Wednesday, January 5, 2011

W.O.W- The Intimates by Ralph Sassone

The Intimates by Ralph Sassone

Waiting on Wednesday pick by Lauren

Release: February 2, 2011

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Summary from Publisher- The Intimates is a brilliant and deeply moving first novel about the varieties of romance. Spanning years and continents, beginnings and endings, it is about two gifted and striving people who discover themselves in the reflection they see in each other, and how their affinity anchors them at critical points in their lives.

Maize and Robbie are drawn to each other from the first time they meet in high school. When it becomes obvious that their relationship won’t be sexual, they establish a different kind of intimacy: becoming each other’s “human diaries.” Their passionate Friendship plays out against a backdrop of charged connections: with lovers and would be lovers, family members, teachers, and bosses. For the better part of a decade they’re inseparable fellow travelers, but ultimately they must confront the underside of the extreme and complicated closeness that has sustained them since they were teenagers.

Full of indelible characters, engrossing situations, and observations as sharply witty as they are lovely and profound, The Intimates renders the wonders and disappointments of becoming an adult, the thrills and mesmerizing illusions of sex, and the secrets we keep from others and ourselves as we struggle to locate our true character. The Intimates marks the emergence of a remarkable new voice.

Why I Want This: Doesn't it just sound fascinating? I read a play this past semester in one of my classes. It was called The Heidi Chronicles and the main character, Heidi, meets a man named Peter when she is a young woman and one of the first things he tells her is, "If we can't be married, I hope we are lifelong friends." I'm going by memory of course, so that's probably not exactly right but you get it...and this book kind of reminded me of that. There isn't much of a wait for this one either, which is always nice!

Also...I wanted people to know if you haven't read Ballads of Suburbia by Stephanie Kuehnert, that will always be on my suggestion list (and it's out NOW). But if you have, I want to promote it more so please check out my event and sign up. And yes, you can sign up even if you have not read it yet!


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Sounds fab!
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That's an intriguing summary! Nice pick! :D

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