Friday, July 29, 2011

Your Life Story: Film or Animation?

The creators of Supernatural were able to construct an animated world in which there were no boundaries. This new look into Supernatural brings new perspective to the show. From adding color, intensity and action to scenes, to vivid images of horrifying demons, the medium does not disappoint. Has your perspective ever changed by looking at life moments in a new light? If you were to develop a story about your life would you want it to be told on film or animated in ink? Why?

I don't think my perspective on things change any more than most...people are often looking back on life and seeing life in a new light, so to speak. I do enjoy looking at old photos though. It almost makes you think you remember the moment...whether I do or not, I'm not always sure. Maybe it's just the pictures coming to life in my mind.

If I were to have my life developed's hard to say which one I would want. Having it on film makes you care about the characters a little more, I think. They look real so you feel they are real more. I do like the advantage of using animation though. You aren't really limited to what you can recreate in real life. It can just be played out for you.

What do you think? Which would you or animation?

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tender, Love, and Care...and Get Amazing Prizes!

Not Mine!

The TLC Auctions are still going on...and you don't want to miss out on the final auctions. We have some signed books, a couple writing critique's, and even some other non-bookish prizes that could still use your love and attention. Please check them out and bid if you can! But if you can't or aren't interested in the items, inform people you know...your readers, friends, and family. Tweet about it, facebook it, and even blog about it. If you blog...leave me a note in the comments here and I'll go and comment on one of your posts as a thank you!! are some of the items you can grab:

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Signed copy of The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong

How I Stole Johnny Depp's Alien Girlfriend by Gary Ghislain

How I Stole Johnny Depp's Alien Girlfriend by Gary Ghislain

Review by: Lauren

Copy from:

Amazon Associate: Buy book, we get small percent

Summary: David's dad often has patients in their home, in order to help them with their mental issues. However, there has never been anyone quite like Zelda. She swears she is from another planet who has come to Earth to find her one true love. David instantly falls for her...captivated by her wild nature and even wilder stories (or so he believes). Soon Zelda is on the run and David finds himself dragged along to keep her safe and in his sight. Zelda is after one man...Johnny Depp.

Review: The premise of this story is really fun and the overall book is a quick read, filled with police and chases and creepy alien women. The idea that Zelda would go after Johnny Depp sounds simple enough for us human women, but Zelda didn't actually know her "one true love" was a famous movie star.

One of the things that makes this book interesting is the setting. It takes place in Paris, which makes sens as that is where Johnny lives. I like that there is a YA book out there for the U.S. market that isn't in the United States. You often get other countries when the book is historical but this is nothing but a contemporary...with elements of sci fi of course...unless Zelda is faking. Is she? Why is David so captivated by her then?

I wasn't completely in love with this book but it was fun and fast, and I can see a lot of boys and girls enjoying this.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Big Bang Theory at Comic Con!

The above video includes the brains and actors behind The Big Bang Theory. They go around talk to some fans at Comic Con, letting them share their favorite characters. Of course, Sheldon is named almost right away. He's definitely my favorite. One of the guys, obviously, says Kaley Cuoco...who plays Penny, the pretty next door neighbor.

Afterwards, you get a peak at the panel. I really wish I could have been there. The moderator asks some questions and then they open it up to fans. This is stated to be one of their favorite parts, as I would imagine. You get some genuine people who love your show wanting to know more about it. They even have a girl asking about Sheldon's first kiss and how it might not have actually been the first, based on a past episode.

Obviously, a person's time at Comic Con is a wonderful experience. I'm extremely jealous of those that got to be there but you can see plenty of pictures and videos online!

For all the latest Warner Bros Comic-Con 2011 videos, pics and breaking news, head on over to and follow @TheWBDotCom on Twitter!

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Did You Grow Up With Harry Potter? (Project!)

Do Not Own

Though the above photo isn't mine, it definitely sums up my feelings about J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter, and my life as a fan. It really was my childhood, and I'm so thankful for that.

I'm currently pursuing a project, but to fully propose the idea to a publishing company (I do have one in mind), I need a few things. One being...sample chapters. My idea is to collect essays from people around the world who grew up with Harry Potter. You read the books, saw the films, lived your life amongst the magic of Harry Potter. I know a lot of you out there have experienced this wonder throughout your life...and I want to hear about it.

