Thursday, December 15, 2011

If There Were Another Season...

If you were the writer for the next episode of the next season, what would happen? What does the future look like in Smallville?

Oh gosh, this is a really hard question. I'm not sure how Smallville would look. I suppose I would start it out with Clark living a full double life, now that he has the iconic uniform. As such, he has to save Smallville (and maybe someone really close to him there...) from a new evil villian. It will be a bit of a struggle since he's worried about being noticed, maybe even not being noticed and what that means, and then of course...just being able to succeed and make everything right.

I know these aren't technically exact ideas. I think I'd fail at being a Smallville writer, but I could always pick my sister or dad's brains. They've both grown up on the lore of Superman and now that Clark has officially become him, they might be a good place to start on exact ideas.

Obviously, the tension between being Smallville and loving Lana should play a major role too. You gotta use that romance to its fullest, right? ;-)

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Bonnie said...

I had such a crush on him when this show started.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

David said...

i've never watched smallville, but i did just buy this series box set for my brother for christmas, he's gonna love it!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

David: that's awesome. I wish I could have gotten this for my sister and dad...perhaps in the future!!