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Playlist Talk with Mary E. Pearson (The Fox Inheritance)

Do you have playlists for writing your books? What did you listen to as you wrote The Fox Inheritance? Are there songs for The Fox Inheritance that you think fit it particularly well?

Hello Lauren! Thanks so much for having me as a guest at your blog. Yes! I always have playlists for my books—usually several in fact. For The Fox Inheritance, I had three different playlists. One with all the songs I listened to, another that was a shortened version, and still another that was very short with only very dark, quiet songs. Below, via Grooveshark, I’ve listed the ones I used most often so you can listen to them and see who the artists are.

The songs fall into three categories:

1) Songs that are unique to The Fox Inheritance

Today (more about this one below)

Because the Night


The Emperor is Dead


Sorrow (depressingly sad, but good for writing)

How Can I Tell You

Sad Lisa (another very sad on--just in the tone alone!)

When We Are One

Lighted Up (Finally a slightly more upbeat song. Only a few words of the song actually fit the book, but the tone was what I needed. And the voice. I could imagine Locke.)

Songs that I use over and over again in my writing because they get me in the “zone.”

In the Air Tonight (love the way this builds)

Brothers in Arms

Book of Days

Canon in D


The Storm Begins

(these songs really are an eclectic group, aren’t they? From dark to upbeat)

3) Songs from the Jenna Fox book that fit this one too

Hold On (this was my fave for Jenna Fox. Yeah, this is going to hurt like hell.)

Fumbling Toward Ecstasy

I Will Remember You (and this song speaks so well to both Jenna and Locke’s predicament)

I think the song that got me in the “zone” the most and was unique to The Fox Inheritance was Today by Jefferson Airplane. It was dark, and melancholy, and hopeful all at the same time. And it also had this uneasy underlying feeling of an unhealthy lopsided relationship. In the story, Locke and Kara have the ability to speak together through their minds only. Sometimes you can’t tell who is speaking, where one voice begins and another ends. That’s how I imagined this song, the voice going back and forth between the two of them.

If anyone has any other great songs for writing to, or songs they think might fit the book, I’d love to hear them!

To listen to the playlist, please visit Grooveshark!

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