Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Accidental Genius of Weasel High by Rick Detorie

The Accidental Genius of Weasel High by Rick Detorie

Review by: Lauren

Copy From: Publisher

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Official Summary: A book for the Wimpy Kid who has grown into a Wimpy Teen

Larkin Pace desperately wants a new camcorder. How else is he going to become the next great filmmaker? But his dad won’t give him any money, his sister is determined to make his life miserable, and his nemesis Dalton Cooke is trying to steal his girlfriend. Now this height-challenged aspiring director must chronicle his wacky life for a freshman English assignment.


Though the summary says this is great for those Wimpy teens, I have to admit I haven't yet read any of those books...however, I do know a bit about them and I have to say, I do see the connection and I think if you are looking to expand on the Wimpy Kid series (or even if you're like me and haven't read them) you should give this book a shot.

Unlike a traditional comic, this story isn't told entirely in panels and with pictures. It has a normal narrative that you would find in a traditional book. However, it does include drawings that "Larkin" adds to his English assignment notebook. I loved this idea as it made you feel as if you were reading a grown up picture book, without feeling like you're a "bad" reader or something silly like that.

Larkin is a lot of fun and I could definitely relate to some of his issues...like falling for a best friend, wanting something really bad but not having the money and being too young to do much about it, and having some goofy friends that can be difficult to deal with. Larkin also has one insane sister. I loved that the parens seemed to realize she was a bit crazy, and yet, they did let her get away with a lot that was kind of frustrating...as you really do get inside Larkin's head and see his point of view.

Larkin does have an enemy named Dalton. I felt for this kid, as they do give you a bit of insight into his life...but that never justifies the things he does and says, so I felt bad for Larkin as well.

Plus, Larkin's best friend Brooke leaves you feeling "why are you so crazy?!" at some points in the book. She redeems herself a bit by the end, but that's high school for you I suppose. People do silly things sometimes.

One of the things that I really enjoyed were the references to various films. Larkin has a tremendous memory for old films and their directors, actors, quotes, etc. He just remembers it all! Throughout the book, he quotes various films (with some help from Brooke every now and then). I'm a big film fan, and though I didn't get all the quotes or have seen all the movies...it was still fun to read. I know one that most people will recognize is Titanic. Larkin and Brooke act out random parts of the movie in public, leading to an amusing notebook entry.

I'd definitely recommend. It's a quick read but super fun and I hope there will be more books to come! Accidental Genius is OUT NOW!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Latest Book I'm Gushing Over

The Raising by Laura Kasischke is the latest novel I'm gushing over. Please visit my other blog to read and comment on the review. I'd love to know your thoughts, whether you've read the book or not. It's something people are sure to be talking about.

You might love it, you might hate it. I'm sure you'll feel both at some point, just like I did. It's just an emotion packed novel. It's just so INTERESTING!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Get Paid on New Social Networking Site!

Once again, I do not own this picture...but I thought the overall message was relevant to this post. We all have online friends, right? It's kind of hard to be a part of the blogging world and NOT have at least one. Or you know, some very close aquaintaces. Well, I have a new social networking site you might be interested in.

You get PAID to socialize with friends. If you sign up (and there is a fee) then you get a new place to chat it up instead of the same old facebook or twitter...PLUS, you can refer friends to the site and you'll get money. Not bad, huh?

If you would like to check out the site and perhaps SIGN UP, head on over!

Some great things about the site-

You own your content

No third party advertising

Safe and secure site

Make money!

You should definitely check out the site, and read up about it...and if you have questions, send the owner a quick message via the link above. You never know unless you check it out. Plus, this could be a great place to socialize with ONLINE people if you want to keep facebook/twitter/etc. somewhere for personal, in-person contacts.

If you DO decide to sign up, please be sure to tell them that Lauren from Shooting Stars Mag sent you. I get money or Amazon cards for everyone that signs up. I'll be sure to host a giveaway if people do decide to sign up as a means of saying thanks!!

Books For Trade

Alicia here. I was going through my books the other day and noticed that I had a couple of double ARCs, so I decided to just put them up here for a trade. Sorry for the weird spacing, blogger is not working right.

