Friday, March 25, 2011

Plastic Jungle Review

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Plastic Jungle was kind enough to offer me a chance to really review their site, and I would love to share some information and my experience with them. First off, you should definitely check out their discounted merchants section if you're interested in buying a gift card from the site...this is a great way to save money. Where else can you get a gift card for a larger amount when you pay less? For example-

You can buy a Barnes n Noble gift card for 9 % off...which means. You pay $22.75 and GET a $25 gift card. Or you could pay $63.73 and GET $70.03.  Pretty sweet, huh?

Another awesome deal are the Target gift cards.  For example, you can pay $47.50 for a $50 gift card!!

Users can even Save up to 35% with FREE shipping!

They even have an ECODEs products, where you can save easier right now!!
My Official Review: I was sent a $25 gift card from Khol's. To really test out the site (and because I honestly didn't have much use for a Khol's card) I decided to sell my card on the site. The way I went about it though was to turn it in for an Amazon card, instead of paypal cash, which you can do. I was given $20 and some cents for my $25 card, which isn't too bad. At least you're getting a card you actually want for not much less!
The process is pretty easy too. You register your card on their site, they give you a receipt to print out and even a shipping label to put on the envelope. What that means is that you put the card and receipt in the envelope, and the label on top...and voila, free shipping to send the card to Plastic Jungle! It took them about a week to get my card and process it...once it was ready, I got an email telling me my Amazon code was available. I took that code and went shopping (since I had another amazon card to use as well). It worked wonderfully and I really enjoyed my little amazon spree!
I love the idea behind Plastic Jungle. They make it really easy to get rid of unwanted cards for something you'd prefer. I'm definitely going to keep them in mind in the future for any other cards I may aquire, and I might even buy some cards from them so I pay a bit less for what I get.
I do want to note that to sell a gift card, it has to have a minimum value of $25!
Keep in touch with Plastic Jungle on their facebook and twitter pages.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, I am off to check this site out STAT! Every little bit helps, right?! :)

Timothy said...
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Tim said...

OMG I saw a commercial on TV for a site like that (gift card buyback/sell) I forget the name but i was skeptical I am glad you did a review on this one I will definitely have to try it out!


mhoward said...

Good to know, I give GC's away on my blog.
howardreviews at gmail dot com

Stephanie said...

This is such a good idea. My cards get buried in my wallet & I forget about them!

Thank you for visiting my site - now returning the follow!
henry happened

Mahmood said...

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