Monday, February 28, 2011

Rattlecake Review

Rattlecake Diaper Cake Review

By: Lauren

Buy Your Own Diaper Cake!

Review: This diaper cake was amazing and a huge hit when it was unveiled for people to look at. We never took the plastic around it all off as my sister in law and brother had to travel with it. Everything was put together extremely well though and nothing was missing, broke, and the only thing that fell was one of the baby spoons...but it just sunk a little into the diaper part of the bottom. No biggie! My brother could easily lift it up without taking the plastic off.

One of the things that I found really cute about the cake was that the top had a list of all its items inside but it was titled as Ingredients, like an actual cake. It was a nice touch!

If you check out the Rattlecake website, you can see that a lot of the cakes have a theme from puppies, to ducks, and even Winnie-the-Pooh (the cake I'd want if I were having a baby) but my sister in law didn't have a baby shower theme. Her nursery doesn't even have a theme like most people, so we had to be a bit more creative. I told Rattlecake that they were an army family and were having a girl and voila, we get some adorable pink camo ribbon to surround the cake. As for the elephant on top, I was given a few choices and my mom and I thought we'd go with an elephant. I guess we made a good choice because my sister in law and even my brother thought it was really cute.

Now, I know that not ALL of you out there have heard of diaper cakes. I hadn't until I saw them around in the blog world...which is how I find most cool things these days. However, my sister in law actually knew what they were...and not only that, she'd told her mom "I hope I get one." I was totally shocked and really excited we were given the chance to review a cake for her. She was very excited and I know she'll love having it around until and after the baby is born.

For those that can't tell, the cake is full of size 1 Pampers, a teether, a couple baby spoons, a rattle, stuffed animal, and more!!

I definitely recommend this one. It would make an amazing baby shower gift or even a "Congrats!" gift for the hospital when the baby has been born. You can find all types of cakes at Rattlecake from various sizes to boy, girl, and even neutral.

Thanks to everyone following the baby posts so far. There are two more, both giveaways, and both things that aren't JUST for little kids or moms-to-be!

Tiny Ball Of Light by Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger

This was probably my favorite part of the Oscars. If you didn't watch, co-host James Franco announcedthat 2010 was the year of the move wasn't of course...and then they played this clip. Harry Potter was first, but it was followed by a few other 2010 films. I still think HP was the best though, because it really sounds like it could be a song. Anyway, what do you think? And I promise the last few baby posts will be going up soon...with a couple giveaways too!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ice-Qube Baby Emergency Kit

Do Not Own

Ice-Qube Baby Emergency Kit

Review by: Lauren

Ice-Qube website

Review- This is a genius idea, I must say! Who couldn't use an emergency kit? Ice-Qube has more than just the baby ones...including Home and Office (Rescue and Survival Kit) and even a Car Emergency Kit to go. Just think of the many people that could use these. It's always a good idea to have certain items on hand just in case.

As for the baby kit, it's full of some wonderful products. You get simple items like socks, a onesie, and some diapers...but then there are some other items for bigger emergencies such as a face mask, one time use thermometer and more.

Here is the full list of items-

• Baby Bottle – BPA Free

• Emergency Mylar Blanket

• Child Face Mask

• Baby Onesie - 100% Cotton In Ice-

Qube Safety Orange

• Infant Socks

• Baby Bib – 100% 2-ply Cotton With

Ice-Qube Safety Orange Trim

• Baby Feeding Spoon

• Diapers (3) Small, Medium, Large

• Organic Tush Wipes (3)

• Organic Hand Sanitizing Wipes (3)

• Disposable Diaper Sacks (3)

• Soothing Cream (2) by Episencial

• Better Body Lotion by Episencial

• Sunny Sunscreen SPF 35 by


• Latex Free Jr. Bandages (5)

• One Time Use Thermometer

• Instant Cold Compress

• Baby Medicine Spoon

• Resealable Liquid-Tight Bag

• Refillable Storage Qube

• Baby Emergency ICE Planner

• ICE Emergency ID Card

Everything comes in a box...hence the Qube part of the title. It's not too big, so you could easily store it in your trunk. It's also handy for babysitters or visits to someone else's house, just to make sure they would have everything they need.

My sister in law seemed to really enjoy the box...even reading down the list to see all that it included. She hadn't realized that one time use thermometers existed, so that was a cool "shock" for her to find out.