Here's the list (all links to goodreads):

The Time-Traveling Fashionista by Bianca Turetsky (ARC—Out Now)

Bitter End by Jennifer Brown (ARC—5/10)

The Magnolia League by Katie Crouch (ARC—5/3)

Forgotten by Cat Patrick (ARC—6/7)

13 Curses by Michelle Harrison (ARC—6/7)

Falling For Hamlet by Michelle Ray (ARC—7/5)

My Wishlist:

Hourglass by Myra McEntire

Shift by Jeri Smith-Ready

Trial by Fire by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Shattered Souls by Mary Lindsey

Bad Taste in Boys by Carrie Harris

Texas Gothic by Rosemary Clement-Moore

Original Sin by Lisa Desrochers

From Bad to Cursed by Katie Alender

The Vampire Stalker by Allison van Diepen

The Eternal Sea by Angie Frazier

The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross

Between Here and Forever by Elizabeth Scott

Graveminder by Melissa Marr

Moonglass by Jessi Kirby

These are just some of the books I want. My only requirement to trade is that you have an ARC of a book that isn't out yet.

If you are interested in any of these, please email me (Alicia) at moviefanatic1911@yahoo.com and put "Books for Trade" in the subject line.


*Also I apologize for the severe lack of reviews. I haven't been reading much because I've been very busy and I started college in January which took me awhile to adjust to, and let me tell you, college is a time suck. I come home from my classes and don't want to do anything. On the bright side, I only have 3 weeks and finals left until summer.

**And I'm working on reviews so there should be one up everyday this week.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

In Plain Sight Prize Pack Giveaway!

In Plain Sight Prize Pack Giveaway

Open to residents of the U.S. and Canada

Prize courtesy of USA Network. Prize pack value: $130

To Enter: If you were to enter Witness Protection, what would you want your new name to be and where would you like to live?

Ends: April 31st


Leave ONE NEW COMMENT for every non-giveaway post you comment on here and at Let's Get Beyond Tolerance

All the Info You Need on the New Season
IN PLAIN SIGHT will air its fourth season beginning Sunday, May 1 at 10/9c on USA Network. IN PLAIN SIGHT stars Mary McCormack as Mary Shannon, a U.S. Marshal working in the highly secretive branch of the witness protection program (WITSEC), who relocates Federal Witnesses, most of whom fall into three categories: career criminals, whistle-blowers or innocents who had the misfortune of witnessing a crime. They all have one thing in common – someone wants them dead. Mary’s job is to see that doesn’t happen, while at the same time attempting to manage her own dysfunctional family. In the upcoming season, Marshall will have a new love interest; Brandi gets engaged to Peter, and Mary reluctantly helps plan the wedding! Visit the official IN PLAIN SIGHT website at http://www.usanetwork.com/series/inplainsight/ for exclusive content and become a fan on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/inplainsight

In Plain Sight Prize Pack!

Prize pack includes:

Yellow Zippered Pouch

Tank Top

Travel Tumbler

Rumba Watch

Season 2 DVD

Season 3 DVD

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bloggers/Authors/Companies- Donate to a Good Cause

Do Not Own

I want to thank everyone that has so far offered to donate something for the upcoming auctions for Kaylea and Daniel. Kristi from the Story Siren already posted about this in terms of Kaylea. However, there WILL be another benefactor of these auctions. His name is Daniel, and is a family friend of mine. He recently lost the thumb on his left hand (his dominant hand) and may even have to amputate the whole arm. A hunting rifle went off accidently and shot him in the arm...he is still going through surgeries. He's also the father of a baby girl. More will be posted about him and Kaylea when we have the official auction page ready. However, I wanted to let you all know a bit about him right now.

We're still looking for donations if anybody is interested in helping out. Here are some random ways you could donate-

Writers and Wannabe Writers - Critiques of some sort

Bloggers - gift cards. We could mix a few gift cards together and auction it all off together.

Authors - A chance to name a character in your next book, after them or they choose the name (within reason) OR put their name in the acknowledgements of your next book

Blogger/Author - Going to BEA? Donate a personal shopper experience...promising to take the winner's list of books they want and try and get a couple of them at BEA for them!

