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The Fox Inheritance by Mary E. Pearson

The Fox Inheritance by Mary E. Pearson

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Official Summary: Once there were three. Three friends who loved each other—Jenna, Locke, and Kara. And after a terrible accident destroyed their bodies, their three minds were kept alive, spinning in a digital netherworld. Even in that disembodied nightmare, they were still together. At least at first. When Jenna disappeared, Locke and Kara had to go on without her. Decades passed, and then centuries.

Two-hundred-and-sixty years later, they have been released at last. Given new, perfect bodies, Locke and Kara awaken to a world they know nothing about, where everyone they once knew and loved is long dead.

Everyone except Jenna Fox.

Review: Having loved The Adoration of Jenna Fox, I was really excited to read the next book. It's not exactly a sequel. It takes place many years later and the only characters you see again are Locke, Kara, and Jenna. But that's okay, because it is all about them. I wish I had the time to re-read Adoration, but I could still follow along with this book. Pearson made sure that this book could be a stand-alone. Yeah, it's nice to read both of them in the order they were intended, but it's not neccessary.

This book was narrated by Locke, instead of Jenna, which I enjoyed. As you read, it's obvious that the book would be very boring if it was just Jenna's point of view again, but I also just liked that you saw how Locke viewed everything. All of a sudden he's in a new world, trying to hold on to the past memories he had and the love he shared with both girls. It isn't always easy though. He's not a boy, he's not a man. He's not even completely human. But he has his mind, his memories. Where does that bring him?

As for Kara, you see her through Locke's eyes and he feels bad for failing her. He wants his love to be enough, but it can't be. Kara is vastly different from the girl she used to be. For 260 years, her mind was held in a black void...only Locke's voice to hold her together. The rest of the time she is left to live in her memories or withstand the darkness. When they are finally free, she is angry. She wants to make someone pay for what she went through. She wants a victim. Most of all, she wants to know where Jenna went when her voice left theirs in the dark...and why she didn't come back to save them too.

I really enjoyed the setting. It's a future America with Bots and all sorts of new folk. Some things haven't changed but a lot of technology has definitely "improved" or changed, however you want to look at it.

This book gives you a lot to think about, which is nice. That's not to say it's a hard book to read, but it's not fluff!


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Cinderella said...

I'd like to see world peace, country peace, state peace, city peace, neighborhood peace, and individual peace:)

Pollution free. Respect for the environment.

The 10 Commandments being obeyed by every single person.

(Florida) Girl said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to looking around here. This book sounds beyond intriguing.

Here is my book club.

Melanie said...

I'd like to see a world that's not nearly as messed up as all the scientists say it's going to be.

I loved the first book, and I'm happy to hear the next book is equally as good!