Overall, we all thought the box was awesome and I'm really thankful we were able to check one out. I would recommend for moms new and old. And for those without kids, check out the other kits. Some of these really would be great to have on hand!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Wilton Baby Shower Cookies

Wilton Baby Shower Cookies

Wilton Website

Review by: Lauren

Wilton is an amazing site if you are looking to make some yummy goodies for any type of party. They have more than products to make food though, so you definitely want to check it out.

For my review, I checked out the site and figured it would be best to go with baby cookies for the shower. The photo above shows some of the ones we made and decorated! Aren't they cute?

I was given the following to try out-

4-piece Baby Theme Cookie Cutter Set
Pink Cookie Icing
Yellow Cookie Icing
White Cookie Icing

The cookie cutters were in the shape of a onesie, rocking horse, baby carriage, and teddy bear. You can see all of those in the picture on top as well. The cookie cutters are super cute and very sturdy. I'm not the best baker, so my mom and I had some trouble figuring out the best way to make the shapes come out...but that wasn't the cookie cutters fault. They cut easily and nicely, and once we found a good way for us, I think the cookies turned out great.

As for the said to warm it up a bit on the back, which I'm not sure I'd do again in the future. I might try just squeezing the icing out of the bottle first if it'll let me. This is because it was kind of hard to get the icing to stop flowing once you squeezed once...and sometimes it just came out. Obviously, if you're tried to use icing to decorate, you know how difficult it can be to make shapes or write something. It got a bit easier as the icing cooled down and overall, I think it worked out fine. We did what we could and it was still fun to make.

Once the cookies were finished, I was in heaven. They were so yummy and I really enjoyed the ones with more icing. So so good. I would definitely recommend trying their icing out. As for the cookie'd have to have a baby-reason but I'm sure they have plenty of other cutters that you could use and enjoy.

Thank you to Wilton for helping out with the shower! I think the cookies came out nice and as I said already, they were very good in the end and that's the most important thing!

Cover Contest + Project Sock Giveaway!

Author E. Van Lowe, who wrote Never Slow Dance with a Zombie, is looking for your thoughts on his new  book cover. The book is called Boyfriend from Hell and it sounds amazing. You can find the summary and leave your thoughts here. To entice you even further...there is a giveaway attached. You can win a "I Survived a Boyfriend from Hell" t-shirt or an ARC of the novel when they are available. I'm going to be commenting as choice is the picture above...but you have two other options as well so go and help him out! After all, how many times do readers get to have a say in these type of things?! Don't miss out!

My other bit of news is another fun contest...this time sock-related. The shop Little Miss Matched is hosting a contest called Project Sock. Design your own 3-pack of miss-matched socks and mail it in so that it arrives before April 5, 2011 and you are entered into this huge giveaway...the prizes are cash (check out the site to see how much) and a chance to have your design made into actual socks and sold in the Fall 2011 line. How fun would that be? I'm not really creative, but I'm still thinking of trying this out. Who knows? I might be able to figure something out, and it would be great to try at least!

So there you have it...two amazing contests that you should definitely check into. Project Sock ends April 5, like I said, and Boyfriend from Hell goes until next hurry!

In conclusion...more baby-related giveaways/reviews coming!!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mommy Making Memories Review/Giveaway

Mommy Making Memories Review + Giveaway

Review by: Lauren

Review: This is a really cute gift...and would make a wonderful token to give, especially if you aren't "made of money" so to speak. One favor (picture above) is only $7.50 and it includes the following-

1 baby washcloth

1 Travel Size Johnson's baby wash

1 Travel Size Johnson's baby shampoo

1 Travel Size Johnson's baby lotion

1 Travel Size Johnson's baby powder

1 Desitin

Make a little note about washing up and it's perfect! The site also mentions it would be great to add to another gift, and I must agree. I got this item to review, everything the same except that my wash cloth was red. I gave this to my sister in law during the shower, letting it be its own gift, but I do like the idea of adding it to a gift basket or placing it atop a wrapped box and allowing this to be seen.

I really loved this item though. It's covered with a clear wrap so that everything stays safe and the ribbon around the washcloth keeps it all together. If I held it in my hand, it was only a little bigger than my palm so not too big at all! The perfect size for a stocking, for example, if someone has a new baby or is expecting in the Winter time. I love that the washcloths included allow the gift to be personalized can get a neutral color too...but that overall, it's a gift for anyone!


Prize: Washcloth Favor for Boy/Girl/Neutral (2 sets, ONE winner)

To Enter: Visit the site (link above or go through giveaway link) and leave a comment about something ELSE you like.

