Sunday, January 15, 2012

Review: Daniel Radcliffe on Saturday Night Live!

Yep, that would be Daniel Radcliffe playing Casey Anthony's Dog. This was seriously one of the funniest SNL sketches I've seen in awhile, and Dan did an amazing job.

To be honest...Dan was great hosting SNL. Not all of the sketches were amazing, but he took what he was given and hopefully did himself proud! I do think they could have utilized him more, but that's not really his fault. Oh well...maybe he'll be back hosting again in the future.

I was also sad to see a mostly missing Andy Samberg. I think he could have really done something great with Dan.

Now, besides Dan's stint as a dog...he was a great as, you guessed it, Harry Potter. This HP is not quite the same guy we used to know and love...

Sadly, it seems like everyone else is doing much better than The Boy Who Lived, but don't tell him that. He doesn't seem to realize! And Bill Hader as Snape was hilarious!!

Harry Potter - Hogwarts Castle 2020. The videos aren't working, so  try here.

And now, Daniel Radcliffe as Casey Anthony's dog - Video  Here

-Dan doesn't come in until around 6 minutes. This is the entire Weekend Update.



J.H. Trumble said...

I missed it! Thanks for posting the videos. Hilarious!!!

Kelley York said...

I don't regularly watch SNL because I feel the writing has gone downhill in recent years, but I HAD to see this episode. A lot of the skits felt so flat, but Dan Rad was absolutely amazing. I hadn't expected him to do as well as he did!! Huge kudos to him. I hope they ask him to host again. :)

stacybuckeye said...

I laughed so hard when he was Casey Anthony's dog. Best thing I've seen on there in awhile.