Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bar Stools for My Future Home (Which I do Imagine)

I really love kitchens that have an island. I don't like it to be the only place people can eat...as family tables are nice and allow more room, but for a quick snack or breakfast? Or even just to bake at? Very nice! But you know what you need for these? A bar stool!! There is just a site for that...I bet you're thinking like me....a site for everything!! But there does seem to be, and you can find all that at moreballstools.com.

One of the things that I do find most annoying about bar stools are the lack of a back rest. I know it makes me sound like an old fart, but I really do have a bad back if it's not properly supported. But guess what? You can get bar stools that have a back...just look at the picture up top! Perfect, huh?

And there are all sorts of other types as well. You can get a wooden stool if you want a classic look or you can go a bit funky and new! I really like this idea. Here are a couple pictures of these types-

Purple is my favorite color, so this would be really fun. Plus, it would make a fun computer chair if not a bar stool in the regular sense.

Finally, here is another chair I would personally enjoy:

It's like a mini couch! It looks so comfy. And the brown color is nice and sophisticated. Perfect for many.

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