Open To: U.S. only

Ends: Saturday, March 26

Extra Entries

+1 follow this blog and leave a new comment

+2 follow Let's Get Beyond Tolerance and leave TWO new comments

+2 comment on any of the baby posts WITHOUT a giveaway attached and leave TWO new comments

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby, Baby, Baby...

Do Not Own

No, this post doesn't have anything to do with Justin Bieber. It has to do with actual babies. My sister in law is pregnant right now with her first...a little girl. And that means, I'll be an official aunt for the first time EVER. I'm excited. I have a couple friends with children and I feel like surrogate aunts to them, but having a little one in your immediate family is always nice.

In order to celebrate, I have some fun baby-related reviews and giveaways to if you're pregnant, have a little one, know someone else (friend or family) that is pregnant or has a baby already, etc...then you need to keep watching the blog this week. I'm going to try and post everything in the next couple days so I  can put up a Main Post with links to everything...making it easier to get where you need to go.

Thanks to all the sponsors for helping out! I do appreciate it. And some of these items would be GREAT for anyone...not just those with babies in their lives.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Review - Language of Love by Deborah Reber

Language of Love by Deborah Reber (Inside the book Love, Love, Love)

Review by: Lauren

Copy from: Author/Publisher

Amazon Associate: Buy the book, we get a small percentage

Official Summary:

Janna is quickly adapting to life in Seattle as a high school exchange student from Hungary. Or at least Julian, the cute boy she met in a coffee shop, thinks she is. The truth is, he overheard Janna using a phony accent, and now she’s stuck playing the part….Will Julian want to be with the real Janna? Or will she discover that lies don’t always translate to love?

Review: Deborah Reber is most known for her non-fiction, but as you saw if you read her guest post earlier this week, this is her first foray into fiction. Personally, I think she's off to a good start. Instead of getting one book...Love, Love, Love includes Language of Love by Deborah Reber (which is what this review is for) and Cupidity by Caroline Goode.

While I didn't belive in Janna lying to Julian and pretending to be something she wasn't, I understood her motivations. Her best friend was pushing her to do it, she felt better about herself pretending to be this amazing foreign girl, and as such, she became a much more confident person.

Obviously the truth does have to come out...and I think Reber handled it really well. It's full of emotion and drama and while you have some idea of how things will turn out, it's not all completely predictble...which I liked.

Language of Love is a fun, quick read...and perfect for the upcoming months when the weather is nice and you just want a nice book to dive into. Plus, with Love, Love, get two books in one!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs Cover Reveal

Hi everyone, Alicia here.

Today, with a bunch of other bloggers, I have the pleasure of revealing the cover for Tera Lynn Childs' Sweet Venom. Sweet Venom is the first book in Tera's new trilogy.

The summary hasn't been finalized yet, so here is a little teaser for you:

Three teenage descendants of Medusa, the once-beautiful gorgon maligned by myth, must reunite and embrace their fates in a world where monsters lurk in plain sight.

Sounds awesome right?

And here's the cover!

Pretty, no? I love the font they used for the title and the design the end of her braid is making.

Sweet Venom will be released on October 4, 2011.

Here's some cool links:

  • You can add Sweet Venom to your goodreads page.
  • The page for Sweet Venom on Tera's website (with some more information).
  • The Facebook page.
  • You can preorder it here.


So I'm going to have a little contest. A few lucky winners will get a super cool Sweet Venom bookmark along with some other bookmarks and things. Just leave a comment telling me what you think of the cover and I'll pick the winners of Friday. Be sure to leave your email so I can contact you!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Single Awareness Day!

Happy Single Awareness Day!! Yes, that spells SAD. But that doesn't mean you should be sad. We all need to feel the love...single or not. So let's celebrate everyone!

I know that the dreadful V-Day (Now also Single Awareness Day) is tomorrow...and that means you can't really use these gifts unless you MOVE FAST but the wonderful site It's Thoughtful allows everyday people to share the gifts they love and think you should get too. How awesome, right? It's like a blogger gift guide in one awesome site!

There are plenty of other holidays and occasions you can find gifts for keep looking, and if you want to sign up for the site (it's FREE and totally easy) then please do HERE. IF I get 15 people to sign up for the site through my link and CONFIRM their email, then I will get an amazon card...which helps with the giveaway I have going on for an MTV book for your choice. Check that out too if you sign might win a book for little work.

But now it's time to talk gifts...

* For that food lover, you can get a Gourmet Dinner delivered to home. A romantic evening in without a lot of the hassle!