Blogger/Author - Signed books...merchandise...etc.

Companies - Donate a product!

These are some things I've seen around or came up with on my own. If you want to donate any of the above items (or anything else) please get in touch here: lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

The auctions will start in the beginning of May. There is no end date right now...depends on how many donations we get.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Books I'd Promote in a Heartbeat

All the books in this post are ones that I think sound great and would love to read. More than that though, I'd LOVE to work with these books/authors alongside my business: Shooting Stars Promotion. If any authors see their book on this list and are interested in more PR help, get in touch.

The Sharp Time by Mary O'Connell. Due in November 2011.

Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay. Due in September 2011.

Shut Out by Kody Keplinger. Due in September 2011.

All links go to Goodreads,  where I also got the pictures.

Guest Star on House

HOUSE M.D. photo credit to: JORDIN ALTHAUS / FOX

JUSTIN CHON...best known for his role as Eric Yorkie in the TWILIGHT film series will Guest Star on the critically acclaimed FOX series, HOUSE M.D. on Monday, April 11th (episode: "The Dig").

Justin is currently in production on THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN and ROCK JOCKS. He will begin production on DETENTION OF THE DEAD and just completed work on FROM THE ROUGH to be released in theaters in the Fall of 2011.

Tune in and watch JUSTIN on HOUSE M.D. this Monday night, April 11th at 8/7c on FOX!

There have been some interesting episodes of House this season. I need to remember to watch more often...but this is one I am excited to check out. Justin is in the photo above in the blue shirt,  though I'm sure that's obvious. Congrats to Justin for guesting on House though. I love Hugh Laurie. He's a great actor.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Never After by Dan Elconin

Never After by Dan Elconin

Review by: Lauren

Copy From: Author

amazon associate: buy book from link, we get small percent

Official Summary: There is no place like a dysfunctional home.

Leaving everything behind for the Island was Ricky's dream come true. When his happily ever after is not quite what it seems, he discovers that running away means running toward bigger problems.

Trapped on the Island, Ricky must join together with the only people he can trust to help him face his fears and return home. But the only way off the Island is to confront the person who trapped Ricky and his friends in the first place. With countless enemies and true peril staring them down, Ricky's mission to leave this so-called paradise will become a battle for their very lives.

Review: The story of Peter Pan has never been so violent or interesting or just plain exciting! I haven't enjoyed a book so much in awhile. Instead of Peter being the good guy...he's the villian. Instead of Hook being the villian, he's, well...the kids call him Captain because he's Peter's victim that has been on the island the longest...but you have to read the book to really understand him. He's a tough nut to crack. Not to mention he thinks he's on a boat (sort of), hence another reason for the title Captain. I know, I know, this doesn't make a whole lot of sense but that's because part of Never After is a mystery. How will these kids get back home, will home be any better for them, just who can they really trust, and most important...why does Peter bring everyone to the Island anyway?

As a teen (when the book came out), Dan has a greater shot at getting the teen voice right...and especially the guy teen voice...and he nails it! The characters seem so realistic and just like those people you talk to in class everyday. One of the big things I could see throwing people off was all the cussing. Man, do they cuss! But it's not weird. It's how teens speak. It's especially how you can see teens speaking when they are stuck on an Island that was supposed to be an amazing getaway from their real life.

Never After flips between the Island and Ricky's past...giving you a look into just why he's so angry and why he was even a target for Peter anyway. That's because you can't get to the Island if you don't really believe...and the ones that really believe are often the ones that need to get away most.

One of my favorite characters in this book was Alex. He's definitely one of the bigger cussers, but he's just hilarious. He seemed very real and like a lot of guys I currently know or have known. I'm sure you'll understand once you read it.

If you want to learn more about Dan, the book, and the characters inside it, check out his website. It's worth it, I swear.

As far as I know, Dan isn't writing anything else...but hopefully he will. I'd definitely pick up his next book without thinking about it.

If you have any questions for Dan, leave them in the comments, as I'm going to try and do an interview with him in a month or so.