If you're interested, please write an essay no longer than three Word pages (if it needs to be longer, okay...) and email it here: lauren51990 AT aol DOT com. Put your first name and "I Grew Up With Harry Potter" in the subject line so I know to read it and it won't get lost in spam.

I'm going to help edit some of these and include them in my official proposal. I want all types of essays to do with loving Harry Potter as a child. Ones that involve friends, dating, family, anything you can think of!! I'm going to put various essays in different sections so they really have "chapters."

Questions or comments? Email me! I'd also love it if you could spread the word. We've all been posting about Harry Potter a lot lately...what's one more post?! Or you can tweet it or facebook it!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Supernatural is an Anime Series!

After being separated for years, the Winchester brothers come together and surmount enormous obstacles (including some pretty gnarly demons) in search of their father. Throughout the show, family and brotherhood specifically is a very important theme. In fact, it is often the key element that saves each brother’s life when things get the most dangerous. How has family been there for you in moments of crisis? Do you have a brother or sister that you would stand alongside and fight demons?

I can't say I've really had a particular moment of crisis, but my family is pretty close...especially between me, my mom, and my sister. They are definitely two of my best friends. I love my brother as well and would definitely stand alongside him or my sister if they ever needed me. We love each other, and we love to be with each other...and that includes when things aren't always great. For the most part, in comes down to just talking to them or being there. Luckily, nothing tragic has affected our family too much.

As for this series, I'm really excited about it! I think having Supernatural as an Anime series was a great idea...and I personally want to buy this DVD now.

Order your copy of Supernatural: The Anime Series on DVD or Blu-Ray here today:

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Adorably Crafted Cookies from MissBettyCakes + Code!

I know last week was full of Harry Potter hoopla, but we're not quite finished yet...there will be a couple more posts after this one and then I promise, we'll move on. Sigh. It's a bit sad, isn't it? Now you need to drown your sorrows in sugar. How about some HP themed cookies from MissBettyCakes? Above, you can see the photo of the Harry Potter ties. These would have been great for my midnight show because I was a Ravenclaw, a friend was a Gryffindor (Ron actually), and another friend was a Slytherin. My sister just wore Hufflepuff!

You can also get some brooms and lightning bolt cookies in case you just want a simple HP theme and not the house colors.

Each batch is 1 dozen cookies. You don't have to get Harry Potter though...MissBetty has plenty of other ideas from cupcakes to Hello Kitty! Take your pick!

They are running a promotion through the end of July for 10% off orders when using the promo code: HOGWARTS, to celebrate the new movie launch.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter was my Childhood

An era has ended. I don't want to fill this post up with all my personal ramblings about Harry Potter. In basic terms, I love Harry Potter. I read the books around 7 or 8 and now that the movies are all out, I'm 21. I've waited at midnight, I've read the last book in a day, I've watched A Very Potter Musical, I've drank butterbeer, I've listened to Wizard Wrock, I've read (and written...I'll admit it) fan fiction, I've collected various HP merchandise, and I've loved it all. It's been a wild ride. I grew up with these characters.

I've laughed, I've cried, and I've quoted. I'll miss it. It'll always be part of my life and I'll always re-read the books and re-watch the films. Whenever I have kids, I'll read them these stories and share my own. I'm very thankful for J.K. Rowling for writing this series and for all the actors and crew and people that made the films come alive for us all.

I am so happy that I could grow up with this series. It'll never be the same after this. No more waiting for the next book and wondering what will happen next. Everyone else will have the seven books laid out to be read one after the other. I'm glad I got not only the story but the EXPERIENCE.

And now, I'm going to share some more amusing Harry Potter photos that I have found around the web. I like to call these Harry Potter meets Pop Culture.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter Tricks and Treats + Giveaway!

This next shop, DiagonAlley is incredible!! They have all sorts of items but I have to admit that my favorite are the edible items. As you can see from the above photo, they have chocolate frogs...and you can win one. Read on to find out how!

However, they have more than that. They have one of the things I really really want which is a bottle of Butterbeer.  Mmm Mmm! This looks yummy!! You can buy a Care Package sent via Owl Post, which is really a package sent to you or whoever you wish filled with some Harry Potter - themed candy. The one I linked to is $40, but you can get bigger ones as well...they just cost more.

As I said, they don't just have of the items I love is the Customizable letter from Mrs. Weasley. It's based off the one she sent to the Dursleys' about bringing Harry to the Quidditch World Cup. The envelope is covered in stamps except for a tiny space where she put the address!!