* I'd say this is for the guys...but my sister would hate that because she loves chocolate covered strawberries AND football, so put them together for this!

* Want a personal touch? Get a bag of personalized M&M's. Mmm mmm...yes, please.

Now remember, sign up here, and you'll be loved forever! <3

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Writing Fiction by Deborah Reber

Guest Post by Deborah Reber

Amazon Associate: Buy the book, we get a small percentage

As a writer who’s focused most of her career on writing nonfiction self-help or journalistic fare for teens, the thought of writing fiction was, plainly put, scary. It was something “real” writers did – writers with fantastic imaginations, a great command of language, and the ability to connect a kabillion different dots in the form of plot points and interesting character flaws into one satisfying package.

Truth be told, I have written fiction for young children before – about a dozen Blue’s Clues books to be exact – but that’s not quite the same. Those books had a set of predictable and well-established characters, and the parameters for what they could do and how they could do it were very clearly established before I even got started.

But fiction? As in a real novel? Scareball city. Which is why it took me more than a year and a half to actually sit down and come up with a three-sentence “pitch” for my idea after my editor at Simon Pulse first suggested I might try writing something for their Romantic Comedies line. That’s not to say I didn’t like the idea of writing fiction. It’s something I definitely wanted to break into, especially because I love the idea of writing books that aren’t tied to a trend or a specific issue or that have a hard time finding their way onto the shelves at bookstores the way my nonfiction books do.

So, after months (and months) of doubt and hesitation, I finally emailed my little synopsis to my editor, and I’m thrilled that I took that plunge. After tweaking the synopsis a bit, I was given the green light and I went for it.

I loved the whole process of writing Language of Love, relying on things I could make up on in my head as opposed to carefully researched facts. When I write nonfiction, I always work from a very detailed outline, which stems from a very detailed book proposal. But with my novel, though I did have an outline for the story, there was that feeling of flying by the seat of my pants half the time. I didn’t necessarily know how circumstances were going to unfold or play out, and that was, well, thrilling and fun.

And now? I’ve got the fiction bug. So I guess it’s time to start working on that next idea…

Monday, February 7, 2011

In Which I Give You My Book's First Line...

Dark and Stormy Blogfest Contest

To try and win an awesome critique by an agent, I'm entering this giveaway. In order to do so, I have to write a couple things about my manuscript and include only the first line. So here we go...

Name: Lauren Becker

Title: The Heartbreak Boys

Genre: YA Contemporary (LGBT)

First Line-

Annabelle Williams gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Ryan.

And because everyone seems to agree that I need more...I'm going to add the second line, and if you all have ideas on combining them or something, comment!

Beautiful words for a heartless bitch.

I wish we could include more than the first line, because the second is the real clincher that should make you go "Ohh...what's going on?!" but hopefully the first line is somewhat interesting! Enjoy...leave your thoughts if you wish!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Book of Your Choice (Sort Of...) Giveaway!

Ballads of Suburbia by Stephanie Kuehnert is one of my all time favorite books. And I'm not lying. As soon as I finished reading it, I knew it was in my TOP PICKS. That's not always easy to do...but it seems that MTV Books publishes many of the ones that I love.

That includes Ballads, John Belushi is Dead by Kathy Charles, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. Yep, all published by MTV. They are amazing. But I feel like out of all of them...Ballads of Suburbia is often the most over looked. And I hate that. So you all need to go and pick up a copy right NOW.

Whether you've never read it and want it...or you have read it but don't actually own your own copy (or didn't buy your own copy) must enter or spread the word!

To get you all started, I'm hosting a giveaway! I'm not giving away Ballads...well, not exactly. If you win, you can pick any book from MTV Books and I will order it for you or pick it up at the story and send it your way. This way you can get Ballads of Suburbia if you don't have it, but if you do, you can pick another favorite of mine...or any other book published by MTV.

Sound good? Well, let's get started then!!

To Enter: Using this link, sign up for the site It's Thoughtful. Don't worry, I think you'll actually like this one. You get to add gift ideas that you personally love and recommend, but you can also look through the site and find some awesome ideas for you to use. Who can't use some gift ideas every now and then?!

Open to: International

Ends: February 14th

If you would like to earn some extra entries...please, please do the following-

+5 (leave five new comments) if you enter this giveaway...but hurry, you only get until February 4th to get these points!

+2 (leave two new comments) if you post about this giveaway...must be on a blog!

+1 (leave one new comment) if you follow this blog!

amazon associate: buy the book from our link, and we get a small percentage