. Otherwise I might freak out and think I don't have everything or if the computers are full or not working...not good. LOL I like to be prepared. But yes, printing EVERYTHING is really annoying.

Thanks for your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

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Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

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