Want 10 percent off your first order? Use the code New2011. You must act fast though because it will expire next Wednesday, July 20! You don't really want to wait though, do you? I mean, look at this shop! After you see the last HP film, you'll be dying to celebrate and perhaps mourn your sorrow in some lovely treats.


To Enter: Visit the site, and leave a comment with your favorite item + like the shop on Facebook

Open To: U.S. Only

Prize: A Chocolate Frog

Ends: Wednesday, July 20!

+ 1 (leave a new comment each time) if you comment on any of the other Harry Potter posts.

+10 if you buy something from DiagonAlley (leave ten new comments)

There's No Such Thing as Magic...Or Is There?!

Seriously...these jackets are like magic! It's almost like a pillow pet, but better (and I have a pillow pet!). Of course, these are only for small children so I can't go rockin' one but that's okay. They suit kids much better. ;-) You see, these jackets are Convertible Jackets. The photo above shows what they all look like as jackets on kids, but they can also be turned into a stuffed animal. So the ladybug jacket turns into a big ladybug and the frog turns into a frog...etc. etc. You got it! MAGIC!!

You can actually win one of these jackets if you like. One for a girl and one for a boy. Right now, the winner gets to choose...then we'll find another winner later. We'll see. Okay, I'll be have to bid, but there are NO BIDS right now and that's a shame. Because it's two fabulous things in one.

And today Harry Potter comes out at midnight. Bid for the HP love if you will. You know you want that son, daughter, niece, nephew, cousin, etc. to be rockin' the magic wear.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ha Ha Harry Potter Ha Ha

Since some of you found the other photos amusing, I thought I'd share some more HP fun. This above photo is something I've seen around for a few years now at least. It's not real, obviously, but have you ever wondered what a punk/goth Harry Potter cast would look like? Honestly, I think the purple in Hermione's hair is pretty and Ron is pulling off most of his look. Not too shabby! :)

Like I said before...I've read all the Twilight books and seen all the movies (so far). I'm not the BIGGEST fan, but I do enjoy it, so don't hate me for these. You have to admit, this is hilarious.

Snape is the MAN. 'Nuff said.

Oh so true...

The Perfect Place to Hide a Horcrux!!

greenRstudio makes safes...out of books. This means it's an actual book that is hollowed out in the middle. They shut with magnets, and as you can see from the photo above, it can hold a variety of items. Use it for your wizardry goods...or something more simple like money. Just slide the book with the rest and voila, nobody will know it's really hiding something fab!! It'll look like all your other novels. My second favorite HP book is the sixth, Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince, so if I were going to get one of these...this would be it. You can also get Order of the Phoenix and Goblet of Fire.

Those are the only three Harry Potter safes, but they have plenty of other book options too from To Kill a Mockingbird to The Godfather. This would be the perfect gift for a book lover, especially if they are a book lover who seems to have EVERYTHING. I know I love books but some people don't want to get them for me because I have so many already and/or they don't know what all I have or have read. This would be a great idea instead!!

The above photo is Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales, in case you wished to see what another book looked like. Pretty, isn't it??

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let's Go To Hogwarts with Harry Potter Travel Journals

Today is my first Harry Potter product preview. I call it a preview because you all need to go buy these products to do an actual review of your own.

Up first is Karen Geddings and her Harry Potter themed journals. These are the cutest things I've ever seen. I love the fun and exciting inside. I believe these are mostly for a travel journal, but they don't have to be. Karen has other journals besides Harry Potter. In fact, she only has a Harry Potter 1 and 2 journal, but lets hope she makes some just have to show you want them by ordering! And I have a great code for you to order your own journal below. But now we have a guest post from the owner of the shop, Karen!

Hi, I am Karen, from Karen's Creations. I have an paper. Over the years I have collected "stuff", with the intentions of using it....but with work and everyday life I never got around to it. I have recently retired from being an Air Traffic Controller for the past 29 years. Now I have the time to do what I love to do, which is to create. I started making these journals....and before you knew it, I had many...too many to just give away.

So I opened my Etsy shop. I am forever on the lookout for new additions to add to my ways to create them, and yes I continue to have my addiction to paper. I believe my journals are unique, and special care is taken to keep them that way. They make great gifts for those people that have everything. 

Please go and follow Karen on facebook or her blog, which she admits she doesn't keep up as much as she should! We understand that, don't we?

And now...for those of you who wish to order your own journal, and I know you do. I'm dying to get one of the Harry Potter ones myself!!

The coupon code at checkout will be ShootingStars. This will give everyone 15% off their purchase of any items in my shop. (not including shipping) This coupon will be valid effective today through July 31, 2011. 

Now isn't that nice of her? Repay the kindness by going and using the code. This is Harry Potter month and you have all the way until Harry Potter (and J.K. Rowling's) birthday to get a HP-themed journal...or another journal if you aren't feeling the HP love. It's all good. We won't judge.

Monday, July 11, 2011

In Which I Talk Harry Potter...(and Share Amusing Photos)

Don't Own

And don't hate me Twilight fans...I like it too. Harry Potter, in my personal opinion, is better and something I will always love. I've grown up with Harry Potter, and while I'm super excited to see the final film, I'm really sad this is the end. It'll be weird. I thought this picture was particularly hilarious though. I'll probaby post even more amusing HP pictures this week...just because it amuses me and I hope it gives some of you a few chuckles as well.

However, I'm also going to highlight some Harry Potter products that fans need in their lives. These are all things I've found via Etsy (great site!) and would spend my money on...if and when I ever had the money. I was going to start that today but time got away from me, so the first product highlight will go up tomorrow. I'd love to know your thoughts!

Oh, and for all you out there that have young kids or know young kids, you should bid on this jacket. You get a girl one or a boy one and it's practically magic which is why I'm mentioning it!! It's like a cooler pillow pet!! I'd totally want it if I were younger...but alas, it wouldn't fit!!!

Here's another picture for now...oh, epilogue humor!! Don't look at this if you haven't read the book. And if you haven't, shame on you!! tsk tsk.

Don't Own Either

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me by Brian Rowe

Happy Birthday to Me by Brian Rowe

Review by: Lauren

Copy from: Brian Rowe

Amazon Associate: Buy book, we get small percent

Official Summary: Seventeen-year-old Cameron Martin has a huge problem: he's aging a whole year of his life with each passing day! High school is hard enough: imagine rapidly aging from seventeen to seventy in a matter of weeks, with no logical explanation, and with prom, graduation, and the state championship basketball game on the horizon. That's what happens to Cameron, a popular pretty boy who's never had to face a day looking anything but perfect.

All Cameron wants to do is go back to normal, but nobody, not even the best doctors, can diagnose his condition. When he falls for a mysterious young woman, however, he realizes his only hope for survival might be with the one person who started his condition in the first place...

Review: I'd never read a book like this one before, which is great. While a lot of what Cameron experiences and has to learn about isn't new, it's made unique by the fact that he's growing a whole year in just one day. He comes to understand just how unimportant looks can be, who his real friends are, and just how far a family can be pushed...but still survive.

One of my favorite characters was Wesley, Cameron's best friend. Wes isn't like the rest of the people Cam hangs with...he's a bit more nerdy, loves his camera and wants to be a filmmaker, and doesn't seem to care so much about the physical or outside of a person. Not that he doesn't get caught up in good looks! It happens to the best of us, but not nearly as bad as Cameron. Plus, he actually cares about Cam.

As for Cameron's not hard to completely hate him. Yes, he can be dumb and superficial...but you get to see a lot of sides of him. He loves his little sister, even if he doesn't always consider her feelings and she (named Kimber) really seems to adore him. It just takes a bit of learning for her to be able to really rely on her brother.

Cam's dad was another interesting character. I really disliked him for most of the story. I could understand him wanting his son to "be the best he can be" and everything, but he goes a bit far at times. Just think: he's a plastic surgeon and he wants his son to be perfect. Where does that lead Cam to go?

Now, I must mention Mrs. Gordon. She's the librarian. Normally, us book lovers would go "yay! a librarian character" but this lady is cra-zy. I'm not kidding. It's actually a bit extreme sometimes. While parts were realistic enough for me, some of the things she said or how she acted toward Cam were a bit out there...would she really not get in trouble for that? It had me a bit skeptical, but it didn't ruin the story. was interesting overall. The mystery of it isn't too difficult to figure out, but I think people would enjoy it more for the relationship aspect (between Cam and various people - not just romantic either!) and the fact that it deals a lot with growth and becoming a good person.

This is the first in a trilogy. I'm definitely curious to check out the second one. I think it could be just as good.

I don't rate books for the most part...and I won't rate this one...but my final opinion is that it's worth checking out if you're interested. It didn't BLOW ME AWAY, but it was a pretty good start!